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17  novembre     00h02
Evil Corp: ’My hunt for the world’s most wanted hackers’
   The BBC’s Joe Tidy goes to Russia in search of men on the FBI’s cyber most wanted list.
13  novembre     00h04
I could have been a racist killer’
   As a teenager, Mike was an armed and angry US Nazi. Looking back, he fears he came close to murder.
03  novembre     00h06
Revealed: The Cryptoqueen’s 13.5m London penthouse
   The story of cryptocurrency scammer Dr Ruja Ignatova’s London flat - and how her purchase was concealed.
31  octobre     01h26
As a child I saw the plane crash that killed my sisters’
   Harriet was waving her sisters off when the plane left the runway and burned. Now she’s finding others linked to the tragedy.
23  octobre     23h30
I left university and adopted my brother and sister’
   When Jemma Bere’s family was in crisis, she made a split-second decision that changed the trajectory of her life.
30  octobre     23h33
A lifetime with the Yanomami people of the Amazon
   The photographer who spent 50 years fighting to protect indigenous people.
16  décembre     07h21
There is a mental health crisis with or without corona
   There is a mental health crisis with or without corona, especially among young people
17  décembre     21h22
Dog theft: Organised crime driving epidemic’ of dog snatching
   Dog theft: Organised crime driving epidemic’ of dog snatching.
22  octobre     23h51
Trafficked to Europe for sex: A survivor’s escape story
   Expecting to become a carer in Copenhagen, Jewel was forced into prostitution. But two chance meetings enabled her to get away.
20  octobre     23h49
We didn’t call ourselves mum and dad for 10 months’
   Nina and Steven fostered a baby hoping in vain to adopt her. With a second baby they finally became parents.
01  octobre     16h00
How I escaped a hidden world of gangs and exploitation’
   Aliyah’s smile conceals a lifetime of abuse - and experts warn her experience is all too common among a forgotten group of girls.
27  septembre     23h34
Why are so many single women trying love coaching?
   It’s a multi-billion-dollar industry and one that makes bold promises. Do love coaches actually deliver?
25  septembre     23h36
In love with the Resistance: My mother-in-law’s war
   Researching family history, Rosie Whitehouse uncovered a story of Protestants and Jews uniting against the Nazis in a French town.
24  septembre     01h01
How we re-delivered a baby’s postcard - 75 years on’
   After an illness, Stu began reuniting old postcards with their owners - and revived some buried memories.
18  septembre     23h22
Fake Paralympians boss: ’I didn’t know about cheating’
   The man fined for sending non-disabled athletes to the Sydney Paralympics breaks his silence.
09  septembre     23h49
The near-death experience that made me a top musician’
   When Tony Kofi had a near-fatal accident, he had a vision of himself playing a musical instrument. It would change his life forever.
04  septembre     23h41
I studied law in jail - now I want to change the system’
   LaTonya Myers spent nine months in jail because she couldn’t afford bail - now she’s helping others facing the same challenge.
02  septembre     00h00
Kabul make-up artist: ’Women like me are Taliban targets’
   A make-up artist in hiding explains how much Afghanistan’s beauty industry has meant to women.
03  septembre     00h00
Tokyo 2020: The Paralympic dream that started at the supermarket
   Aruba had never had a Paralympic team until a student in her 20s decided to make it happen.
28  août     23h12
Back to the mosh pit: What it means for super-fans
   Live music is back - and for the most committed fans it’s the return of an entire way of life.
25  août     23h35
The hard men removing squatters in Spain
   Some squatters in Spain demand cash before leaving - so eviction firms have arisen to handle the talks.
21  août     23h03
Dorothy Butler Gilliam: ’I am not a maid, I am a reporter’
   The first black female reporter on the Washington Post says some colleagues would pretend not to know her.
18  août     23h57
India’s living dead: ’They stared at me like I was a ghost’
   If you’re dead you can’t own land - so if someone obtains your death certificate you could lose everything.
14  août     22h53
How I found out my dad was a best-selling sex writer’
   Sara Faith Alterman was always close to her father. Then she learned he was concealing a secret.
My night in Quisling’s cabin’
   When Ben McPherson realised he could rent Vidkun Quisling’s cabin, it struck him as weird. His Norwegian wife disagreed.
06  août     09h37
Woman harassed in quarantine hotel despite new rules
   A government plan for lone women in hotel quarantine to get female guards fails to stop harassment.
31  juillet     23h20
Yami ’Rowdy’ Lofvenberg: The top hip-hop dancer who can’t count the beats
   Dancer Yami Rowdy Lofvenberg was labelled stupid at school. Now she has returned to education - as a lecturer.
30  juillet     23h59
If only I’d found out earlier I had pelvic congestion syndrome’
   Sophie Robehmed suffered from back and stomach pains for years before being diagnosed with PCS.
I’m black, my partner’s white - stop asking me if this is my baby’
   When Ena Miller had a baby, she was unprepared for the constant comments about her daughter’s skin tone.
24  juillet     23h05
You’d walk out if your husband hit you - you can’t when it’s your child’
   Parenting a violent child is a traumatic experience, and one that is often hidden from view.
22  juillet     23h20
Trading sex for cosmetic surgery in Mexico’s narco capital
   The influence of narcos has caused many women to undergo cosmetic surgery in Mexico’s Sinaloa state.
17  juillet     23h22
The Broadway dancer whose lockdown business bloomed
   When Covid closed New York theatres, dancer Robbie Fairchild started a business that put down roots.
16  juillet     23h45
Coronavirus doctor’s diary: Unvaccinated patients with many regrets
   The number of Covid patients in Bradford Royal Infirmary is rising sharply - and half are unvaccinated.
10  juillet     23h08
Indians don’t talk about sex - so I help them’
   An Indian sex coach says parents turn to her for advice as sex education is not available in schools.
26  juin     03h23
Covid quarantine hotels: Women say they were sexually harassed by guards
   One woman tells the BBC a security guard employed by G4S mimed sex while they were alone in a lift.
20  juin     23h45
The Lazarus heist: How North Korea almost pulled off a billion-dollar hack
   In 2016 North Korean hackers planned a 1bn raid on Bangladesh’s national bank and came within an inch of success. But how did they do it?
16  juin     02h37
I got PTSD after witnessing my daughter’s birth’
   After the distressing birth of his daughter, Elliott Rae struggled with post traumatic stress disorder.
13  juin     23h50
We want another homeless hotel - and we can make it work’
   The Holiday Inn in Gorton, Manchester, housed homeless people throughout the pandemic, until the end of May.
12  juin     23h17
The 80s song that brought my lost memory back after 10 years’
   A car crash erased Thomas’s memory - 10 years later, a 1980s pop song triggered six flashbacks.
11  juin     00h35
Huntington’s disease won’t stop me having a baby’
   Heather and her husband are going to have a baby, even though Heather’s time with the child will be limited.
03  juin     23h18
Valentina Petrillo: ’Better to be a slow happy woman than a fast unhappy man’
   If Valentina Petrillo is selected for Italy’s squad in Tokyo this year, she will be the first trans woman Paralympian.
05  juin     23h33
Freddie Figgers: The millionaire tech inventor who was ’thrown away’ as a baby
   Entrepreneur Freddie Figgers says life has taught him that the important thing is people, not profits.
30  mai     23h05
The Motherload: How pandemic anger almost destroyed a mums’ support group
   Abusive messages from angry mums during lockdown almost caused the founder of The Motherload to close it down.
29  mai     23h02
Piccadilly 1965: How six Indian friends found their feet in the UK
   One day in 1965 Praful Patel heard five men talking Gujarati in London’s Central YMCA - they quickly became close friends.
22  mai     23h50
Could my mum’s toaster help me care for her?
   An emerging technology allows carers to remotely monitor a vulnerable relative’s energy usage.
A meme that almost made me quit my family WhatsApp group’
   Some Indians are sharing dark humour memes inspired by the pandemic - and occasionally offending cousins in the diaspora.
20  mai     23h55
Severely ill - and still made to quarantine in a hotel
   The law says some severely ill are exempt from hotel quarantine - but they don’t always get a choice.
15  mai     23h09
Torlonia marbles: ’The priceless statues I saw covered in dust and dirt’
   For years a priceless sculpture collection lay hidden behind a door on the staircase leading to David Willey’s flat.
12  mai     01h24
Talk to me’: A train driver asking men to open up
   A tragedy inspired Scotland’s only woman freight train driver to get men talking about mental health.
Falkland Islands: Veterans reunite after almost 40 years
   Navy veteran David reaches out to other survivors of an event that killed 12 crew members.