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28  mars     16h55
Remember Reader’s Digest?
   I was looking for some things and found an Reader s Digest issue from December I had a story printed in CAMPUS COMEDY I think I got for it Back then that was amazing nbsp
26  mars     21h45
Captain America vs Batman, by Jack Kirby
   Sometimes I see pencils by Jack Kirby and I have to ink and color them I HAVE TO I ve inked Kirby a couple of times for fun and always stuck exactly to his pencils But this time I took tiny little liberties that I felt spiffied it up such as with Cap s shield Here s his original pencils
28  février     23h17
Commissions - Kid Flash and Alfred E. Neuman
   nbsp You may not recognize the lady in this first image It s Lilith an old Teen Titans member from back in the s Ha You thought it was Jean Grey didn t you I actually drew this one twice The first version looked like this In my initial sketch I had shown Lilith s face but as I drew it
15  février     22h11
Supergirl vs. Mary Marvel
   My latest commission was redrawing a Superman vs Shazam cover but with Supergirl and Mary Marvel in front The art is x a different shape than the original It gave me extra room for the background characters Black ink on Bristol Board digital color Here s the original cover
08  février     00h25
Commissions - Zatanna and Darkseid
   Here s a Zatanna with a cartoon reference my wife didn t understand Black ink on Bristol board digital colors Zatanna pulls a rhino out of a hat Rocky and Bullwinkle Here s Carrie Kelly as Robin right before she beats Darkseid to a quivering pulp The requester didn t ask for a color version
03  février     01h11
More commissions
   The requestor asked for this situation with Cyclops and Wolverine I asked if I could add Nightcrawler He s my favorite X Man but I don t think I ve ever drawn him This was a treat because I also drew it in my own style instead of mimicking a Golden Age look Black ink on Bristol board
29  janvier     22h28
Mary is a Marvel
   Here s a commission a little different than the others I ve done The requester wanted a comic panel redrawn as a full figure I kept the original style after artist Bob Oksner Black ink on bristol board digital color Here s the original panel from Shazam
24  janvier     22h04
Kryptonians Age Too
   Drawn just for fun You know fun Like aging nbsp Superman forgets where he s going to outer space
23  janvier     01h33
Recent Commissions
   All art here was drawn with black ink on Bristol board and then digitally colored The requester received both This first one goes pretty deep into comic book lore There was a very popular comic in the s and s called Captain Marvel The main character was a boy who yelled SHAZAM and turn
21  décembre     17h49
AI Christmas Jokes
   My writer friend Scott Emmons prompted artificial intelligence to write some Christmas jokes I then downloaded Wonder and created AI art using his riddles as prompts This is a good opportunity to practice laughing at our soon to be robot masters jokes
10  décembre     22h42
How to Draw a Cat. Step by Step.
   nbsp This occurred to me I thought I d make it before someone else did
The Mistress of Kung Fu Vs. Iron Sis
   In the s one of my all time favorite comics was Iron Fist Written by Chris Claremont and drawn by John Byrne Byrne once drew parody art of Shang Chi Master of Kung Fu and Iron Fist It appeared on back cover of the magazine FOOM as Shang She Mistress of Kung Fu and Iron Sis while Fu
17  octobre     22h24
Branphibian - The Shirt
   Yes I know this looks like a post I made a few days ago but I ve turned Branphibian into a shirt design due to overwhelming requests Well one I get overwhelmed easily I changed some wording to make it an obvious parody Get shirts or stickers or magnets or such at TeePublic
15  octobre     00h34
Branphibian Breakfast Cereal
   My oldest son thought the Creature from the Black Lagoon should have his own monster cereal I couldn t think of a good name The best I could come up with was DELISH FISH Then my son blurted out BRANPHIBIAN It seemed wrong for me not to turn it into art Happy Halloween Month
07  octobre     16h06
Even a Mimic Chest needs to take a break.
   My youngest son wanted me to draw a mimic chest for a project he s worked on I did Then he wanted it on a shirt I just uploaded it to TeePublic for anyone else who is interested It s on sale for the first days
28  juillet     17h02
Golden Age Pin-up
   nbsp This was a fun commission I drew for Kevin Garcia He reimagined a few public domain comic heroes and asked if I would create a time period piece I did The below image shows the original golden age characters and his redesigns
01  juillet     20h31
Wolverine. No John Brown
   I just finished promotional art for the FREE STATE COMICON in Lawrence KS The old man is John Brown an abolitionist from the s He s famous in Kansas and is the con s mascot of sorts I based the poster on the Wolverine cover by Frank Miller and Josef Rubinstein If you d like
18  juin     21h46
CATLEN: The Movie
   I ve been digitizing old family movies When I was I made up a superhero named Catlen I merely put a t in my last name I thought cats were cool Growing up in the county the character gave me something of my own to draw As I aged I decided to make a movie with our family s wind up
13  juin     22h43
Super Antics #18
   I usually draw these in a golden age style but this time I went mostly with my own natural style
14  mai     22h23
Halo and Sprocket: The Definitive Collection
   I ve long wanted to abridge and color ALL my Halo and Sprocket work and compile it into ONE volume I finally did earlier this year HALO AND SPROCKET THE DEFINITIVE COLLECTION is available on Amazon If you only own one piece of work by me it should be these pages It s abridged and better
25  mars     23h13
Aquaman’s Dirty Secret
   I don t know why I draw this stuff
12  mars     22h25
An Excellent Question
   nbsp Cartooned for nbsp posterity
18  février     22h54
Doctor) Strange Going-Ons
   I recently saw some really cool Dr Strange pencils by Marie Severin I couldn t resist inking it and adding color I feel she s underappreciated as a Marvel artist in the s and s Here s her original pencils Btw it looks like a watermark might have been removed from it Not my doing
03  janvier     17h22
Aquaman for the win
   Everytime I see a s photo of the Superheroes Ski Show at Sea World I want to add a word balloon I finally scratched that itch
15  décembre     22h36
Animated Merry Christmas, Old Comics Edition
   Just goofing around Happy Holidays Art taken form Comic Cavalcade