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07  octobre     15h49
Using Feedback as a Teacher in Videogames - by Josh Bycer
   Learning any videogame is all about an effective onboarding process and providing the player with the right amount of feedback and information. For today, we’re going to talk about how much is the correct amount of info to give to the player.
The Importance and challenge ofœSpeed Bumpsâ In RTS Economies - by Brandon Casteel
   Inspired by contrasting the game designs of Command and Conquer games against Age of Empires 4, this article explores the space of speed bumps which help to control the pace at which players progress through gameplay.
05  octobre     10h50
A Return to Quake Retrospective - by Josh Bycer
   The boomer shooter market has been taking off among indie studios, and the recent Quake Enhanced gave me a chance to take a look back at one of the best.
28  septembre     16h25
Omdia forecasts cloud gaming to nudge 12bn by 2026 - by George Jijiashvili
   Subscription services such as Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PlayStation Now will be the primary force driving cloud gaming, helping to generate 3.7bn in total in 2021.
21  septembre     14h58
Progression mechanisms: Blessing or curse of modern action-adventure games? - by Pascal Luban
   Almost every action-adventure game that has been released during the last decade offers players progression mechanics heavily inspired by those of RPGs. So is this a good thing or is it a sign that the industry is struggling to renew itself?
17  septembre     15h50
Marketing Meatball Theory - by Chris Zukowski
   It is really hard to get anyone to actually buy anything, much less take an action like joining your mailing list or discord. It is even more difficult when you are offering a game that is different, or a bit avant garde. The reason is they donâ t know i
15  septembre     13h37
Horizontal Resequencing and Dynamic Transitions for Game Music Composers (From Spyder to Sackboy: GDC 2021) - by Winifred Phillips
   The 2nd installment of a 6-part series. Composer Winifred Phillips shares content from her GDC 2021 talk, From Spyder to Sackboy: A Big Adventure in Interactive Music. This article explores more complex deployments of the horizontal resequencing model.
13  septembre     16h11
Apple & Epic: The State of Intervention - by Ian Griffiths
   Apple vs Epic is now decided. Not a monopoly but with their payments system seen as anti-competitive, things will have to change. Is that good for developers?
10  septembre     15h16
The Dark Side of Monetization and - by Josh Bycer
   In this lengthy interview with Ramin Shokrizade, we spoke about his time at and the mounting controversies facing the studio today over its monetization practices
Library of Ruina Delivers a Different Kind of Deck Builder - by Josh Bycer
   My thoughts on Library of Ruina, one of the most unique games released this year that most people have never heard of.
14  octobre     15h19
How Do HTML5 Game Development Makes Money? - by Rishabh Aggarwal
   The HTML5 game development appears as a blessing for people who are more inclined towards stable gaming sessions on browsers.
Slow and careful return of in-person games industry events - by Pavol Buday
   After 18 months, in-person events are back. I took the opportunity to talk to a few organizers and investigate the ups and downs, discuss the challenges, learn about behaviour of attendees and to see what has changed.
Reflections on Puzzle Design in Puzzledorf - by Stuart Burfield
   This article covers the guidelines for puzzle design that I used in Puzzledorf and my answer to the question, What makes a good puzzle? It’s not intended to be the only answer, but instead is a guide through my journey about what worked for me.
12  octobre     15h07
User Research: What a player means when saying "I don’t like the art style of the game"? - by Yongcheng Liu
   In this article, I will take players’ evaluation of the game’s art style as an example, and show you how to get deeper into players’ real thoughts by splitting and refining the art style in the interview question design and practical use.
Why is Intentional Replayability Important? - by Gregory Campbell
   With game replayability considered a value-adding asset for a game, Greg Campbell asks, How can game makers intentionally include replayability to improve their games?
Alexa Music Mash Postmortem - by Adrian Gimate-Welsh
   Music Mash postmortem. This game was designed for Amazon smart speaker Alexa. Based on Spot the Difference but comparing music tracks, it was designed to fully engage gamers’ auditive skills rather than visual skills.
11  octobre     16h37
Getting to work on the Trader NPC for Bad Luck Black Cat Blog 2 (8 10 2021) - by Callum McDermott
   For the past 2 weeks of the project I have been working on the Trader NPC and learning how UI really works in unreal.
Game Dev Digest Issue #113 - Visual Effects - by Mike Marrone
   Game Dev Digest Issue #113 - Visual Effects. The latest from the free weekly Unity3d gamedev newsletter.
07  octobre     15h55
One bad update can silently kill a game; developers need to listen to their communities and build better. - by Sharel Omer
   Mind numbingly good graphics, social gameplay, routine updates, and online communities that span the globe, todayâ s gaming industry has come a long way. Yet many of those advances offer both advantage and challenge.
05  octobre     11h16
Some thoughts on finishing a game - by Massih Naisan
   We recently finished our first VR experience called DunDun VR and published it on Steam. Here are some tips that I think really helped us bring our project to completion and hopefully these tips can help you out if you are struggling to finish your game.