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30  mai     04h20
This product could help build a more equitable workplace
   Joonko is an automated diversity recruiting layer named for Japanese mountain climber Junko Tabei the first woman to reach the summit of Mt Everest You can learn about their talent pool keep up with their blog or check out their open positions ICYMI read our blog post about how the recent
26  mai     04h20
How the creator of Angular is dehydrating the web
   Angular is an open source web framework used by millions of developers Explore the Angular community Mi ko is currently CTO at Builder an API driven drag and drop headless CMS with a visual editor Explore their docs or see what they re up to on their blog Builder s full stack web framework is
23  mai     04h20
For those who just don’t Git it
   Pierre Étienne s interest in computing began with the functional programming language OCaml created by Xavier Leroy Before OCaml Pierre Étienne explains everyone thought functional programming was doomed to be extremely slow Pijul is a free open source distributed version control system
19  mai     04h20
Building zero tier systems on bare metal
   While Mauricio and team had to get back to bare metal most programmers are headed in the opposite direction It s why MIT switched from Scheme to Python At Stack Overflow we re familiar with what happens to websites during physical failures like hurricanes Connect with Mauricio on LinkedIn
16  mai     04h20
Great code isn’t enough. Developers need to brag about it
   Visit Dagna s website theMindfulDev com to learn more about her coaching process which is built around understanding what fulfillment looks like for each client Dagna is on LinkedIn You can also connect with Ceora on Twitter or her website Ryan is also on Twitter especially when there s a good
12  mai     04h20
Stung by OWASP? Chatting with the creator of the most popular web app scanner
   Simon is the founder and longtime project lead of OWASP ZAP an integrated penetration testing tool that helps uncover vulnerabilities in web apps including compromised authentication sensitive data exposure and SQL injection ZAP is OWASP s most active project and the world s most popular web
10  mai     19h25
A conversation with the folks building Google’s AI models
   Learn more about Forrest on his website and check out his newsletter You can follow Paige on Twitter or her LinkedIn Get on the list to try out some of the new stuff released today here
09  mai     04h20
Read the docs? We prefer to chat with them
   Cloudflare offers zero trust security and performance tools for web and SaaS apps Cloudflare Workers allows devs to deploy serverless code globally to over data centers around the world Astro is an open source web framework built for speed Houston is a bot that lets you chat with their docs
05  mai     04h20
Building golden paths for developers
   Luca currently heads up product at Humanitec a platform orchestrator that provides self service golden paths for developers Get up to speed or refresh your memory on what platform engineering involves and what an internal developer platform is Dynamic configuration management DCM is a
02  mai     04h20
When AI meets IP: Can artists sue AI imitators?
   Ben and Ceora talk through some thorny issues around AI generated music and art explain why creators are suing AI companies for copyright infringement and compare notes on the most amusing alarming AI generated content making the rounds Pope coat anyone Episode notes Getty Images is suing the