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12  mai     00h01
   So I get this e-mail from eBay asking me to leave feedback for the game that never came. Obviously I donít want eBay hounding me for the rest of my life about feedback, so I had to. After thinking for about 10 minutes pondering what to say, I left a very generic message hiding the fact that I never...
11  mai     14h03
Five new GameCube games
   Thanks Ben
Rotary Encoder A8 joystick port input
   Of course, after an afternoon of experimenting with an Arduino and KY-040 Rotary Encoder Board, the question of how to use a Rotary Encoder attached to an ATARI joystick port became an intriguing ponderance. After all, the Atari can read a trackball and mouse containing two encoders. How hard...
10  mai     15h52
Reminiscing on scale...
   Over the weekend, I was reminiscing with my dad about how he set up his home office for his job back in the 80ís. He and the other engineers draftsmen at the new company all had state of the art computers for structural piping drawing with CAD software, etc. I remember the computer was a beast ...
   Well, I stayed up until at least 1:30 a.m. last night. Itís not my fault. I tried to go to sleep at about midnight. But I finally fell asleep 1.5 hours later, then woke up at 11:30 a.m. I figured I needed less sleep, but two hours later, I fell back asleep and woke up at 5:30 p.m. I worked some...
09  mai     14h45
   Sometimes I get very bored. I need to do something but I donít really feel like doing anything. Times when thereís nothing to do, nothing interesting on YouTube. Nothing on the multitudes of channels on TV. That is when I get into my music composing mood and open up one of my MIDIs and continue...
Astro City Mini unboxing
08  mai     05h58
Small burger
   So I did some testing about a new game for the Pokemon Mini since I got done with Frank the Fruit Fly. I call it Hamburgers In Space Nice big sprites for this one since the screen is very tiny. What I am basically attempting to do is take the Switzerland game to the Pokemon Mini. But this will...
TechnoCop on Genesis Does
   More like techno FLOP
More cartoons Now with 75% less
   A couple of weeks ago, I posted about our studentsí 2021 Open Show. An eight-hour marathon of animated films, produced over the last two academic years (since we couldnít have a show at all a year ago). For the first time ever we held it online, since we still canít have large screenings in person....
Countís Castle: A little song, a little dance...
   So I spent all last night and this afternoon (Itís about 2 p.m. as Iím writing this. I woke up at around noon) trying to fix the Count sprite so it doesnít change its shape when itís not supposed to. Sometimes the face changed its shape. I put in a couple more Count dancing animation frames when a...
Homebrew Review debuts Genesis for Nintendo GameBoy
   This time Genesis DOES what a GameBoy can do
Countís Castle: The battle of right vs. wrong
   So in yesterdayís entry, I complained about how the cape wasnít centered. I canít center it. I donít know why. I think thereís something wrong with my code. Anyway, I centered the cape, but the Count is now skinny. About my code: I donít know, whenever I make any changes to the in-game portion, the...
Countís Castle: The Return
   So I have returned to work on Countís Castle. I worked a few hours on the Countís appearance until I was satisfied (enough, itís still off, but I canít fix it) with him. Yes, I know. His cape is off. Well, I tried to center it but it wouldnít let me. So Iím going to have to go with this. Tomorrow I...
04  mai     07h29
Those darn Wambotians.
   With Pipe Down we made a pithy paragraph pertaining to plumber Patís problem filled with nothing but words beginning with P to put on the instruction booklet. If ZipZap gets released, I would like to do the same thing with a different letter. I chose W and made this one: Weaken weaselly Westward...
11  mai     23h46
span atari 8-bit family span
   At the end of the last post I briefly mentioned you could create a Luma only cable and s-video for the Atari 8-bits. This works on any 8-bit where the Chroma & Luma are split out in the 5-pin DIN connector for the video & audio. There are some 8-bits that Atari elected NOT to separate out the Luma...
03  mai     16h58
Retro Swap Box 8 An Amazing Start
   What a way to kick off the latest round of the Retro Swap Box
span atari 8-bit family span
   As it currently stands there are two ways to get that sweet 80 column text on the Atari 8-bit computers. First way is to get a hold of a XEP80 (currently rarer than henís teeth). The XEP80 was an odd beast created by Atari that attached to the joystick port of the Atari and then attached to a...
01  mai     01h46
My Jaguar is weird.
   I thought for sure it was dead. I had accidentally knocked it off my table and on to the floor it landed. It wouldnít power on. I tried every station in every possible setting. Nothing. I tried putting a cartridge in at some point. Dead. Then, when I had lost all hope and figured I needed to buy...
An adventure into learning game development for a whole bunch of old computers and consoles.
   One thing that must be said, is how much I appreciate all the help Iíve gotten from kind people in retro computing forums and communities. Iíve been met with patience and kindness everywhere, although Iím not exactly the sharpest programmer out there. Iíve learned so much about how these old lovely...
30  avril     07h56
Oh, hey.. I have a blog?
   Well, I just discovered I have the ability to blog here. Maybe Iíll write something less vacuous next time... who knows? Simon
29  avril     21h33
I thought.
   So last night after I made that blog post, I thought about what other kinds of junk food there are. Then I thought taco. I tried drawing a taco. I couldnít. So then I thought some more and I came up with pizza. I drew a slice of pizza. I put it in the game. It shoots nachos downwards. Then I...
April 28, 2021
   Last night I worked on my Burgers NES game. I made a fourth level. But I donít know what good the change of scenery is if the game doesnít change at all. Iíd like to add more enemies than just milkshakes. I thought nachos would make a good projectile, but what could shoot it? I also think whatever...