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03  juillet     13h00
Aksys Games goes all-out at Anime Expo with 7 new game announcements
CJ Andriessen    The cup runneth over for visual novel and otome fans There may have been way too many people trying to get into this year s Anime Expo in Los Angeles this year but I can sympathize with them After all two straight years of online only events has a lot of us jonesing to get back out there and be
We talked to THE Tolkien Professor about the Gollum and Moria Lord of the Rings games
Chris Carter    The emphasis in his title is fairly undisputed at this point It s fair to say that The Lord of the Rings and by extension The Legendarium a catch all term that covers J R R Tolkien s Middle earth works is a huge part of my life I m writing this now listening to the soundtrack of the Peter
Whatcha been playing this week, Destructoid?
Chris Moyse    Didn t I promise you fireworks Well howdy there buckeroos welcome to the weekend and Whatcha Been Playing For our American readers which analytics tells me is about of you I believe that it is a holiday weekend Independence Day no less I hope that you have a very happy weekend and
02  juillet     21h00
Lost Namco release Thunder Ceptor hits the Arcade Archives
Chris Moyse    Can t you take a Yoke Still on its Namco kick the retro fun factory that is Hamster Corporation is offering up something a little special for this week s release as the under the radar but surprisingly groundbreaking Thunder Ceptor is available to download right now on PS and Nintendo Switch
A new Baldur’s Gate 3 patch and panel are on the way
Eric Van Allen    Patch looms on the horizon Larian Studios has another update on the way for its ongoing early access RPG Baldur s Gate A new Panel From Hell is on the way unveiling the also incoming Patch for Baldur s Gate The next Panel From Hell Larian s regular showcase for new Baldur s Gate
Originally, Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes wasn’t going to have a Three Houses focus
Chris Carter    The team started building Fire Emblem Warriors then pivoted According to a new interview via Nintendo Dream magazine translated by Nintendo Everything the Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes team had a different idea in mind for the follow up to the original This notion is straight from the
Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher is getting localized on Nintendo Switch later this year
CJ Andriessen    Let them fight Whenever Nintendo hosts a new Direct mini or otherwise one of the first things I do when it s done is pop over to the company s Japanese YouTube channel to see if there were any game reveals that didn t make the cut for North American and European audiences While trailers
Square Enix confirms NieR: Automata Switch is 1080p docked, 30 FPS
Chris Carter    NieR Automata Switch is p in portable mode We have confirmation of NieR Automata Switch specs and things are looking good Announced very plainly on Twitter thanks to the NieR Japan account Square Enix states that the resolution for docked TV mode is x p with concessions for x p
We’re streaming Dark Souls II tonight
Anabela    From a certain angle it s comfy Hey there I was going to be playing MADiSON today a brand new horror game akin to Visage as I heard it was released last weekend Turns out it s been pushed til next weekend hopefully so today I m pivoting to Dark Souls II I ve always said I put it on pause
01  juillet     23h00
Nintendo Switch Online’s four new Sega Genesis games are a pleasant surprise
Jordan Devore    Mega Man Comix Zone blast from the past memes what more could you want It has taken a while for Nintendo Switch Online to get here with its small batch subscription based rollout but the Sega Genesis lineup is starting to come into its own Whereas the N additions for Switch Online
Someone pointed out that the US Sonic 2 poster makes Tails angry and I can’t help but laugh
Chris Carter    Extreme US posters are so great So I missed the Sonic angry Tails movie poster and I especially missed that the Japanese version had a more lighthearted happier one While these types of changes are fairly common it doesn t make it any less funny Over on Twitter user whisperwolf brought it
Disco Elysium gets a free update with new dyslexia-friendly fonts
Noelle Warner    Disco Elysium s newest update makes the game more accessible Disco Elysium is one of my favorite games of all time I love recommending it to anyone who will listen but something I forget is just how text heavy that game is I m an avid reader but for others the game s script which clocks in at
Nice, Nintendo gave us an easy to read infographic of all the Nintendo Direct Mini announcements
Chris Carter    That s a lot of stuff If you wanted a quick recap of the Nintendo Direct Mini announcements we already gave you one But life is often a visual medium and we have the solution right here Bam https twitter com NintendoUK status To recap here are a few choice Nintendo
Sucker Punch says there’s no Infamous or Sly Cooper games in development right now
Eric Van Allen    Nothing Sly going on here Today Sucker Punch Productions published a message about its years of games In the process it also confirms that no it s not working on a new inFAMOUS or Sly Cooper game Sucker Punch says in its message that as its games continue to grow they require the full
This BlizzCon 2011 video of Blizzard DOTA (Heroes of the Storm) is a trip down memory lane
Chris Carter    When developing Blizzard DOTA we started with things we already had The Blizzard of today is insanely different from the Blizzard of years ago and this old video of the Blizzard DOTA concept shared on the Heroes of the Storm reddit from the Arkentass YouTube channel proves it Embedded below
Bandai Namco partners with studio Ilca to form Bandai Namco Aces division
Chris Moyse    New Wing prepares to take Flight Airplanes Long time publisher Bandai Namco has announced that it has partnered with Japanese studio Ilca to form a brand new development division monikered Bandai Namco Aces With the recent remarkable growth of the global game market the demand for more high
The Pokemon Sword and Shield wild area is getting a water-based makeover event
Chris Carter    It kicks off on July The Pokemon Sword and Shield wild area is getting a change up in a little over a week as The Pokemon Company has announced a new event is on the horizon Starting on July at JST Poliwag Marill and Spheal will appear in greater number particularly when it comes
One of the Cuphead DLC bosses has a secret phase
Jordan Devore    You might have an easier time with it too Fans are flying through Cuphead The Delicious Last Course and I don t blame them it s been a long time coming and the new bosses are an audio visual treat as expected The urge to burn through the gauntlet and circle back around to improve the grades
A Kingdom Hearts style Cloud FFVII Remake mod is an easy download
Chris Carter    It s based on the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT model A Kingdom Hearts Cloud mod that brings the KH aesthetic into Final Fantasy VII Remake is something I always needed and only just got I mean it only makes sense with Nomura connected to both Crafted by ColossalCake great name I could use a
Crypt of the Necrodancer gets its first big update in years
Eric Van Allen    Brace Yourself is updating Crypt ahead of what s next After several years Crypt of the Necrodancer is getting a big update Brace Yourself Games published the v update for Crypt of the Necrodancer yesterday June The studio also shared a blog post about the update going into more detail
Review: Yurukill: The Calumniation Games
CJ Andriessen    The Shmupiest Place on Earth A few days ago our own Noelle Warner shared a piece that rejoiced in her newfound obsession with video game genre mash ups While experimenting with genre combinations has long been a celebrated tradition of this industry there is something about the mashups we ve
Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon explodes with new free DLC
Jonathan Holmes    New free playable characters stages and relics Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon refuses to die The humble puzzle Shovel Knight spin off is already packed with playable characters and other ways to change up the experience but the unrelenting teams at Vine and Yacht Club Games won t be satisfied
Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis is finally coming to PlayStation
Chris Carter    The New Genesis PlayStation port arrives on August After over a year with Xbox console exclusivity under its belt we re getting a Phantasy Star Online New Genesis PlayStation port Announced this morning Sega intends to bring the game to PlayStation on August which will
EA completely roasted over bad single-player games tweet
Chris Carter    This feels like a marketing move from Remember roughly years ago when companies were trying to brainwash people into hating single player games It was kind of an awful time for gaming full of Project Dollar chicanery when publishers would put passes in their games to launch
Redfall trailer introduces you to its vampire-filled city streets
Chris Moyse    A nice place to visit but you wouldn t wanna die there Bethesda Softworks in association with developer Arkane Studios has dropped a fresh trailer for its upcoming co op shooter Redfall which remains currently in development for PC and Xbox Series X The video focuses on both the titular
I don’t blame this Zelda: Breath of the Wild horse for peacing out
Chris Carter    Go west young horse This Zelda Breath of the Wild horse video helped patch up what has ostensibly been a rough week for me in true Breath of the Wild fashion Shared by u guessed on Reddit the clip takes a quick and hilarious turn after Link attempts to call back his horse on a riverbank He
I can taste this blinged-out Pokemon Cafe drink through the screen
Chris Carter    There s water type and Pikachu charm merch too Today Japan announced several new menu items coming to the Pokemon Cafe and Pikachu Sweets window including both food and drink change ups Let s go with the food first the chain is adding a Pikachu BBQ curry plate inspired by Pikachu s summer
God of War Ragnarok producer calls for basic human decency in face of online abuse
Chris Moyse    Lack of release date causes fan meltdown Yesterday we reported on how Cory Barlog producer of the upcoming God of War Ragnarok asked the community for patience in their wait for release date news Sadly matters only escalated encouraging Barlog to return to social media asking for of all
Blizzard closes deal on Proletariat, reiterates plan to have staff support World of Warcraft
Chris Carter    The irony of a company named Proletariat ending up at Blizzard Microsoft So just this past week we caught you up to speed on the sudden development that Proletariat the studio behind Spellbreak would be acquired by Blizzard It came directly after the team announced that they would be closing
Whoa: Nintendo of Japan started a Switch repair subscription
Chris Carter    It s about a year A Switch repair has popped up in Japan and it s officially endorsed by Nintendo For roughly USD a year or about a month you can join up Nintendo is calling the service Wide Care and it s available on their official site directly They describe it as a repair