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20  juin     11h38
Won Jin Kim - South Korean Tornado
   Won Jin Kim is a South Korean judoka, who competes in kg. weight category. He is a two time World Championship bronze medalist and won a gold medal at the Asian Judo Championships. Kim Won Jin has a great Uchi Mata, Hiza Guruma, Ura Nage and Seoi Nage as well as dangerous Juji Gatame. ...
01  juin     18h00
Elisavet Teltsidou is a hip throw machine
   Elisavet Teltsidou is a female Greek judoka who competes in kg weight category. She is European silver medalist and a six time gold medalist on the IJF World Tour. She is one of the most powerful female judokas currently competing, and her hip throws are some of the best in the game. I can...
26  mai     09h30
He flipped him over with one hand grip (One handed Tomoe Nage) #shorts #judo # é # #bjj #mma
24  mai     09h30
What? ? Somersault throw #shorts
22  mai     09h30
The greatest Ashi Waza combination you’ll see on Youtube #shorts #judo # é # #bjj #mma
21  mai     08h48
Masterful combo #shorts #judo # é # # #bjj #mma
Lightning fast Ko Soto Gari âs #shorts #judo # é # #bjj #mma
Sometimes Judo looks like a magic trick #shorts #judo # # é #bjj #mma
Great throw from the greatest female judok of all time #shorts #judo # # é #bjj #mma
15  mai     11h10
Yasuyuki Muneta was built differently
   Yasuyuki Muneta is a Japanese judoka. He won two gold medals and a silver medal at the World Judo Championships. Muneta competed in the heavyweight division despite being only . meters tall. He is famous for beating judokas much bigger than him with his superior technical and tactical abilities....
10  mai     10h10
Maruyama’s Uchi Mata is a work of art
   There is no doubt that Joshiro Maruyama has one of the best, if not the best, Uchi Mata in modern Judo. His Uchi Mata is powerful and fluid; he has a wide variety of tricks to set it up and execute perfect ippon, and this compilation is proof of that. A few years ago, I made a two part analysis...
08  mai     09h30
Amartuvshin Dashdavaa - The Mongolian crusher
   Amartuvshin Dashdavaa is an Mongolian judoka who competes in kg weight category. He is World silver medalist and owns IJF World Tour medals. Dashdavaa is a perfect example Mongolian Bokh wrestler turned judoka. A strong agressive close qurters wrestler with soul crushing Front Uchi Mata...
25  avril     09h30
Focused and healthy Takeshi Sasaki is nearly unstoppable
   Takeshi Sasaki is a Japanese judoka who competes in kg and open weight categories. Takeshi Sasaki is Asian champion, time Japanese champion, and a bronze medalist in All Japan Openweight Championships. In his peak condition, Sasaki can beat anyone, but at the same time, his career is...
10  avril     10h05
Mad genius - Diyorbek Urozboev
   Diyorbek Urozboev is an Uzbekistani judoka who competed in kg weight category. He is Asian champion, Olympic and World bronze medalist. Urozboev is one of the most popular Uzbek judokas. He had thrilling, versatile and unorthodox style of Judo, equally good at throwing techniques...
05  avril     08h11
Huge Arm Spin Ippon Seoi Nage #shorts
   You rarely see such a massive arm spin variation of Ippon Seoi Nage in Judo especialy against another master of this throw. A clip from Tokyo Grand Slam Semi Final between Loic Pietri white and Travis Stevens blue . Video material belongs to: IJF. Name of the song: synx amp; ParanorMeow ...