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Robert Atkins
20  mai     01h34
Glass Cannon Podcast
   nbsp Glass Cannon PodcastIt was an honor to be a part of the Glass Cannon well Canon and contribute to the character art and some of the battles throughout their run of episode run Here is some of the pieces from the work I did with Troy Joe Skid Matthew and Grant Check out their amazing
07  janvier     02h32
Pencil Samples 2020
   nbsp Robert Atkins Comic Book Pencil Samples nbsp
05  février     03h18
Robert Atkins Pencil Samples GI JOE 2020
   Robert AtkinsPencil Samples GI JOE A Real American Hero Jan robertq atkins gmail com
18  janvier     22h53
GI JOE: A Real American Hero
   Issue Cover beginning of a issue GI JOE event Snake Hunt Written by Larry Hama Art by Robert Atkins
02  janvier     16h09
Work Files - Character Design
   Spider Gwen
30  octobre     01h52
Daily Sketch - Thanos...
   Here s a Thanos commission I was able to finish up this last fall that had been a long time coming With all the Infinity War movies coming up it s seems incredibly appropriate now Funny how that turns out It had been awhile since I had tried splatter techniques inking so this was a lot of fun
28  octobre     00h25
Daily Sketch - Sgt Flash Colors...
   Here are the colors to one of the GI JOE Original Sgt Flash Colors done by Simon Gough Prints of this and any image on my blog are available All you need to do is email me and send a link to the image you want I will sign and ship it to you Sgt Flash You can check out a more full
27  octobre     00h21
Daily Sketch - Incredible Hulk...
   Our family is going through a huge transition here in the next couple months I ll be able to talk about it more after the new year I want to try and post up as many of the commissions and work projects as I can before things get too crazy Already we ve been pretty busy but this last summer and
26  octobre     02h08
   Nightshade character designVespid Character Design
19  septembre     20h55
Daily Sketch - Hank Pym (Giant Man, Ant Man, Yellow Jacket) Inks...
   This was a commission I posted awhile back of the pencils I ve got it all inked up and out to the guy As I said before I don t know a whole lot about the character I ve read a few major arcs of Avengers that he s played a big role in Avengers Forever was an especially great story that involved
18  septembre     15h09
Daily Sketch- Sgt. Flash GI Joe....
   This was a Kickstarter commission that I did for Jason Like the rest of those rewards it was a long time coming but I m glad I got to draw this character finally He never showed up in the books or covers that I got to draw for IDW so this was a treat It s got me thinking of doing an original
17  septembre     15h04
Daily Sketch - Adam Warlock...
   This was a commission I was able to get done for Bryan He s been getting sketches from me nearly every year at C E and it s always great to see him and his Dad when they can make it down Fun sketch to do I don t think I ve ever drawn this character before I gotta admit I don t thinks I ve
16  septembre     15h00
Daily sketch - Captain Cold...
   This was part of a larger Jam Piece where someone gets multiple artists to draw on the same art board a variety of characters So this was a Flash roques gallery commission and I was asked to do Captain Cold I haven t read a lot of just Flash books Here and there I ve tried it out I can
15  septembre     15h51
Daily Sketch - Green Lantern...
   I ve gotten pretty far behind in updating this blog I ve got plenty of sketches I ve done at conventions commissions and daily warm ups to post here Just needed to take the time to upload it all This was a commission sketch that was owed for quite some time for Jason up in Chicago area I ve got
Robert Atkins Daily Work Thread...
   Again for my Comics Experience class I m showing what I ve worked on for the day as an example to the class
Comics Experience - Intro To Comic Art Image Hosting
   I m currently teaching an Intro to Comic book art I typically would host images on other sites then be able to post the images onto the Workshop Forums for Comics Experience Since those other sites aren t working well anymore I ll have to host them from my blog I ll keep it to this one post so
11  juillet     21h17
Robert Atkins Portfolio
   Glass Canon Podcast RPG Illustration below Pages M A S K Annual IDW PublishingLine Art Cover G IJoe Transformers IDW GI JOE Signature PlatesLead Illustrator NERF Zombie Strike LineMarvel Entertainment Spider Man CoverMarvel Entertainment Venom Interior PagesMarvel
10  juillet     04h06
Daily Sketch - Elders of the RuneStone: Smiley...
   Next up in the Elders of the RuneStone Kickstarter Campaign sketch rewards is this character sketch of Smiley This was initially Quinn pushing me to draw more creepy looking bad guys in the book Quinn had a great visual in mind when he first asked me to design this guy I ve never been into
09  juillet     04h00
Daily Sketch....Elders of the RuneStone - Hand
   Elders of the RuneStone has been a long journey and a bit of an adventure Quinn Johnson is the writer creator and one of my best friends He initially conceived the idea for EotR before we met and it was in college that we decided to collaborate A few years ago we had a successful Kickstarter
08  juillet     03h50
Daily Sketch...Hank Pym (a.k.a. Giant Man, Ant Man, Yellow Jacket)
   To be honest I didn t know much about Hank Pym as a character I didn t get into reading Avengers until the early s I was more of an X Men guy and I read Captain America as well but then I read Avengers Forever by Kurt Busiek and Carlos Pacheco one of my favorite artists at the time In
18  avril     15h05
Daily Sketch - Spider Gwen...
   Here s another commission from last summer s conventions First time getting to draw this character One of my favorite things that came from the Spider Verse story arc That was a really good story too by the way If you re looking for a fun intense Spiderman story to read this really has it all
Daily Sketch - Captain America...
   Another larger head sketch like the previous Batman This one of Captain America Not much to comment on I need to be updating the blog more I m not sure how many people are visiting my blog without being directed from my Facebook or Twitter links If you check out my blog through an RSS feed or
17  mars     06h47
Daily Sketch - Batman’s Cool...
   So nothing much to this one except that it was cool to draw Batman I ve actually done two of these head sketches they re not the same but just both Batman head sketches I did one for my bother in law and the other as a kickstarter reward They were great studies on shadow and expression this
11  mars     19h58
Daily Sketch - Scuba Duke....
   This commission was a LOT of fun It took a classic scene from a GI Joe cartoon episode and added a and added a little redesign to the mix In one of the early mini series of GI JOE episode The Worms of Death GI Joe have to race against Cobra to obtain certain elements In this episode they
10  mars     06h48
Daily Sketch - Scarlett Snake Eyes....
   This was a commission for the Elders of the RuneStone Kickstarter campaign That certainly was quite a long time ago that the campaign ended Since then writer and co creator Quinn Johnson was working with Disney on the Disney Infinity video game and I had a steady stream of work that all combined