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18  novembre     16h27
The "KISS" Dependency Injection Way in Unity - by Ruben Torres Bonet
   Are you using a dependency injection system in Unity? - If so, can you understand, read, debug and maintain the code of your dependency injection system in less than 10 minutes? If the answer to any is NO, this post might ring a bell
Rational Design, Part 1 - The Player - by Alexis Jolis Desautels
   Following up on the initial thoughts on Rational Design, let’s dig deeper to provide the Why, What and How of the process. This journey will be cut in 3 pieces, each with an overarching theme: the Player, the Game and the Work.
The "KISS" Command Pattern for Unity - by Ruben Torres Bonet
   Learn about the lovely KISS Command Pattern in Unity I cannot live without. Enjoy powerful async gameplay systems
Hybrid Horizontal-Vertical Structure for Game Music Composers (From Spyder to Sackboy: GDC 2021) - by Winifred Phillips
   The 4th installment of a 6-part series. Composer Winifred Phillips shares content from her GDC 2021 lecture, From Spyder to Sackboy: A Big Adventure in Interactive Music. This discusses methods for hybridizing horizontal and vertical music techniques.
How to make your own game engine (and why) - by Tyler Glaiel
   So youâ re thinking about making your own game engine. In this post I will go over why you might (or might not) want to, what systems are needed in a game engine, and how you should approach development of it.
Rockstar’s Quest for the Ultimate Videogame Horse - by Tommy Thompson
   A good videogame horses is very difficult to get right. But Rockstar games went above and beyond in their efforts for Red Dead Redemption 2
What Dead By Daylight Brings to (and fails)Â Horror - by Josh Bycer
   Dead by Daylight is the biggest multiplayer horror game on the market today, but does this game hold up design and monetization-wise in today’s market?
26  octobre     14h45
Experiencing "Gamelessness" - by Keith Burgun
   Those nights when you’re endlessly scrolling through your favorite game store or library, desperately wanting to play something , but rejecting every candidate you can find. I have given a name to your pain
22  octobre     09h01
Lobotomy Corporation Teaches the Value of Bad Choices - by Josh Bycer
   Decision making in videogames is obviously an important aspect of player engagement, but for today’s post, I want to talk about how the game Lobotomy Corporation was designed around making the player choose between all the bad options.
20  octobre     05h46
The Bull Case for Blockchain Gaming - by Ethan Levy
   A veteran game designer and crypto sceptic makes a conversion to full-blown blockchain enthusiast. Here are 5 reasons that blockchain gaming can help us design better experiences for our players.
18  novembre     16h29
User Research: How simulation games keep players staying - by Yongcheng Liu
   Travel frog is a subgenre of simulation game is another kind of simulation, with cultivation to be its core element. Players need to cultivate specific characters in-game and make them successfully, and the game bringing a sense of achievement is the key.
User Research: Look into those Eastern middle-aged players who still play games - by Yongcheng Liu
   Middle-aged gamers are important in game industry (no offences, but just player research for a specific group). But what are their characteristics? What are their needs for gaming? And how do they choose games?
The state of toxicity in multiplayer games in 2021 and beyond - by Merridew Smith
   Disruptive players in multiplayer games can damage your online community and studio reputation. I worked with Unity and The Harris Poll to find the latest insights into toxicity in games and uncover how to build healthy communities.
3 Ways to Promote Equity and Make Better Games - by Elliot Callighan
   Collaboration, accessibility, community: Elliot Callighan explores ways indie and mid-sized developers can lead the charge for equity
What makes a gaming experience in casual video games satisfying? - by Starloop Studios
   Game economy design refers to the mechanics the player can buy and earn into a game. The economic system takes into account how numbers influence the players’ experience.
One Military Camp-How to make a character concept based on a briefing - by Eva Gaspar
   Today we are going to dive into the creative process of bringing a character to life based on a briefing. The briefing describes the basic characteristics of this character, its look and its class within the game. It may even give us information about the
08  novembre     17h00
How to Make a Multiplayer Mobile Game that Rocks - by Marta Andres
   This article will cover how to make a multiplayer mobile game. Basically, everything you need to get started with your game.
Slicing up the Hyper Casual Pie - by MARTIN MACMILLAN
   Many perfectly good games get abandoned which have decent revenue potential, but fall victim to how the entire hyper-casual market works, and end up on the scrap heap.
One Military Camp - Character behaviours: the mix of artificial intelligence and animations - by Eva Gaspar
   This is the continuation of the previous article, in which we talked about how to make the characters feel alive with animations. I recommend you to read it before diving into this one, to better understand the role of the animations in the artificial int
Game Dev Digest Issue #117 - Improving Visuals and Using Real-World Data - by Mike Marrone
   Game Dev Digest Issue #117 - Improving Visuals and Using Real-World Data. The latest from the free weekly Unity3d gamedev newsletter.