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Super-Team Family
22  mai     10h26
Blade and Batman (The Movie )
   nbsp Ever since it was announced I ve been dying to see Michael Keaton s return as Batman in The Flash Unfortunately the continuing delays are pushing that film back further and further I hope they can figure some way to salvage the film either by recasting or re editing it but with
21  mai     10h45
Galactus Vs. Swamp Thing
   nbsp This is a battle that I would love to see These two characters are both immensely powerful but have vastly different types of abilities at their disposal I can see it resulting in page after page of wide screen action The right artist could really make their confrontation
20  mai     09h39
Rocket Raccoon and Chewbacca
   I m betting that no invitations to join Chewbacca and the Fur Force will be forthcoming after this little stunt In past adventures Rocket got along better with Chewie s partner he met Han Solo in STF and again in STF and Chewie got along better with Rocket s Partner
19  mai     09h36
Iron Man and Ragman
   nbsp These are two heroes that are not likely to cross paths either in the types of cases they work on or in the the social circles that they travel in nbsp That s just what would make it interesting to me though nbsp It would be interesting for them each to see how the other half lives
18  mai     09h29
Captain Marvel and Batgirl
   nbsp I wonder what s going to become of the Batgirl movie First it was going to be going straight to HBO Max then it was decided it would be a theatrical release Commissioner Gordon will be played by JK Simmons as he was in Zack Snyder s Justice League with Michael Keaton back as
17  mai     09h27
The Atom and Transformers
   nbsp Continuing our Two Part Epic we see just where Megatron has been hiding out There were some rumblings about The Atom getting his own movie with Ryan Choi and Ray Palmer but that was well before Discovery took over Warner Bros and started axing projects left and right so I am going to
16  mai     09h31
Justice League of America and Transformers
   nbsp Presenting Part One of a Two Part Epic There are plans for yet more Transformers movies I can t say they have maintained my interest with each new sequel but perhaps some new life will be injected into the franchise since Michael Bay will be passing the directing duties on to someone
15  mai     09h25
The Vision Vs. Amazo
   nbsp I was disappointed that there was no appearance or even mention of The Vision in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness I figured that he would be a continuing factor in the saga of The Scarlet Witch Still he s out there somewhere so he s bound to show up again I m
14  mai     09h47
Steel and Photon
   nbsp I am really looking forward to seeing Monica Rambeau return in The Marvels I m hoping she uses Photon as a code name it was her mother s call sign in the air force after all rather than Spectrum Actually my true preference would be for her to take over the name of Captain
13  mai     09h26
Mister Miracle and Captain America
   nbsp Time for another all Kirby classic I m a little surprised I am only getting to this pairing now these two look really good together nbsp I m betting a soldier like Cap would find some common ground with a man that was raised for battle in the Fire Pits of Apokolips nbsp nbsp
12  mai     09h31
Wonder Woman and The Human Torch
   nbsp DC is taking their time announcing any details for a third Wonder Woman film Despite the critical and commercial underperformance of the sequel I figured that Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot would be able to finish out a trilogy with the character Still Warner Bros seems to be in a
11  mai     09h30
Council of Wizards
   nbsp While I quite enjoyed Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness I think I d still rank the first Doctor Strange movie higher than it for a couple of reasons First it had a better more cohesive story extensive reshoots and cuts reportedly altered the sequel s original narrative
10  mai     09h44
Judge Dredd and Jonah Hex (Part Two)
   nbsp Presenting the second half of the two part tale Judge Dredd seems like a character that would be perfect for animation and I am surprised we haven t seen a series or movie in that style for the world famous lawman I did a search and it looks like there are a few fan made animated
09  mai     09h53
Judge Dredd and Jonah Hex (Part One)
   nbsp It s been a tough week for comicdom first losing Neal Adams and now George Perez has passed on as well I am glad that fans and pros had the chance in the last year to honor Perez after hearing of his terminal diagnosis His honesty about his illness allowed that to happen one
08  mai     10h40
Flash Gordon and The Mandalorian
   nbsp The Mandalorian has been incredibly enjoyable to watch on Disney and I look forward to what s rumored to be its final upcoming season One of the coolest parts of the show is how it is created A new technology based off of video game engines allows the filmmakers to shoot in
07  mai     09h31
Deadpool and Hitman
   nbsp This is a pairing that I would love to see Neither of these guys are shy about getting into violent confrontations and they both have a pretty cynical view of the super heroic adventures that they get caught up in The conversations between them alone would be enough for an entertaining
06  mai     09h32
Doctor Strange and Madame Xanadu
   nbsp This cover comes from a suggestion in a recent comments section It is definitely a natural combination and I am surprised that I am only getting to it now I m looking forward to seeing Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness tomorrow It ll be fun seeing Sam Raimi run
05  mai     09h31
Spider-Woman and Black Canary
   nbsp Sony really wants to explore its roster of Spider Man related characters We ve seen two Venom movies plus Morbius and now Kraven the Hunter and Madame Web are in production The obvious question that comes to mind is where is word of a Spider Woman movie I d think she
04  mai     09h28
Bronze Tiger and Shang-Chi
   nbsp I think that the Suicide Squad movies both missed an opportunity by not putting The Bronze Tiger on the team The Suicide Squad comic was where I really got to know Ben Turner as a character and it would have been great to have seen him brought to the big screen I don t know if
03  mai     09h34
Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E. and Big Guy & Rusty the Boy Robot
   nbsp It sounds like the Arrowverse on the CW is coming to an end Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow have already been cancelled with Naomi expected to follow and The Flash will conclude after a shortened final season Superman and Lois is safe for now and Stargirl s fate has not been
02  mai     09h20
Legion of Super-Heroes and Spider-Man
   nbsp I m surprised that I am only now getting to this team up I could see Peter Parker wanting to hang around in the th Century where there s a whole team of super powered young adults that are accepted by society He might have to change his name to Spider Lad but otherwise he d probably fit
01  mai     09h24
Tigra and Cat-Man (Part 7 of 7)
   nbsp Presenting the conclusion to our week long tale It looks like Tigra and Cat Man have finally gotten out from under The Ringmaster s control but there s still no love lost between them Even kibitzing from all of our previous guest stars will not be enough to bring about a
30  avril     09h41
Tigra and Cat-Man (Part 6 of 7)
   nbsp In the penultimate chapter of our week long tale we see that the master that Tigra was referring to is none other that the villainous Ringmaster No wonder these sworn enemies are working together again Let s hope they can get out from under his thrall in time for tomorrow s
29  avril     09h30
Tigra and Cat-Man (Part 5 of 7)
   nbsp As we hit Part in our week long tale and it looks like Tigra wants to bring the team back together again but why would she after all that s happened And just who is this new master that she mentions There s more to this story so make sure you come back tomorrow for chapter
28  avril     09h26
Tigra and Cat-Man (Part 4 of 7)
   nbsp As we pass the midway point in our week ling tale we see that Cat Man is seeking revenge against Tigra for busting up his crime wave Let s hope Uncle Ted has arrived in time it s hard to see any reconciliation happening now make sure you tune in tomorrow to see where this