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26  mai     06h56
WTL 2023 Summer - Week 5 Recap Week 6 Preview
Waxangel    SSLT s crazy underdog run continued in week five with the Starving Camels taking an upset off of Korean powerhouse ABYDOS With some favorable matches against Team Liquid week SSLT might continue their Cinderella story Also Crank returns to play in Week putting pressure on RotterdaM to
24  mai     17h40
Alpha X disbands
22  mai     05h48
Maru wins Code S Season 1, achieves 6SL ESPORTS    Maru put on a Terran vs Terran masterclass against Cure to win his sixth GSL Code S championship becoming the only SL winner in tournament history
20  mai     00h04
Team Liquid Map Contest #18: Finalists
Waxangel    The sixteen finalist maps for TLMC have been decided Which maps will make the cut and enter the official competitive map pool
19  mai     07h36
WTL 2023 Summer - Week 4 Recap Week 5 Preview ESPORTS    SSLT continued to defy expectations in Week taking advantage of Reynor s curse to steal a point off of BASILISK Looking ahead to Week Team Liquid vs Shopify looks to be a marquee clash between two evenly matched teams
18  mai     20h04
ESL Open Week #175: ByuN, MaxPax, Solar win
Upcoming GSL to return to 100% live offline play
17  mai     07h01
Code S Season 1 - RO4 & Finals Preview ESPORTS    Ahead of the finals we look back on the paths that led the four semifinalists up to this point and wonder what winning a Code S championship might mean for them
16  mai     13h44
WardiTV TL Map Contest Tournament #10
ESL Masters Summer - Regional Playoffs (May 17-21)
14  mai     05h04
Code S RO8 - Group B Results RO4 Bracket
13  mai     21h32
ESL Open Week #174: Classic, Clem, MaxPax win
12  mai     23h40
WTL 2023 Summer - Week 3 Recap Week 4 Preview ESPORTS    A brilliant performance from Serral and SSLT s massive upset over Shopify were the highlights of an exciting week Will the underdogs keep the upsets coming in week
10  mai     16h53
Code S RO8 Preview - Bunny, Solar, Dark, ByuN
Waxangel    It looks like we re in for a Terran vs Zerg bloodbath in Group B as Dark and Solar go up against ByuN and Bunny Who will book the final two tickets to the semifinals
Code S RO8 - Group A Results
08  mai     08h29
Code S RO8 Preview - Maru, GuMiho, Cure, Classic
Waxangel    With herO s surprise elimination in the RO Classic has been left as the sole Protoss hope in the GSL Can Classic conjure up an upset or will the terrible Terran trio tear him to tatters
07  mai     20h32
Code S Season 1 - RO8 Groups Announced ESPORTS   
06  mai     01h26
HomeStory Cup 23 announced (June 30-July 2)
05  mai     02h44
Code S RO16 Group D - Bunny, Classic advance
04  mai     21h54
WTL 2023 Summer - Week 2 Recap Week 3 Preview
Waxangel    Cure continued to light up the scene in week two leading ABYDOS to a victory over DKZ Looking ahead to week three DKZ and BASILISK face off in what could be a preview of the grand finals