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17  octobre     22h24
Branphibian - The Shirt
   Yes I know this looks like a post I made a few days ago but I ve turned Branphibian into a shirt design due to overwhelming requests Well one I get overwhelmed easily I changed some wording to make it an obvious parody Get shirts or stickers or magnets or such at TeePublic
15  octobre     00h34
Branphibian Breakfast Cereal
   My oldest son thought the Creature from the Black Lagoon should have his own monster cereal I couldn t think of a good name The best I could come up with was DELISH FISH Then my son blurted out BRANPHIBIAN It seemed wrong for me not to turn it into art Happy Halloween Month
07  octobre     16h06
Even a Mimic Chest needs to take a break.
   My youngest son wanted me to draw a mimic chest for a project he s worked on I did Then he wanted it on a shirt I just uploaded it to TeePublic for anyone else who is interested It s on sale for the first days
28  juillet     17h02
Golden Age Pin-up
   nbsp This was a fun commission I drew for Kevin Garcia He reimagined a few public domain comic heroes and asked if I would create a time period piece I did The below image shows the original golden age characters and his redesigns
01  juillet     20h31
Wolverine. No John Brown
   I just finished promotional art for the FREE STATE COMICON in Lawrence KS The old man is John Brown an abolitionist from the s He s famous in Kansas and is the con s mascot of sorts I based the poster on the Wolverine cover by Frank Miller and Josef Rubinstein If you d like
18  juin     21h46
CATLEN: The Movie
   I ve been digitizing old family movies When I was I made up a superhero named Catlen I merely put a t in my last name I thought cats were cool Growing up in the county the character gave me something of my own to draw As I aged I decided to make a movie with our family s wind up
13  juin     22h43
Super Antics #18
   I usually draw these in a golden age style but this time I went mostly with my own natural style
14  mai     22h23
Halo and Sprocket: The Definitive Collection
   I ve long wanted to abridge and color ALL my Halo and Sprocket work and compile it into ONE volume I finally did earlier this year HALO AND SPROCKET THE DEFINITIVE COLLECTION is available on Amazon If you only own one piece of work by me it should be these pages It s abridged and better
25  mars     23h13
Aquaman’s Dirty Secret
   I don t know why I draw this stuff
12  mars     22h25
An Excellent Question
   nbsp Cartooned for nbsp posterity
18  février     22h54
Doctor) Strange Going-Ons
   I recently saw some really cool Dr Strange pencils by Marie Severin I couldn t resist inking it and adding color I feel she s underappreciated as a Marvel artist in the s and s Here s her original pencils Btw it looks like a watermark might have been removed from it Not my doing
03  janvier     17h22
Aquaman for the win
   Everytime I see a s photo of the Superheroes Ski Show at Sea World I want to add a word balloon I finally scratched that itch
15  décembre     22h36
Animated Merry Christmas, Old Comics Edition
   Just goofing around Happy Holidays Art taken form Comic Cavalcade
05  décembre     17h51
DIRTNAP Graphic Novel now on Amazon
   I originally offered my DIRTNAP GN on IndyPlanet but many of you told me the shipping cost stopped you from buying it I love the cover texture and the glossy inside pages produced at IndyPlanet but I wanted to also offer the same story with lower shipping It s now available on Amazon CLICK HERE
1966 DC Comics FOLDEES Part 1
   In Topps made Comic Book Foldees They came with gum and three panel cards that could be folded to produce ridiculous characters I recently scoured the internet and found images of all of em My goal is to now animate them all They ll just so dang fun This post kicks off with the
18  novembre     01h22
Send Help
   nbsp Hey look It s a cartoon I have in the brand new SEND HELP Book pages cartoonists I just read it and it s great fun fill of funny stuff Cartoons to help us feel isolated TOGETHER You can get it at many locations Click here
27  octobre     15h14
Wonder Woman Art for Charity
   I posted a color version of this art previously but the art is now up for bidding I drew this for the National Cartoonists Society Art Auction Proceeds go to St Jude s Children Hospital You can bid on it here Or view the entire piece auction here This is a bit of a rarity for me I
25  octobre     21h31
Batman Toys from the 1966 Sears Wish Book Catalog
   I recently stumbled across the Wish Book Web site and for barely any reason at all I decided to look at the Batman product from I was very young in and just discovering superheroes I lived in the deep country and the Sears Catalog was about the only way I could see lots of
Porch Zombie
   Ha ha I don t know Chris Rywalt but he sent me pictures of what he constructed for Halloween this year It s my zombie and balloon Nice job Chris I don t mind people creating fun things like this but I hate when people sell my unauthorized work If you like my zombie art Please buy it from
16  octobre     21h43
Animated Zombie Cover
   nbsp I ve been working on DIRTNAP Mystic Spit for years First I had it as a webcomic Then I decided to break it into digital issues for Comixology But many of you told me YOU SIMPLY WANTED A PRINTED PAPER BOOK to read So here it is pages of fun loving monster madness Available at
05  octobre     23h30
Mr. Monster - Happy Halloween
   Two things I love Mr Monster and Ramona Fradon s art So when Michael T Gilbert shared Mr Monster pencils by Ramona a couple of days ago I couldn t stop myself from giving it inks and color Happy Halloween
27  septembre     15h44
Super Antics #17
   That was fun I ve never drawn Captain Marvel Shazam before Honestly I don t know how Superman does it
27  août     19h29
Dirtnap on Comixology
   Once a webcomic DIRTNAP has now been broken into five parts as regular comics The first issue hit Comixology this week I will release them once a month so it should wrap up by the year s end I ve taken the opportunity to strengthen some of the content from the original webcomic both in writing
20  juillet     18h34
Wonder Woman doing the Marilyn Monroe thing
   I ve drawn a piece of original art black ink on bristol board for a charity auction benefiting St Jude s Children Hospital I ll post more info as it becomes available for purchase in a month or so But for now here s a version I ve colored for fun I also did a limited color version to mimic
04  juillet     21h50
Daredevil comic page by Gil Kane. Mostly
   On the internet I recently came across an image of an unused penciled Daredevil page by the great Gil Kane Kane is one of my all time favorite comic artists So I decided to ink it just for fun Then I thought Well if I ve inked it I might as well add dialog to match the action I m