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24  juin     16h36
Late Game Lessons of Live Service Design - by Josh Bycer
   The late game of any live service title is the make it or break it point for the continued success and development and I wanted to talk about the options designers have in terms of continued content support
20  juin     15h45
Giving up on theœ1P Strategy Gameâ - by Keith Burgun
   I ve had a pretty specific vision for a kind of P digital strategy game since about I ve realized now that this was probably a mistake
15  juin     08h05
Stemming for Modular Game Music (Composing for Lineage M: GDC 2022) - by Winifred Phillips
   This article explores how instrumental performances rhythmic density and frequency range provide components for use within a modular music system for the music of Lineage M The Elmor composed by video game composer Winifred Phillips
10  juin     05h32
Deriving Game Mechanics From History - by Kevin Hassall
   We often design historical games as games first and historical second But would game designs be more engaging for players if we start with the specifics of history
No console required: Xbox app comes to Samsung smart TVs - by George Jijiashvili
   Ahead of its Xbox Bethesda Games Showcaseâ this Sunday Microsoft made bunch of announcements including bringing the Xbox app to Samsung TVs Omdia s games analyst George Jijiashvili examines the key updates
02  juin     15h27
When a Play-To-Earn Bubble Bursts - by Robert Green
   There s more to be lost than a few crypto bro s money when a play to earn game passes its peak
01  juin     05h33
The Impossible Chase ofœFunâ Game Design - by Josh Bycer
   Elden Ring once again frames our discussion to talk about why fun is not the best way to rate a game s design and why you can t please everyone with your game
31  mai     16h48
Speak to Me - by Martin Annander
   A game designer s rant on dialogue in games
27  mai     15h32
The Game Design Prism - by Colin Anderson
   The Game Design Prism is a collection of five conceptual lenses game developers can use to study their game designs in more detail
24  mai     15h58
Making theœBaseâ of Your Gameplay - by Josh Bycer
   Elden Ring s appeal has caused a lot of uproar about approachability and accessibility options and I wanted to talk about where developers need to start when it comes to balancing their game s appeal
01  juillet     05h37
Game Dev Digest Issue #146 - Dev Hacks - by Mike Marrone
   Game Dev Digest Issue Dev Hacks The latest from the free weekly Unity d gamedev newsletter
30  juin     06h09
How To Hire A CFO For Your Mobile Gaming Studio - by MARTIN MACMILLAN
   The CFO role is not just about making payroll on time but a much more strategic role which is very hands on in nature getting deep into the mechanics of user acquisition and monetization as well as the headline company financials and fundraising
How to Launch a Game in China: Pitfalls and Peculiarities of Working on Chinese Market - by Anastasiya Zayceva
   of global gaming revenue comes from China but getting into this market is not easy Criteria for mobile games the process of finding a partner and other subtleties of entering the Chinese market from ZiMAD
Video Game Insights Report: First half of 2022 on Steam - by Karl Kontus
   has already seen over new games released on Steam That s over games a day This article explores the sales performance and trends among the games released in so far
Beyond the game: A derailed post-production - by Marcell Erdei
   A long odyssey about Art Production Voice acting Indie gaming its disgust Current events of World conflicts and business Volumetrics and Composing an hour long soundtrack
When should I shelf my game? - by Joe Slack
   One thing thatâ s often difficult to know is whether to continue to work on a game that s not quite clicking I often hear the question Should I shelf my game â
Inside the Success: Airport Security - by Simon Platt
   Airport Security topped the charts the last few months so we find out how and why the game turned into a big success
   My story with publishers in the negotiation stage personal experience share to help understand what makes a deal to go wrong and why and bringing to the table one of the most important questions about publishing deals Why do you recoup and nor me
From QA to Production - by Marlo Jimenez
   During my time on Hex Rally Racers I learned lessons from QA which can be applied to production going into my next project
28  juin     15h48
Inside the Success: Build Your Vehicle - by Simon Platt
   Our latest hypercasual game has topped the charts over the past few weeks Why Letâ s take a brief look