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06  février     16h36
Bert’s Pigeons
atari2600land    I was perusing the Vault of Abandoned Projects a.k.a. my hard drive . I came across this game I was working on which was a spiritual successor to the CCW games. I figured Bert needed his own game. I had attempted a proper Count’s Castle where the object was to count the number of bats on the...
04  février     17h04
Is it all crap?
atari2600land    Sometimes I wonder why I even bother to attempt making homebrew games. Neither of my games got a nomination in the awards thing. I went back to working on Uncle Hairy’s Nosehair, but I don’t seem to want to care since nobody else seems to either. You know, just one piece of feedback, like...
New PCB Designs & New Option for UAV Installs Soon
   For the past several weeks on days where I have some off time from other console service requests, I’ve been designing up some more new PCBs to assist me in the services I provide for folks. I know I recently posted about a new PCB mount for the Intellivision and while I do have those new...
03  février     13h00
Making Flying Hambugers better (part 2)
atari2600land    This is the new level . I also made a new song for it, experimenting with vibrato, which gives the music a IMHO spooky effect. I can’t figure out how to do other effects because the tracker I’m using is quite hard to figure out even though it says in the readme that it’s easy. For...
02  février     12h58
Making Flying Hambugers better
atari2600land    I just got started redesigning the graphics for Flying Hambugers. Instead of real life backgorunds, I’m trying ones I draw. I signed onto The VG Resource a few days ago, but nobody has replied. No one seems to care Oh well. I don’t have anything else better to do, so let’s redesign the game. ...
Old Goat: Part 5 of Ultima IV
NeonPeon    Yeah I forgot to post about Part last week, lol But Part is tonight at : Eastern New York time...I have fun chatting with you all as I play.
01  février     04h54
49% completed
atari2600land    So I decided to work on my Quiz Wiz cartridge I was making. I just finished up question which means I’m finished with it. It only took a little over three years to do. Hopefully the other half won’t take as long. But I do have to check if I’ve made a question before or not. Ctrl F is your...
31  janvier     00h53
47 sightings
atari2600land    Longtime readers of my blog may remember my fascination with the number . But I haven’t been seeing the number anywhere for the last couple years . At least I don’t think I had a sightings blog entry since the blog redesign here at AtariAge. And then Ford went and put this in their...
30  janvier     04h50
Was Rendering Ranger worth waiting 511 days for?
The Rise and Fall of Radio F (Software)
Radio F Software    The year is . President Bill Clinton is currently on the DL with Monica Lewinsky however it would be a couple of years before that bombshell would come to light. SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron was a runaway success on the newly launched Cartoon Network however it was cancelled after its second...
29  janvier     15h32
Sleep again
atari2600land    I have to give up on my soccer game. It is going crazy. But I think I have discovered something: I think of stuff in my sleep. I thought of this comic in my sleep. I thought of another one, but I forgot it. When I woke up, I went to draw it. I slept all day Sunday and woke up today at...
28  janvier     04h20
1 On 1 Soccer: bouncing around
atari2600land    So I thought that would be a simple thing, to make the ball stop when it hits a player. But it turned out to be a very long complicated process. I thought I was done at around a.m., so I went to sleep. I didn’t get up until about p.m. I checked something on it and found I wasn’t done. So I...
27  janvier     03h51
1 On 1 Soccer
atari2600land    So I made a game called On Basketball for the Odyssey . I felt like I should make a whole bunch of on Sports titles. Even though they already have been made. A while back I began work on a game called on Soccer. I gave up or quit working on it for some reason. Well, I got back to...
25  janvier     06h56
Gimme a P
atari2600land    So with my Game Gear game finished, I went back and resumed work on my X Vs. O game. I think the problem with my Game Gear programming is due to me not having good drawing capabilities. So I turned to real life pictures. But I guess I didn’t do very well with that. So I decided to turn to a console...
22  janvier     04h35
No more snow
atari2600land    In case you’ve been wondering where I have been these past few days. No, the power ddin’t go out. I’ve just been busy doing other stuff. Like sleeping. I sleep now between hours a day. I know that’s more than half my life spent sleeping, but I can’t help it. I want to spend just half my life...
18  janvier     21h13
atari2600land    I went out. I had to. I only had one pill left. So I went and got groceries, and went to the bank. After that, I went to the new Popeye’s location in my area. I got twelve chicken nuggets and they even threw in some biscuit of some sort. So I ate it along with the very yummy chicken nuggets. ...
Old GOAT: Part 3 of Ultima IV
NeonPeon    Alright, let’s keep doing the Ultima IV thing on tonight’s Mark W Plays Old Games on a Thursday Estimate start time is tonight, Jan. , : pm Eastern Time.
17  janvier     17h27
Monday MAME stream with freestyle arcade games
NeonPeon    A few years ago, my weekly retro gaming stream was called Monday MAME in which I played emulated arcade games on my arcade cabinet. Gradually, more and more I pivoted to playing non arcade games: old consoles and computers, and eventually Mark W Plays Old Games on a Thursday Old GOAT was born. ...
I ventured out.
atari2600land    Not in a car or anything. We heard a loud noise earlier so I went to go check it out. I saw nothing that would cause a loud noise to happen. Yesterday the snow on the ground was hard as rock. This morning I was actually able to walk around on it. It felt like walking on snow. I woke up at four a.m....
Setting the Jag’s Time and Date
Clint Thompson    Of course the Jaguar doesn’t have an internal clock for time and date settings. At least it didn’t, until now... Programming the more mundane parts of a bigger picture are boring but essential. I wouldn’t call this fun either. Now let’s see if I can...
16  janvier     17h42
Latest stuff at the ITC
   I know I’ve not made a video in a very long time on my ITC Youtube channel. But I figured I would mention here the latest things happening at the ’Tower’. Just because there haven’t been any vids uploaded, doesn’t mean there isn’t something always still going on. First is that console service...
Still icy
atari2600land    This afternoon we’re supposed to get . to . of freezing ice. So I think if we get past this we should be in the clear since it’s going to be above freezing starting early tomorrow morning. Right now it’s still cold, degrees. My stomach hurts. I don’t know if it’s due to the anxiety of...
15  janvier     17h54
More ice
atari2600land    So apparently mid day tomorrow we’ll get some more ice. But there is hope. Wednesday’s high is supposed to be . So even if the power does go out, we’ll have at most two days with it being below freezing while huddling close to the fireplace playing Game Boy and Pokemon Mini games. Last time I...