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Tiny Cartridge
30  juin     19h57
Thanks for making this for me, WayForward Is there anyone else out there who would make an...
jc-fletcher    Corporate consolidation is good actually in this one weird specific case Toy company Bandai and video game developer publisher Namco merged in Four years later Koei and Tecmo merged their game making operations Now the two megacorporations have leveraged Tecmo s beloved Monster Rancher
ericisawesome    My Famicase Exhibition opening in LA My Famicase Exhibition the gallery of imagined games displayed as Famicom cartridges will come to the USA for the first time in years tomorrow Traditionally hosted by Tokyo game shop Meteor the annual exhibit will open with a special Los Angeles show at
16  juin     14h20
jc-fletcher    A match made in the eShop I don t know much about Why pizza the platformer physics puzzle and delivery job simulator at the same time The visuals are somewhere between intriguing and deeply off putting and it looks challenging in a QWOP marionette kind of way and I do believe I want to
30  mai     16h45
jc-fletcher    Are you the absolute maniac who will buy Bob with no Bub I don t think such a person exists yet First Press is selling plushes of the player Bubble Bobble character separately from the more well known Bub Nothing against Bob and in fact I prefer the blue color but I feel like Bob has yet to
21  avril     13h49
jc-fletcher    What if you listened to Retronauts this week I don t need to tell you this since the Venn diagram of Tiny readers and Retronauts listeners is probably one tiny Tiny circle inside another much larger circle but what s the point of having a website if I can t use it to brag on my co editor when
16  avril     13h06
jc-fletcher    Gotta Protectors is back and a little weirder on Switch Pretty excited to play the next iteration of Ancient and Yuzo Koshiro s Gotta Protectors the Famicom tribute game that s also a legit action tower defense that s still cool if you don t like tower defense This time in addition to rad music
05  avril     18h48
jc-fletcher    Taito Milestones out April I ve been obsessive about retro compilations on Switch recently I want to gobble them all up Even so I m unconvinced about Taito Milestones the collection of mostly ancient mostly historically interesting arcade games Without knowing a price I m not sure how
02  mars     23h24
jc-fletcher    PAC MAN MUSEUM Release Date Announcement TrailerGreat news for your PAC PASSION No longer will you have to keep your PAC PASSION repressed There s a place for people like us and it s the Pac Man Museum I may sound like I m joking but anything that includes Pac Man Battle Royale one of my
25  février     18h01
jc-fletcher    Give me all the PC Engine ports When Moto Roader originally came out on Turbografx it totally failed to get my attention my brain just filing it away in the sports games I m not interested in category next to Takin it to the Hoop But now with the benefit of time I know that any TG PC
15  février     18h44
jc-fletcher    Thanks for making this for me WayForward Is there anyone else out there who would make an original song and animation for a port of a Super Famicom Kunio game In fact River City Girls Zero also includes a whole new soundtrack by Megan McDuffee and DEMONDICE I m trying to imagine anyone who
10  février     16h16
jc-fletcher    Attention me and all me like people Valis collection on Switch today I am precisely the kind of person who has been waiting for ports of the Valis games to Switch and the kind of person who missed both the Japanese release and the announcement of Limited Run s physical version I can t be the only
07  février     20h39
jc-fletcher    It s eShop Bike Doordash Crazy Taxi That s Food Delivery Battle from VTuber and streamer friendly developer STPWorks What that entails for this game is that you can use D models from VRoidHub and therefore BE your VTuber character in game in the PC version I don t see that functionality
20  janvier     18h00
jc-fletcher    This is an Animal Revolt Battle Simulator blog now This is a really interesting eShop release week in a lot of ways Banjo Kazooie is on Nintendo Switch Online s Expansion Pack Windjammers is out SNK vs Capcom Card Fighters Clash To Be or Not to Be the Hamlet interactive fiction from Ryan
18  janvier     22h41
jc-fletcher    Taito Egret II mini cabinet is a blue b gorgeous and c available for preorder Depending on how much Doh you want to put in you can get one of three different bundles plus extra pad joystick and trackball paddle controllers the last of which including an SD card with additional
12  janvier     14h49
jc-fletcher    Am I emotionally spiritually physically ready for a Kirby D platformer I don t know I have until March to find out In the meantime we can all enjoy this trailer showing off the co op play and new copy abilities We can also enjoy the excellent Kirby th anniversary wallpaper including
23  décembre     19h41
jc-fletcher    New Game Buddy games from an alternate universe I love a fictional handheld and this series of three Game Buddy games is extra cool Not just because they appear to be excellently accurate pastiches of early Game Boy games playable on Switch And not just because WOW is Oumuamua a really
15  décembre     17h43
jc-fletcher    Print your own Game Boy shell I may have Analogue Pocket FOMO right now but at least there are cool DIY options for making a really nice handheld system like these D printable Game Boy Pocket shells by gingerbreadnerd Yes one of them is Lego compatible Now I also have D printer FOMO JOIN CLUB
24  novembre     00h41
jc-fletcher    Taito Milestones collects very old games on Switch Starting with s Qix Taito Milestones is a set of arcade games ranging from classics to old Qix Elevator Action and The Ninja Warriors are obvious standouts but this set has a lot of deeper cuts as well like Wild Western a game
11  novembre     21h07
jc-fletcher    There s a new actually new Cotton game All those Cotton remakes and rereleases including Cotton Reboot which was really cool and other ports I have yet to play have been leading to this big news from developer Success and boutique publisher Strictly Limited Superlative Night Dreams Cotton
04  novembre     14h00
jc-fletcher    Please continue making old shooters easier I ve been um recently writing regularly regarding remakes of rare shooting games and they all have had something to offer Cotton Reboot offered modern style and sensibility to a classic game along with a port of the classic itself Zombie Nation