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28  novembre     08h00
Financial Freedom, Company Building, More with David Marcus
   with davidmarcus smc This wide ranging conversation covers company building, big to small including what cadence and when is the right time to ship; the relationship between centralization, decentralization, platforms, and financial freedom; moving from web to web in both crypto AND...
23  novembre     20h25
When Business is Battle: Inside the Boardrooms of the CEOs that Survived the Storm
   Taking a company from idea to household name is always difficult. But the past few years presented challenges that caught even the most seasoned CEOs off guard.In this episode, you’ll hear from two CEOs that navigated these waters and somehow, came out on the other side. These recordings come...
13  novembre     08h00
The Worlds She Sees with Godmother of AI, Fei-Fei Li
   Fei Fei Li, PhD, Professor in the Computer Science Department at Stanford University, and Co Director of Stanford’s Human Centered AI Institute, joins Bio Health founding partner Vijay Pande.In this candid conversation, Li unfolds her transformation from a young immigrant to an influential...
06  novembre     08h00
From Sims to Sapiens: Crafting Reality with Code
   Is it possible to construct a virtual society that authentically replicates human behavior AI Town, a virtual town experiment where AI residents live, interact, and engage, provides valuable insights into the future of AI’s believability and its interaction with humanity.In this panel discussion,...
30  octobre     10h00
Fintech Fuels Global Payments
   Software crosses borders effortlessly. The globalization of money, however, is considerably more challenging. This is especially true for multinational businesses, which grapple with managing multiple accounts in diverse currencies, navigating costly foreign exchange rates, and unpredictable money...