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16  septembre     06h36
Banned Judo Techniques - Reverse Seoi Nage (a.k.a Korean Seoi Nage)
   A short compilation of Reverse Seoi Nage a.k.a Korean Seoi Nage that was banned in the beginning of . Name of the song: Wolf and Raven Eve https: watch v HFZVF jhaxY https: WolfandRaven Check out my merchandise and apparel: https: en GB...
22  août     09h04
Banned Judo Techniques - Flying Armbar
   A short compilation of another spectacular technique that fell out of favour in the IJF rulebook at the beginning of . Name of the song: s Retrowave Synthwave Music Hackers by Karl Casey Royalty Free Copyright Safe Music https: watch v NZ Of lID https: karlcasey...
18  août     10h48
The best heavyweight Uchi Mata since Kosei Inoue? Ryunosuke Haga Uchi Mata compilation
   Ryunosuke Haga is a male Japanese judoka who became world champion in the under kg division in . He is also a bronze medalist in Rio Olympics. When it comes to Uchi Mata R. Haga is one of the best in the World and probably has the best Uchi Mata since Kosei Inoue. If you like this...
01  août     11h44
The Breakdown: Asley Gonzales Ko Soto Gari to De Ashi Harai combo
   A short breakdown of interesting Ashi Waza combination of Ko Soto Gari and De Ashi Harai produced by Asley Gonzales in World Team Championships. Video material belongs to IJF. Name of the song: Timecop L.A. Nights https: watch v VlkfX WZNYY http: timecop .bandcamp...
15  juillet     10h49
Yuya Yoshida was super explosive
   Yuya Yoshida is a Japanese male judoka who competed in kg weight category. He is Asian games winner and Japanese national champion. Despite the lack of high profile international championships, Y. Yoshida was an exciting competitor with an agile, explosive style of Judo. His main weapon...
08  juillet     17h28
Daiki Kamikawa was an exceptional talent
   Daiki Kamikawa is a Japanese judoka who competed in heavyweight and openweight divisions. He is best known as the last person to beat the legendary Teddy Riner in the final of World Openweight Judo Championships. He is also time Japanese champion and has IJF World Tour medals under his...
06  juillet     10h00
Criminally underrated: Nakamura brothers
   The Nakamura brothers are one of the most successful Judo siblings of all time. All three brothers have become World champions in their respective weight categories. Moreover, Kenzo won Olympic gold medal, while Yukimasa was runner up. Yoshio was a time, Yukimasa time and Kenzo time Japanese...
17  juin     11h23
Banned Judo Techniques - The Infamous Kani Basami
   Kani Basami is one of the most infamous techniques in Judo. Due to high incidence of injuries, in the beginning of the s, this throw was prohibited in major international competitions. For some time it was still allowed in Japan, but eventually it was banned completely. The main catalyst for this...
07  juin     11h07
Banned Judo techniques - Leg grabbing throws
   In , International Judo Federation IJF made a controversial decision to ban all leg grabbing throws in their competitions. It is believed that the main reason was that they wanted to make Judo a more dynamic and spectator friendly sport. A lot of people like this decision and a lot of people...
23  mai     10h51
Frederic Demontfaucon had some slick Judo
   Frederic Demontfaucon is a retired French judoka who competed in and kg weight category. He is World champion and Olympic bronze medalist. He was expert in Yoko Tomoe Nage and Ne Waza techniques. Video credits: Fighting Films Superstar Judo . https: Name...
11  mai     10h44
Mark Huizinga’s technical versatility was legendary (Mark Huizinga’s Total Judo)
   Mark Huizinga is a Dutch judoka who competed in and kg weight categories. Huizinga is one of the best Dutch judokas of all time. He was a gold medalist in the Sydney Olympic games. He also won Olympic bronze medals, World bronze medal and European Championships. Huizinga was an...
27  avril     11h15
This used to be one of the coolest throws
   A short compilation of leg grab variation of Sode Tsurikomi Goshi, which in my opinion, was one of the coolest looking throws before the ban. Name of the song: Aritus amp; Fibre Solid State https: e gjPCudhQ https: aritusmusic https: fibremusic Check...
18  avril     06h51
What the... ? Somersault throw #shorts
   Sureal somersault Tai Otoshi by Israil Sagaipov in T Continental Judo League . Video material belongs to: Russian Judo Federation. Name of the song: FREE FOR PROFIT Nothing Nowhere Alternative Rock type beat quot;Shade, OH quot; https:
16  avril     11h52
People forget how good Tamerlan Tmenov was
   Tamerlan Tmenov is a Russian judoka of Ossetian descent. He competed at , kg and openweight categories. Tmenov is one of the best judokas that hasn’t won an Olympic gold or World Championships. He has Olympic silver and bronze, two World silver medals and two bronze medals, he is also ...
08  avril     16h18
Flawless - Best Walk-off Throws in Judo
   Compilation of flawless competition throws that look as if they were taken on some exposition of Kata. I consider these throws an equivalent to walk off KO’s in boxing or MMA. Video credits: IJF, Superstar Judo Fighting Films , AJJF. Name of the songs: . Nujabes Fat Jon Genome https...