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29  février     11h40
The Ditch 2 Back For More
Kayak Session    The Echo Productions crew are back at The Ditch’ in Lion’s Bay, BC. Their return after running The Ditch back months ago Have you ever wondered what would happen if you flip on this run As we have, and now we know the outcome Watch and find out Back at the infamous DITCH’, this time ...
27  février     08h23
Waterfall and big water kayaking in Chile Senders EP08
Kayak Session    An all new Senders EP has dropped, this one featuring Bren Orton’s recent trip to Chile to bag some of the classic runs and waterfalls Chile is a world class location for whitewater paddlers with paddlers travelling from all around the world for ultimate joy A whirlwind trip in Chile to kayak...
26  février     10h14
New Zealand 2023
Kayak Session    Check out this smashing edit from Benjy Rowlands, from the past year of his travels around New Zealand Getting after it in both North and South Island, We think you’ll agree this looks like a whole load of good times For the past year I have been travelling to and from New Zealand. Spending...
Green River Narrows Abby Holcombe
Kayak Session    Follow Freestyle Whitewater paddler Abby Holcombe down the Green River Narrows, an infamous section known well for the Green River Race Whitewater kayaking at it’s finest I’m stoked to have gotten my second lap down the Green River Narrows at inches. creekermiss L’article Green River...
22  février     15h41
Triple Crown Waterfall Days
Kayak Session    Check out Benjamin Jacon on part of his time in Chile, a triple crown sort of day in this edit With Benjamin bagging Blanco ft , Tomatita ft and Newen ft , three classics within the free fall scene in Chile L’article Triple Crown Waterfall Days est apparu en premier sur Kayak Session...
Life Downstream
Kayak Session    Uncover the poignant story of the Wabigoon River a once thriving waterway now scarred by the devastating impact of mercury pollution. Through the eyes of Judy Da Silva and a group of kayakers, NRS delve into the intersection of recreation and livelihood, offering a powerful reminder of the hidden...
17  février     14h52
Jura Prime Flow Rally Nouria Newman
Kayak Session    Check out Nouria Newman and crew on a rally across to a French gem, the Jura region offers some pristine rivers when at prime flows. Some solid class L’article Jura Prime Flow Rally Nouria Newman est apparu en premier sur Kayak Session Magazine.
I Didn’t See That Coming
Kayak Session    Always be prepared for any outcome out on the river The river can definitely be a humbling environment at times as Wesley Shelmire finds out her eon the Raven Fork, but manages to recover and come out on top Things don’t always go as planned... All you can do is stay calm, take deep breaths, ...
16  février     17h41
Scottish Free Fall and a Bit More
Kayak Session    Interested in Scottish free fall Check out this edit from Scottish paddler Kyle Rodger to get a little taste of what Scotland has to offer for whitewater paddlers This is only a snippet Inchree Falls Lower Falls Glen Nevis Monessie River LoyRiver Roy Brilliant few days back in the playground...
15  février     09h51
REEL WORLD Vol.8 #40 Huw Butterworth (GBR)
Kayak Session    Huw Butterworth has had a huge year with kayaking all across the world and in the stunning valley of Oetztal My biggest year yet, travelling all over to five different countries to get as much kayaking done as possible, this is not including my home runs in Oetztal. Category: Pro Locations...