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Russia keeps getting hacked
   Russia a nation that has famously been on the offensive when it comes to cyber attacks is now facing its own barrage of hacks as multiple sanctions hit the country from the West In a meeting with the Russian Security Council on Friday Russian President Vladimir Putin said the number of cyber
Kenan Thompson explains Samuel L. Jackson isn’t banned from ’SNL’ in Jimmy Fallon appearance
   During a guest appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Kenan Thompson longtime Saturday Night Live cast member cleared the air about a somewhat strange and public beef with Samuel L Jackson The actor had claimed he was banned from SNL and seemingly blamed Thompson for it But the SNL
Laura Dern is 20 years younger than Sam Neill in Jurassic Park
   Sam Neill was years older than Laura Dern in Jurassic Park an age gap that somehow didn t make the stars uncomfortable until nearly three decades after the blockbuster hit theaters Laura was a tender age Neill told The Sunday Times of London via BuzzFeed News of the casting I am
3 surprising ways to cope with climate change
   A few years ago Britt Wray felt overwhelmed by eco anxiety Fielding questions from family about whether she and her husband would have children Wray contemplated the bleak future they might inherit At the time Wray was a science communicator and couldn t ignore the projections of species
Kate McKinnon gets abducted by aliens one final time during her farewell ’SNL’ show
   Saturday Night Live mainstay Kate McKinnon said goodbye to the show during its season finale on Saturday In the process she revisited one of her classic characters Ms Rafferty the blunt talking chain smoker who has a penchant for getting abducted by handsy aliens Per usual McKinnon s
Pete Davidson delivers heartfelt goodbye to ’SNL,’ makes fun of himself the entire time
   It s been a wild ride for Saturday Night Live vet Pete Davidson He debuted as a babyfaced year old who laughed in sketches and is now well super celebrity Pete Davidson The comic stopped by the Weekend Update desk during SNL s season finale on Saturday in what promised to be his final
If a scary asteroid will actually strike Earth, here’s how you’ll know
   This story originally published in June has been republished as part of Mashable s Space Rocks series On April which happens to be Friday the th something unsettling will happen A decent sized asteroid the foot wide Apophis will pass so close to Earth it ll be visible
Apply to more jobs in less time with LazyApply it’s on sale for only 67
   TL DR As of May you can get a lifetime subscription to LazyApply Job Application worth for just That s savings of a whopping It may feel counterproductive to start a job hunt by signing up for a service called LazyApply but hear us out The LazyApply job application software
Build better brand visuals with millions of stock photos on sale for up to 97% off
   TL DR As of May you can get a one year subscription to JumpStory s Premium Plan for just when it s usually worth To save even more you can subscribe for three years for just instead of or five years for down from No matter how much time you spend on
A year of LastPass Families is on sale for just 2.75 per month
   TL DR As of May a yearlong subscription to LastPass Families is on sale for instead of That s off fyi As much as streaming services are trying to fight it everyone shares their accounts and passwords with family and friends Just like they share their phone plan or Amazon
Get this Apple Watch alternative on sale for just 50
   TL DR As of May the Chronowatch C Max Call Time Smartwatch is on sale for That s a discount of from its regular price of If your only knowledge of smartwatches is based on the Apple Watch it might be hard to believe there are some out there that are actually affordable But
A set of cozy bamboo sheets is on sale for only 35
   TL DR As of May you can get a Bamboo Comfort Luxury Sheet Set king size on sale for just That s off its regular price of You can also get solid deals on full and queen sizes as well Memorial Day might be the perfect time to buy a new mattress but the weekend before ahem
Mirror brings studio-style fitness classes to your living room for a high price
   Since the start of the pandemic at home workouts have been king If you re already working from home why go out into the world to get a workout in Decking out a home gym means you ll skip out on gym membership fees and you ll never have to worry about smelling other people s sweat while you
Get a lifetime subscription to this speedy VPN for under 20
   TL DR A lifetime subscription to FastestVPN is on sale for pound saving you on list price Your browser s incognito mode can only do so much Sure it ll clear your history searches cookies and login deets so anyone who uses your computer can t see what you ve been up to But it won
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NASA’s getting screwy messages from interstellar space
   The Voyager spacecraft is sending back some funky data from interstellar space that s leaving NASA engineers scratching their heads Readouts on the orientation of the s era space probe now appear to be randomly generated or don t reflect any possible scenario the spacecraft could be in NASA
Watch incredible NASA video of a total lunar eclipse from space
   Some million miles from the planet NASA s Lucy probe got a deep space view of the recent total lunar eclipse From her vantage point it didn t look much like a blood moon one of the many nicknames for the rare astronomical event In a brief two second time lapse video Lucy captured the
Wordle today: Answer, hints for May 22
   Hey Team Wordle A new Wordle will arrive every day and we re here to provide tips and hints to help you keep that streak alive If you re struggling to get the answer for Wordle on May and want to get right to it you ll find it at the bottom of this page If you want to try to guess it
Watch excellent ’Ugly Sonic’ cameo from ’Chip ’n Dale’
   Remember the year when we all had the power to delay the Sonic the Hedgehog movie because the first design was so grotesque If you don t here s a quick rundown The first Sonic trailer dropped confirming a rumored design that fans already balked at The backlash was swift and harsh the
Boeing’s troubled Starliner makes it to the space station after second try
   Astronauts aboard the International Space Station have opened the hatch of the recently docked Boeing Starliner effectively ending a streak of misfortunes over the years for the spacecraft The successful test mission helps to secure a second commercial carrier for shuttling astronauts to and from
TikTok takes odd ’hanger challenge’ to test reflex
   A TikTok trend that emerged during the quarantine days is making a comeback the hanger challenge Participants place a clothes hanger on their head to test out a supposed hanger reflex where the squeeze of the hanger causes heads to literally turn Tweet may have been deleted Is
10 best documentaries streaming now on Amazon Prime Video for when you need a good dose of reality
   Most documentaries have lessons to impart and important things to say but some of the best ones do that with nuance and subtlety while keeping us entertained Amazon Prime Video subscribers have an embarrassment of riches to sift through when they re hunting for their next focused look at a
Pete Davidson, Kate McKinnon, others set to leave ’SNL’
   Saturday Night Live apparently isn t immune to the Great Resignation either Cast members Aidy Bryant Pete Davidson Kate McKinnon and Kyle Mooney are set to leave the show after tonight s th season finale Variety reported yesterday based on an insider source McKinnon and Bryant have the
Shakira dances to ’money don’t jiggle jiggle’ in Jimmy Fallon TikTok challenge
   This week Hips Don t Lie singer Shakira joined Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon for his Watch It Once TikTok Challenge The rules are pretty self explanatory the host and guest watch a TikTok once and try to emulate the dance The two attempts are compared and a winner is chosen The first of two
10 most streamed TV shows of the week: True crime and sci-fi reign supreme
   Looking for something new to watch this weekend but don t know where to start Perhaps you ll be inspired by what everyone else is watching We ve used streaming aggregator Reelgood which pulls viewing figures from streaming services in the U S and UK to break down the top most popular shows
The best sex toys for masturbation that anybody can enjoy
   Yeah masturbating is cool but have you ever tried masturbating with sex toys We want to be clear we say this with all the love in our heart toward using your hands But if you re a power hand user that s interested in something else not necessarily something more then sex toys can be a
Freezing your eggs? Find support in online communities.
   For those who aren t ready to start a family just yet or want to ensure they have the option down the line egg freezing is on the rise The process in which eggs are harvested frozen and stored for later use is even being offered as a fertility benefit by some companies Facebook and Apple
You can now play the entire archive of past ’Wordle’ puzzles
   Have you breezed through today s Wordle and tackled all the Wordle clones and alternatives Well you can finally play the game s entire archive thanks to the aptly titled Wordle Archive website The free daily word game Wordle blew up in popularity at the start of despite not having an app and
He found a Milky Way black hole 50 years ago, and finally got to see it
   Bruce Balick penned an urgent letter to his research partner on the other side of the country He feared other radio astronomers were close on their heels including one by the name of Fred Lo We d better publish fast if we want to beat him into print Balick wrote to Robert L Brown his
Wordle today: Here’s the answer, hints for May 21
   Good morning Wordlers A new Wordle arrives every day and we re here to provide tips and hints to help you keep that streak alive If you couldn t get the answer for Wordle on May and just want to know what it was you can find today s word at the bottom of this page If you want to try to
The 12 best and funniest tweets of the week
   Tweets here Get your tweets of the week They re hot They re spicy They re fresh They re funny They ve got it all Who doesn t love a heaping serving of tweets fresh out the content oven and ready to be enjoyed I certainly love those sweet sweet tweets SEE ALSO
Cann is like LaCroix that gets you high. And it rules.
   The information contained in this article is not a substitute for or alternative to information from a healthcare practitioner Please consult a healthcare professional before using any product and check your local laws before making any purchasing decisions Beer is over We ve evolved past the
The 10 most streamed movies of the week: big hits and some picks critics loathed
   Seen anything good lately How about something bad Either way your stream counted towards Reelgood s metrics regarding the most streamed movies of the week across all platforms This week recent favorites like The Batman and The Lost City reappear on the list with the Sandra Bullock and
How scientists find the big asteroids that can threaten Earth
   When you re fast asleep at night telescopes atop lofty mountains continually sleuth out unknown space rocks that might fly close to Earth or even potentially hit us Congress directs NASA to find and track the asteroids and comets that swoop into our cosmic neighborhood meaning some million
Make the most of your summer with these portable gadgets under 50
   Sweet sweet summertime We can see it smell it and many of us are feelin it thanks seasonal allergies Having products that go where you go without weighing you down is a game changer especially in the summer And for a limited time these five items are on sale for under to help you
Broaden your horizons with 7 travel and tourism courses on sale
   TL DR As of May The Ultimate Travel Bundle worth is on sale for just If watching The Flight Attendant has revved up your ambition to travel the world whether as part of the travel and tourism industry or as a personal bucket list item here s a deal that
Secure your online existence with VPNSecure it’s just 32 for life
   TL DR Through May you can get lifetime access to VPNSecure for just with the code VPN It s worth usually so that s a discount of You might ve heard that using a virtual private network VPN is one of the best ways to protect your data from being seen by the wrong eyes
This 5-year subscription to AdGuard VPN is on sale for just 32
   TL DR As of May a five year subscription to AdGuard VPN is off with the code VPN get it for just instead of If you re looking to secure your digital activity with a VPN but you have limited bandwidth when it comes to subscription fees consider paying for five years
Declutter your desk or bedside table with a 5-in-1 charging station
   TL DR As of May this in MagSafe Wireless amp Wired Charging Station is on sale for so you can save on its regular price of Your desk is a sacred space When it s clean and organized you are clean and organized science says so When it s not your productivity can
Sony WH-1000XM5 headphones review: New design and improved sound quality
   Sony stuck to tradition with its latest flagship headphones in that they have amazing sound quality and noise cancellation but an absolute mouthful of a name The WH XM over ear noise canceling headphones hit the market in May with an MSRP of which is more than their
Get a year of PlayStation Plus and a lifetime VPN for under 60
   TL DR The VPN Unlimited Lifetime and PlayStation Plus One Year Subscription Bundle is on sale for pound saving you on list price Whether you finally got your hands on a PlayStation or you re trying to make the most out of your PlayStation one of the best ways to upgrade your
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The 10 best short-ass movies on HBO Max for when you want something short and kick-ass
   Blame it on technology blame it on TikTok or blame it on the multitasking nature of our capitalist society The fact is for most of us our attention spans have only gotten shorter A two and a half hour movie Ha That s an indulgence reserved for special occasions or the rare few filmmakers
15 of the best mystery movies on Netflix for you to solve
   Grab your magnifying glass and get ready to investigate as Mashable uncovers Big Little Mysteries Nobody can resist a good mystery Whether it s a whodunnit based crime story a suspense movie that keeps you guessing or a mind bending psychological thriller sitting confused in front of your screen
Every single chaotic time card in ’Candy.’ That’s it.
   Candy one of the latest streaming installments in the controversial true crime genre is a whirlwind And not just because of the events that inspired it The five episode Hulu series stars Jessica Biel as Candy Montgomery a Texas woman accused of brutally murdering her friend Betty Gore Melanie
Donald Trump’s Truth Social launches a web app
   Prepare to see a lot more Donald Trump on social media again Truth Social is no longer siloed behind an iOS only mobile app Trump s alternative social network Truth Social pushed out a notification on Friday to its current iOS app users informing them that a web version of the platform is now
The best laptop deals as of May 20: Chromebooks, gaming laptops, and more
   UPDATE May p m EDT This list has been updated to reflect pricing and availability as of May BEST SAMSUNG DEAL Samsung Galaxy Book Pro a nice alternative to the similarly priced MacBook Pro save BEST GAMING DEAL Razer Blade a powerful gaming
Score 3 months of Hulu for just 1 per month this National Streaming Day
   SAVE New and eligible returning Hulu subscribers can get their first three months of its ad supported plan for just per month through May It usually charges a month so you ll be saving Happy National Streaming Day from Hulu Now through Friday May at p m PT you
Three Thousand Years of Longing’ trailer: Idris Elba is Tilda Swinton’s genie in a bottle
   George Miller s latest act is pure wish fulfillment This first trailer for Three Thousand Years of Longing sets up a genie in the bottle story that stars Idris Elba as the wish granting Djinn and Tilda Swinton as the lucky wisher Dr Alithea Binnie For her part Dr Binnie is a historian
Love, Victor’ Season 3 trailer is a bittersweet high school goodbye
   Love Victor may end with its third season but there s still time for a last high school hurrah for Victor Felix Pilar Lake Benji Rahim Mia and Andrew The trailer for Season picks up with an answer for last season s finale cliffhanger with Victor choosing to date his first crush Benji
Younger sisters on TikTok bond of the woes of having an older sister
   TikTok this week was an emotional roller coaster From younger sisters sharing the diabolical things their older sisters to Black men joyfully frolicking through fields Younger sisters bond over their evil older sistersYounger sisters are divulging the hilarious horrors their older sisters put
You can watch the chilling first eight minutes of ’Stranger Things 4’ right now
   We ve got our first glimpse of Stranger Things and boy is it a lot Netflix released the first eight minutes to watch on Youtube but these eight minutes left us with a lot more questions than answers The sequence is an extended flashback to before the main events of the show Dr