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18  mai     07h26
DreamHack SC2 Masters 2022 Valencia, Regionals match thread
   Welcome to DreamHack SC Masters Valencia Today the tournament continues with the fifth day of the Regionals closing out the Oceania Rest of Asia Taiwan Hong Kong and Latin American Regionals and continuing the European Regionals Live updated scoreboards on Liquipedia and I will also
20  mai     12h08
World Team League 2022 Summer Regular Season, Round 4 match thread
   Welcome to the World Team League Summer Regular Season Today the tournament continues the fourth round of its regular season Live updated scoreboards on Liquipedia and I will also do my best to keep up the ones in this post throughout the broadcast as my other obligations permit Broadcast
22  mai     16h33
Burrowing irl
   submitted by u block boi link comments
No but for real, how could you tell?
   submitted by u Horny Gandalf link comments
Neeb joins Onsyde gaming
   submitted by u Last Aeon link comments
Is there a r mildlystarcraft?
   submitted by u TheTapedCrusader link comments
OG Starcraft Battlenet Needs a BAN System. Watch out for this guy. Dropping his name out there Coke and jack because he is a real racist homophobic piece of garbage.
   Was playing random bunker defense with the same guy I had played with the match before I forgotten which color he was so I asked quot wownite were you teal last game quot To which the current teal Coke and jack replied quot How the fuck do you not remember who you played with last game
Had a ton of fun at the CEA Finals viewing party in NYC Starcraft people are the best.
   submitted by u OnlyPakiOnReddit link comments
Series winning move in Clem vs ShaDoWn
   submitted by u loodySword link comments
21  mai     21h27
Riders roll
   submitted by u mountaincatnip link comments
22  mai     16h19
Rotterdam’s rolling R’s
   In recent casts I ve been watching Rotterdam constantly rolls his r s really hard Rreynor Rrroaches Serrrral even when talking casually Now I may be crazy here but he has not always done this right What he has constantly done however is mimic European players like Serral and
Finnish SC2 making appearances in Dota2 Stockholm finals
   submitted by u syndbg link comments
Anyone know what this is called or what its id is? I want to use it
   submitted by u AdRound link comments
BSL15] LatAm Championship - 24 - 30 May 02:00 AM CEST - RO16 Groups, Maps, Casters, Broadcasts Dates, Asia Finals and more... (Start in 24h 40 min)
   submitted by u ZZZeroPL link comments
Why are stacking injects a thing?
   What was the reasoning behind it To me it just removes an entire step in the macro cycle for zerg submitted by u Technotrouser link comments
BSL15: Asia Championship - Bracket Stage Day 3 - Casted by Machine and Nyoken - https: zzzeropl
   submitted by u ZZZeroPL link comments
What’s the highest league you can get with a one base all-in?
   No macroing out of it it s a win or you leave the game Which race has the strongest one base all in and what is it submitted by u mrdachan link comments
21  mai     09h50
Got someone to print my Zerg design on a keycap :)
   submitted by u IllegalFishButt link comments
22  mai     11h08
Japanese Weekly Tournament Legacy Weekly Japan#314 Prospect is now live
   submitted by u Horiken link comments
Why can people invite you to a group when you’ve blocked them?
   Could someone from blizzard add this to the to do list It s kind of silly that someone can just continually invite you to a group titled something like I hope you and your family get cancer or something similar despite being blocked I know you can turn off non friend s ability to invite
21  mai     15h41
Neeb joins Onsyde (probably)
   You be the judge https twitter com official onsyde status https cdn discordapp com attachments unknown png Detective work was done EthanCheung on Liquipedia discord EDIT And confirmed https twitter com official onsyde status
How many people get kicked out of GM every day?
   Does it automatically boot the bottom or something I m curious how that works submitted by u Thzae link comments
MMR and You
   submitted by u capt hapa link comments
Next GSL in London confirmed
   submitted by u kosmotaur link comments
trying to get out of the f2 habit
   How do i reliably add my new units to the control groups without accidentaly adding for example vipers to my Main army submitted by u LMDTouD link comments
20  mai     21h05
Saw these guys the other day constructing some additional pylons
   submitted by u ILovePastry link comments
22  mai     01h02
Arcade][SCUuniverse] Need some help with the Leviathan boss
   I know it s the first boss But I swear the Goliath runs out of fuel too fast or runs out of health too fast resulting in the Zerg destroying the missile turrets Has anyone played this mod before I could use some advice submitted by u spook link comments