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02  mars     11h00
Working Chest from all the Angles
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01  mars     11h00
Arnold Style Biceps Workout - hacks and variations
   Watch full Arnold sstyle biceps trainer by hitting the link
29  février     11h57
Best Abs Exercises - coming soon to Fit Media Channel. Subscribe with notifications ON
28  février     11h30
Pro Level Shoulder Workout Pt 4 #shoulders
   Watch is full workout in the link
27  février     16h00
Ready for a Good Stretch? Link to 15 min follow along session
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26  février     11h00
Thank you for your amazing comments so far in 2024 - inspiring us to bring you more great content
25  février     10h30
Perfect Body Workout Secrets
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24  février     07h00
Build Muscle with Time Under Tension - more tips on our main channel
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23  février     11h45
Leg Day - All About Squats
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22  février     12h00
Some of the best competitors at Miami Pro Uk #throwback
   Comment on their physiques below
21  février     07h00
Top Chest Exercises - Cable Flys
   More Chest Exercises in the link
20  février     09h15
Model Body Chest Day - full Push Pull Legs Workouts on our main channel
   Watch his full Three Day Split workouts in the link
19  février     11h46
Real comments from subscribers 2024
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15 February 2024
18  février     14h00
New Post - 15 Minute Follow Along Arms Workout, Dumbbells Only #armsworkout #biceps #bicepsworkout