Thor Talk : video
27  juin     18h16
Thor uses the GOD-BLAST against the Black Winter
   On this episode of Thor Talk, we look at Thor #5 by Donny Cates where an Galactus and Cosmic King Thor face the universe devouring Black Winter. Galactus’ power has been amplified by multiple planets and Thor has the combined might of the Odin Force and the Power Cosmic at his command, but...
08  mai     18h00
Why Thor is Zeus’ Uncle, Vishnu’s Brother, Ra’s Brother, and More
   On this episode of Thor Talk, we look at Thor’s huge family tree that includes gods from nearly every pantheon and even the mystical Vishanti. Thor is not just the Son of Odin, but he’s also the uncle of Zeus from Greek Mythology, the brother of Vishnu from Hinduism, the brother of Amon...
27  mars     19h38
The Star Wars Character Based on Thor
   On this episode of Thor Talk, we look at the Star Wars character that was based on Marvel’s own God of Thunder: Thor. Star Wars is one of the most popular film series of all time, but it also has strong ties to Marvel Comics. Some Star Wars characters were based on several Marvel characters...
18  mars     22h42
Captain Marvel WIELDS Mjolnir
   On this episode of Thor Talk, Captain Marvel lifts and wields Mjölnir after seemingly killing all of the Avengers, but it comes with a terrible cost. All is not as it seems as Carol has come up with a needlessly complicated plan to save Kree refugees that involves a sentient dimension and a bunch...
30  janvier     00h40
Cosmic King Thor vs Galactus
   On this episode of Thor Talk, we look at the second of Donny Cates Thor run. Galactus has bestowed the Power Cosmic on Thor to act as his herald, but, unlike most heralds, Thor will not bend his knee to Galactus. Neither will submit, but they both need other to face certain doom. The Black Winter...
01  janvier     20h11
Thor #1: Galactus KNEELS Before Thor
   On this episode of Thor Talk, the new year kicks off with the beginning of Donny Cates’ run on Thor. Thor is now the King of Asgard. He is so mighty that even Galactus kneels before him, but even he may be no match for Black Winter. For who can stop the destroyer of universes. After several...
20  décembre     20h43
King Thor vs Gorr the Universe
   On this episode of Thor Talk, Jason Aaron’s time on Thor finally ends with King Thor #4. Billions of years into the future, King Thor fights to preserve what remains of the dying universe, but someone has come to put an end to everything. Gorr the Godbutcher has returned and he’s taking...
04  décembre     20h13
Captain Marvel KILLED Thor (But Thor Still Won in the End)
   On this episode of Thor Talk, we’ll be looking at the now infamous Captain Marvel #12 in which Captain Marvel supposedly kills Thor. Many have taken this as proof that Captain Marvel is more powerful than Thor, but looking at the issue shows that the opposite is the case. In the end, Thor...
08  novembre     19h47
Thor BECOMES Valhalla
   On this episode of Thor Talk, the gods of Asgard battle the Children of Tomorrow, the world’s smartest man goes to war with the world, and Thor becomes Valhalla itself. In this Jonathan Hickman story, the mighty fall and the mighty rise.
30  octobre     20h03
Thor Horror Stories - Halloween Special
   On this episode of Thor Talk, it’s a Thor Talk Halloween Special This year, All Hallows’ Eve falls on a Thursday, the day dedicated to Thor, so we two horrifying Thor tales for the season. Two tales of gods and monsters. First a veteran missing his legs regales his nurse with terrible...
05  octobre     18h58
Donny Cates is PERFECT for Thor
   On this episode of Thor Talk, my optimism returns as Donny Cates has been announced as the new writer for the Thor series. Cates has been my number one pick for a while and the more we see of what he’s going to do, the more I’m convinced that he was the right choice. Intro by AssembleA...
13  septembre     18h38
Mangaverse Thor: 245 Feet Tall and the Enemy of Dormammu
   On this episode of Thor Talk, we look at Thor from the Marvel Mangaverse. The Marvel Mangaverse is a universe where the Marvel heroes are depicted in a style that is similar to manga. The Mangaverse version of Thor is an ethereal being from another realm. He may be one of the most powerful versions...
23  août     17h51
Fixing Endgame’s Two Worst Characters
   On this episode of Thor Talk, we’ll look at how one change could drastically improve the two most poorly portrayed characters in Endgame: Thor and Hulk. Endgame sets up a lot for these two characters, but strangely chooses to ignore its own setups in favor of subverting expectations and fan...
09  août     19h17
Odin: The Fastest and Most Powerful of the Gods
   On this episode of Thor Talk, we look at the power of the All-Father and the father of Thor: Odin Borson. Thor is mighty, but there’s a reason why Odin is the king of the gods. As we’ll see, he’s faster and more powerful than anyone on Asgard. All hail the king.
01  août     22h29
Top 10 Most Powerful Versions of Thor (ft. Fernando Comics)
   On this episode of Thor Talk, we’re going to be counting down the top ten most powerful versions of Thor. Thor is incredibly powerful, but some versions are more powerful than others. Which is the most powerful version of Thor? Rune King Thor? Phoenix King Thor? To help me with this daunting...