Uncanny George
30  avril     03h21
Alpha Alien Reveal Marvel’s Alien Series
   marvelcomics #marvelsalien #alphaalien In this video we discuss the released images of the Alpha Alien from Marvel’s 1st Alien comic book series
24  avril     18h03
Aliens Aftermath Comic coming Soon
   alien #aliens #marvelcomics In this video we discuss the upcoming Alien Aftermath comic
Marvel’s Alien #2 Review Discussion (Marvel’s Alien) SPOILERS
   marvelcomicsalien #alien #marvelcomics In this SPOILER-filled video I discuss the second issue of Marvel’s first Alien series
19  avril     03h25
Where’s Ripley in Marvel’s Alien Comics?
   marvelsalien #alien5 #ripley In this video I share my thoughts on the whereabouts of Ellen Ripley in Marvel comics’ new Aliens series
18  avril     14h52
Alien #2 Preview (Marvel’s Alien)
   marvelsalien #aliencomics #jamescameronsaliens in this video we talk about the preview for Marvel’s Alien #2
08  avril     02h33
Marvel’s Predator Delayed
   the predator #predator franchise #marvel’s predator In this video I discuss Marvel’s Predator releases being delayed.
03  avril     12h41
New Magic the Gathering Comics from Boom Studios
   magicthegathering #mtg #boommagicthegathering In this ready we discuss the release of Bomm Studios’ Magic The Gathering
28  mars     03h36
Alien #1 Spoiler Discussion
   alien #aliens #james cameron’s aliens In this SPOILERY video I discuss my thoughts on the first issue of Marvel’s debut Alien comic book series
22  mars     23h55
Alien #1 Variant Covers
   aliens #marvel’s aliens #alien comics In this video I discus cover variants for the first issue of Marvel’s Alien #1
20  mars     12h47
Falcon and The Winter Soldier Spoiler Discussion
   FalconandtheWinterSoldier #Marvel #CaptainAmerica In this spoiler filled discussion I share my experience viewing the first episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
18  mars     22h20
Predator #1 Marvel Comic Release Date Announced
   predator #marvel’spredator #predatorcomics In this video we discuss the release of Marvel’s Predator #1
14  mars     14h54
Batman DC Black Label book Reptilian coming soon from Garth Ennis
   batman #dcblacklabel #batmanreptilian In this video we discuss the upcoming DC Black Label comic book miniseries Batman Reptilian from Garth Ennis and Liam Sharp
Batman Fortnite : Zero Point - Jim Lee’s Batman vs Snake Eyes
   fortnite #fortnitebatman #batman In this video I discuss the upcoming Batman Fortnite: Zero Point comic book mini-series from DC comics
13  mars     13h44
Pokemon and Marvel Cards Haul
   pokemon #marvelcards #cardcollecting In this video I share some of my most recent Pokemon and Marvel (Superhero) cards purchases.
05  mars     04h38
Marvel’s Alien #1 Comic book Trailer Discussion
   aliens #xenomorphs #marvel In this video I discuss the recently released comic book trailer for Alien #1 from Marvel comics