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17  février     12h43
10 Times Marvel Went Too Far
   X-Men, Punisher, Spider-Man and more have all suffered the wrath of some BRUTAL creative decisions.
10  mai     19h26
10 Times Alfred Pennyworth Utterly DESTROYED Batman
   The only weapons Alfred needs to destroy the Dark Knight are quick fit and dry humour.
23  novembre     12h36
10 Shocking Times Superheroes Couldn’t Save Someone
   From Spider-Man to Batman, Marvel and DC’s heroes can’t always save everyone...
25  août     12h32
10 Comics That Broke All The Rules
   Once upon a time, if you wanted to publish a comic, you had to get past the CCA.
19  novembre     12h38
10 Doctor Doom Moments That Prove We Need Him In The MCU
   The Fantastic Four’s greatest villain belongs in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
23  octobre     08h16
10 Times The Punisher Humiliated Everyone
   How to make friends and influence people, Punisher style.
26  juin     13h13
10 Most Powerful Incarnations Of Superman
   He’s more powerful than a locomotive, but which version of Superman is the strongest one of all?
13  janvier     09h05
10 Most Shocking Betrayals In DC Comics
   A knife in every back.
25  mars     13h35
15 Perfect Superhero Casting Choices Wasted On Terrible Comic Book Movies
   Oh Fox... how did you manage to waste Kelsey Grammer’s Beast?
20  mai     09h33
What Happened To All The Lantern Corps?
   The DC Universe is home to more than just the Green Lanterns...
07  mai     13h34
8 Comic Book Villains Humiliated By Wolverine
   The X-Men’s Canucklehead isn’t very nice, which is something these villains found out the hard way.
17  juillet     09h08
10 Messed Up DC Villains You Won't Believe Exist
   Some supervillains are so sickening, you’ll be surprised their stories were published.
13  mai     09h44
10 Pettiest Things The Punisher Has Killed People Over
   Pick up your trash, or Frank will pick you off.
05  mai     08h58
10 Times The Joker Basically Defeated Himself
   Joker’s greatest enemy isn’t Batman... it’s himself.
01  octobre     11h16
10 Most Dangerous Comic Book Villains That Don't Have Any Powers
   For every Thanos, there is a villain without powers but they are no less dangerous for it.
17  juillet     09h24
10 Pivotal X-Men Moments The Movies Ignored
   The Fox films could have been so much better...
12  juillet     07h33
10 Superheroes Who Have NEVER Been Killed
   It takes a rare kind of hero to avoid DC and Marvel’s Grim Reaper.
14  septembre     20h33
10 Weirdest Spider-Man Costumes
   His Spider-Sense is tingling... but clearly not his Spider-Sense of style.
15  juin     21h35
10 Characters Who Have Defeated Bane
   Famous for being the man who ’Broke the Bat’, has anyone broken Bane?
03  septembre     17h25
9 Most Messed Up Things Spider-Man Has Ever Done
   Cheating, murder, and cannibalism are all in a day’s work for the wall-crawler.
05  août     17h52
The Animated Batman Movie EVERYONE Ignored
   It’s no Mask of the Phantasm, but Mystery of the Batwoman is still a fine DCAU film.
15  avril     16h47
10 Most Powerful Characters Killed By Wolverine
   SNIKT - It’s the last sound many in the Marvel universes ever get to hear.
27  novembre     17h47
10 Most Evil Things Judge Dredd Has Ever Done
   Sylvester Stallone and Karl Urban’s films may have slightly missed the point of Judge Dredd...
27  avril     11h35
How HBO Max Should Bring Back The DC Animated Universe
   With Justice League Infinity right around the corner, the DCAU is making an overdue comeback.
29  avril     13h18
8 Terrible Mistakes That Almost Ruined Superman For Everyone
   Evil Superman had a good run, but don’t you think he’s gotten a bit stale now?
31  août     17h00
10 Times Supervillains Fought The WRONG Hero
   It feels so wrong for the Joker to fight anyone except the Dark Knight.
27  avril     10h56
10 Secrets Of The Batmobile Explained
   Batman’s iconic ride has its fair share of secrets.
10 Most Underrated Flash Villains
   The Reverse Flash and Grodd aren’t the only baddies who give the Flash a hard time.
29  mai     13h29
10 Secrets Of The Batcave Explained
   Breaking down the backstory of the Batcave’s most fascinating artefacts.
02  août     16h34
10 Dumbest Ways Superheroes Have Died
   If you were Batman, you’d have a heart attack too.
02  octobre     09h34
10 Most Powerful Beings Thor Has Defeated
   Only a select few have proven a genuine challenge against the god of thunder.