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11  novembre     22h04
Atomman # 51
29  octobre     16h01
The Talented Ramon Serrano
   The Talented Ramon Serrano nbsp;Inspired by this Atomman AnnualInspiration:
25  octobre     18h56
Ramon Serrano Artwork
   nbsp;Ramon Serrano ArtworkAtomman and the BatAtomman and Mantus
18  octobre     16h18
The art of Ramon Serrano
   nbsp;The art of Ramon SerranoAtomman vs the WizardAtomman
01  octobre     14h42
Atomman # 50 Part 2
   nbsp;Atomman Part
Atomman # 50
   nbsp;Atomman Cover artwork:Keith J. Sousa
01  septembre     13h52
Atommam # 49 Part 2
   nbsp;Atomman Part
Atomman # 49 part 1
   nbsp;Atomman part
01  août     07h02
Atomman # 48 Part 2
   nbsp;Part Atomman
Atomman # 48 part 1
   Part nbsp;Atomman
01  juillet     14h38
Atomman # 47
03  juin     15h23
Atomman # 46
   nbsp;erratum:rgdp yahoo.comPages,, and are publicity
21  mai     15h37
Lucky Comics Part 2
   nbsp;Lucky ComicsPart John Michael Helmer:LettersMichael Waggoner EditorStory:Helmer and Al BarrettDrawings:Al Barrett c r
01  mai     07h54
Atomman # 45
   nbsp;Atomman Correction:rgdp
27  avril     14h36
Atomman & Lucky Comics Universe
   nbsp;Atomman amp; Lucky Comics UniverseOfficial CoverTintin cameo rejected
23  avril     17h27
Lucky Comics Part One
   nbsp;Lucky Comics Part OneFeaturing:The BatJohn Michael HelmerScript amp; LettersMichael WaggonerEditorPart coming soon...
14  avril     15h03
Annuals 10 plus
   nbsp;Annuals plusAtomman Annual Atomman Annual Atomman annual This year’s annualAtomman Note:First time Dr.Maduse appears on a cover
13  avril     21h17
More Annuals
   nbsp;More Annuals:Atomman Annual Atomman Annual Atomman Annual Atomman Annual Atomman Annual
Atomman Annuals
   nbsp;Atomman AnnualsAnnual released in with characters borrowed with permission from Caterson DamonAtomman Annual Atomman Annual Created by Chow Martin in UKAtomman Annual Long taughed lost after a hard drive breakdownSame as above Atomman Annual
01  avril     16h22
Atomman # 44
   nbsp;Atomman Correction:rgdp
01  mars     18h38
Atomman # 43
   nbsp;Atomman Correction:rgdp
25  février     21h56
Atomman Annuals
   nbsp;Atomman AnnualsThe annuals and were lost with a broken hard drivewe just were able to recuperate the comicsAnnual is a remake of Atomman with added imagesit was intended for a worl greatest fights The annual is the same except taken from World’s Greatest Fights is also...
20  février     15h57
New CD Album
   nbsp;New CD AlbumAl BarrettBest of...Volume covering the period hits from GMS Studios songs: All Around the World Stereopera The Android Stereopera King of Defeat Fool’s Circle Mysterious Girl F.C. Face Down to the Ground Stereopera P.I.G.S. F.C. Vietnam F.C...
01  février     18h48
Atomman # 42 part 2
   nbsp;Atomman Part
Atomman # 42 Part 1
   nbsp;Atomman Part