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Reddit : Python
22  mai     00h00
Sunday Daily Thread: What’s everyone working on this week?
   Tell r python what you re working on this week You can be bragging grousing sharing your passion or explaining your pain Talk about your current project or your pet project whatever you want to share submitted by u Im Joseph link comments
21  mai     00h00
Saturday Daily Thread: Resource Request and Sharing Daily Thread
   Found a neat resource related to Python over the past week Looking for a resource to explain a certain topic Use this thread to chat about and share Python resources submitted by u Im Joseph link comments
22  mai     20h29
Python Cybersecurity Build your own python tools (PortScanner, Visual Network Tracker and Anonymous FTP Scanner)
   Python Cybersecurity PortScanner Build a simple Port Scanner using the Python Programming language Port Scanner is an application designed to probe a server or host for open ports Such an application may be used by administrators to verify security policies of their networks and by attackers to
Automating manual jobs with Python
   I recently came across this post that presents a method to automate a rather mundane job that needs human intervention This seems to work on Windows and uses what I would call screen scrapping and clipboard access Link to the post https medium com towards data science how to automate monkey
I just released NiChord, a Python package for plotting chord diagrams and visualizing networks
   NiChord can be used to easily create diagrams example example example NiChord was originally designed for use with brain network data FPCN DMN etc in the examples are names of brain networks However in principle NiChord can be used with any type of data The chord diagrams
Writing generators in Python
   I have been trying to work with Python generators for a long time Over the last week I have gone over the concept and realized how useful they can be I have written an article sharing the knowledge I have gained with regards to generators Do read and provide constructive criticisms The beauty
21  mai     17h58
All Python data engineering project (Twitter Monitor)
   Hi there I d like to show you a project I made to show my data engineering skills to potential employers I m looking for an internship or a first tech job This is the repository https github com jmcmt spark app twitter Any feedback suggestion or recommendation especially code
22  mai     22h09
Learn Python Programming - Python for Beginners
   submitted by u AllSortsOfProducts link comments
21  mai     17h19
The ultimate question: Do you guys use apostrophes or quotations more?
   For example would you be more likely to write print quot Hello world quot Or print Hello world submitted by u awesomeadan link comments
Robyn turns 1 today
   Robyn a fast and extensible async Python web server with a Rust runtime turns today Never did I think that a project made as a getaway from my college curriculum would receive such love from the community Thank you for all the support In the past year Robyn has over k stars on
22  mai     10h54
Why noone uses nbdev for library development?
   Today I stumbled upon nbdev a development tool around jupyter notebooks which generates a quot normal quot python library with python modules i e py files docs and examples directly from jupyter cells If you know MATLAB you probably agree how beautiful the official documentation is with
Chocopy - CIL compiler: compiles a subset of Python 3 to Common Intermediate Language (.NET)
   Chocopy is a statically typed subset of Python used for compilers courses at several universities It supports features like lists classes nested functions and nonlocals and is expressive enough to implement data structures like binary trees This compiler is written entirely in Python and
Clustering Stock Price Patterns
   Is there any practical or possible way to use clustering models to cluster all repeating patterns that occurred in a particular stock s historical price even patterns that are hidden from human eyes For example a model that could find all the quot cup and handle quot patterns that
Any advices about starting learning Python for a beginner programmer?
   submitted by u Omiridon link comments
Good books resources for making desktop applications? Will need networking using websockets
   Hi Does anyone have any resources book recommendations to help create a simple online multiplayer online game I will need to learn about networking security connecting It s not a heavy duty game think chess poker etc submitted by u Cwlrs link comments
Mastering Tensorflow Tensors in 6 Minutes
   submitted by u badassbilla link comments
How to know what the technology or the topics used for some python libraries, to be able to build something similar ?
   Hi everyone I m learning python and new to program in general So I have this project that I want to do quot Web Scraping quot x B there are many library but I want to avoid that for now I want to implement and exercise on my own before using a library x B NOTE I just want
Open Source projects with RabbitMQ pika
   Please suggest me some open source python django flask projects that moderately or heavily rely on message queues preferably rabbitmq After a long delay I m working to up skill myself and want to create a repo of my own Focusing on message queues atm Want to refer intermediate level
    13h25 doesn’t work for multiple project structures on git repo.
   This first time me writing setup py and unfortunately my final package includes all other non python project which are part of repo I even tried removing the scmtools but still doesn t work Refer link https stackoverflow com questions python setuptools multiple type of files and
Discord Python - How to Create General & Admin Commands
   submitted by u CopilotExperiments link comments
Needed Advice
   Hello guys Just wanted to know if I ask a question mainly programming will course hero answer it actaully from scratch or just copy paste from somewhere I m saying this as I got an assignment that can t be find anywhere online so I was hoping to buy a course hero subscription and ask
21  mai     15h58
When does one know python?
   submitted by u jpslat link comments
22  mai     14h27
how shall I learn to code?
   So I am and I m from the UK in the future I want to be a software engineer and I am struggling to learn to code I want to do a degree apprenticeship at a tech company and will need projects and I want to make atleast one tech company by What are the best methods to learn coding and
How to draw windows logo using python
   submitted by u PythonFake link comments
21  mai     22h18
I updated my program to use dataclasses and enums
   I have released version of my Python program pokesummary Pokesummary is a command line program that allows users to see nicely printed summaries of Pokemon stats Previously Pokesummary used dictionaries to store the Pokemon data and the dictionary format was defined by the csv file that it
22  mai     14h54
The Pycharm privacy policy seems pretty invasive... What is your favorite alternative? (Linux).
   submitted by u ArbigateModding link comments
Command-line Gist tool
   Well i was curious about GitHub and their API so i wanted to experiment with it https github com ZSendokame gistCat Gist Cat can list upload download delete modify and see the commits of a gist You just need a github account and a token from https github com settings tokens You can login