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Dustin Weaver
02  décembre     14h39
dustinweaver: X-Men Commission (2021)
   dustinweaver X Men Commission
01  décembre     14h50
   dustinweaver WildC A T s commission
30  novembre     23h51
   dustinweaver Here s my Gamma Flight Variant cover
   dustinweaver The Marvels variant coverBy Dustin WeaverOut Oct
29  novembre     14h44
   dustinssequentials Eternals Thanos Rises Writer Kieron GillenPenciller Inker Dustin WeaverColorist Matthew Wilson
28  novembre     16h33
   dustinweaver The Eternals Thanos Rises This is a one shot issue Interiors by me The issue is written by Kieron Gillen and colored by Matthew Wilson
   dustinweaver R I P Takao Saito Golgo fan art
27  novembre     18h07
   dustinweaver Seeing what it would be like if you could see Cyclops eyes no reason
26  novembre     15h33
   dustinweaver Kabuki fan art
   dustinweaver Sabretooth variant cover
25  novembre     16h48
   dustinweaver Hiro from Paklis
   dustinweaver X Force variant cover
24  novembre     13h41
   dustinweaver Avengers vs X Men vs Eternals two page spread process shots with color process shot by Marte Gracia
   dustinssequentials Free Comic Book Day Avengers X Men Eternals Writer Kieron GillenPenciller Inker Dustin WeaverColorist Marte Gracia
23  novembre     16h27
   dustinweaver Jonni Future Drew this Art Adams fan art in my sketchbook and scanned it for some quick colors
   dustinweaver Paklis sketch Detective Blank
22  novembre     16h27
21  novembre     19h28
   dustinweaver Paklis sketch Tara
20  novembre     15h55
   dustinweaver MoonKnight Black White And Blood Variant cover Original art
19  novembre     20h46
   dustinweaver Edge of Spider Verse Spider Man Noir page inks and colors in full bleed