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Planet MySql
02  décembre     11h00
MySQL Shell Alias For PowerShell
Oracle MySQL Group    Creating aliases for MySQL Shell in PowerShell
01  décembre     19h33
Always use MySQL Shell
Oracle MySQL Group    Advent Calendar How to always use MySQL Shell even if we are used to the old mysql command line client
30  novembre     23h43
Tail Latencies in Percona Server because of InnoDB Stalls on Empty Free List
Jean-François Gagné    If in Percona Server you are observing tail latencies on queries that should be fast this might be a side effect of Percona s improved InnoDB Empty Free List Algorithm When using this algorithm the default in and and optional configuration in a query needing a free page while
Upload Ongoing MyDumper Backups to S3
MySQL Performance Blog    If you are using MyDumper as your Logical Backup solution and you store your backups on S you need to take a local backup and then upload it to S But what if there is not enough space to hold the backup on the server where we are taking the backup Even if we have enough disk space we will
PHP 8.0 Reaches End of Life
David Stokes    While the LAMP stack Linux Apache MySQL PHP is not the dominant platform it was a decade ago there are still many websites that depend on it One of the pillars of this quartet had a milestone last week when PHP passed into End Of Life status While it will still have limited security
Simulate LEAD() Window Function using correlated subquery
Joshua Otwell    In my honest opinion MS Access is one garbage of a database More likely database is too strong of a word While I won t be using Access in this article there is a story there but I m not here to have an Access bash party Continue reading for an example of how you may use a correlated
Generate Invisible Primary Key (GIPK) MySQL 8.0
MyDBOPS    The Primary key is like the hero of a row which has more beneficial features in the table while performing any task on the table The DBA knows the importance of the primary key in the table and how to handle it Notable features of having a primary key Requirements Enabling GIPK Handling
29  novembre     15h01
MySQL Data Archival With Minimal Disruption
MySQL Performance Blog    We all know that data is important and some businesses need historical data to be available all the time The problem is that queries on large tables perform poorly if they are not properly optimized We get many customer requests in Managed Services to purge archive large tables and to achieve
PMM, Federated Tables, Table Stats, and Lots of Connections
MySQL Performance Blog    Earlier in the year I was working on an issue where one of my clients had reported a massive influx in connection on their hosts after enabling Percona Monitoring and Management PMM This was something I had not seen before and after researching for a couple of days I discovered that if you
Howto connect to MySQL using a client certificate
Oracle MySQL Group    In this article you will see how you can replace the user s password by an SSL X certificate to connect to MySQL
Howto connect to MySQL using a client certificate
Frederic Descamps    More and more people are requesting how they could connect to MySQL without using a password but using a SSL certificate Known as X CA Certificate A CA certificate is a digital certificate issued by a certificate authority CA It s used by clients to verify the SSL certificates sign by
MySQL HeatWave for AWS
Oracle MySQL Group    MySQL HeatWave is the only MySQL based service on AWS that combines transaction processing real time analytics and machine learning within one single database It eliminates the need for complex time consuming ETL operations between separate databases and tools for OLTP analytics and machine
28  novembre     13h35
Galera Cluster for MySQL 8.0.30 released
Codership    Codership is pleased to announce a new Generally Available GA release of the multi master Galera Cluster for MySQL consisting of MySQL wsrep release notes download with Galera replication library release notes download implementing wsrep API version This release
OpenLampTech issue #54 - Substack Repost
Joshua Otwell    We have another packed issue of OpenLampTech for you this week And we have our first sponsor with a smashing deal to help you configure your MySQL servers with ease Thank you Releem for partnering with OpenLampTech this week The Newsletter for PHP and MySQL Developers Receive a copy
15 Best MySQL GUI Clients for macOS
Alena Subotina    Well we can t argue that Windows is the key platform for database development and management software but what if you are a Mac user Who said you can t have equal opportunities to set up easy daily work with for instance MySQL databases Simply take a closer look and you ll see an abundance of
25  novembre     13h13
Exploring Data Dump and Load Utility With MySQL Shell
MySQL Performance Blog    In this blog post I will try to cover a few dump and data loading utilities offered by MySQL Shell What is MySQL Shell It is a robust client and code editor for MySQL In addition to having APIs for dealing with MySQL MySQL Shell offers scripting capabilities for JavaScript and Python It
24  novembre     14h59
MySQL Variables - Definition and Examples
Alena Subotina    MySQL variables store data label data and let developers create more accurate and efficient code by turning long and complicated strings of characters into one simple variable This article will explore user defined variables User defined variables let us execute various data sets with one
23  novembre     14h09
Online DDL Tools and Metadata Locks
MySQL Performance Blog    One thing I commonly hear when working with my clients is I want to change my DDL strategy in order to avoid locking in my database The last time I used the same old method I ended up in a metadata lock situation I agree that metadata locks can be painful but unfortunately it s completely
MySQL Dual Passwords - How To Manage Them Programmatically
Marco Tusa    What is dual password in MYSQL and how it works was already covered by my colleague Brian Sumpter in Using MySQL Dual Passwords However let me do a brief recap here about it Dual password is the MySQL mechanism that allows you to keep two passwords active at the same time This feature is part
22  novembre     16h50
MySQL Enterprise Security 4 New Authentication Methods
Oracle MySQL Group    The MySQL Enterprise edition contains powerful authentication options to harden and thwart database attackers centralize user management simplify end user access meeting regulatory requirements harden security and follow various industry authentication standards MySQL Enterprise Advanced
Introducing VDiff V2
Vitess    Vitess is a solution that allows you to infinitely scale MySQL while providing clients and apps with a single logical view of the fleet of MySQL instances comprising any number of Keyspaces and Shards Vitess also provides the cluster and data management tools that make it possible to manage a
21  novembre     12h00
OpenLampTech issue #53 - Substack Repost
Joshua Otwell    Now that OpenLampTech is one year old I have a point to prove That I can consistently provide the MySQL PHP and LAMP stack communities with a valuable newsletter publication Challenge accepted This week s issue is full of great content so give it a read The Newsletter for PHP and
AlmaLinux MySQL Workbench
Michael McLaughlin    AlmaLinux doesn t natively support MySQL Workbench but these notes will help you install it The great news is that MySQL Workbench works perfectly once you ve installed all the dependent libraries It ll look like the following Disclaimer of sorts AlmaLinux is an open source community driven
20  novembre     18h00
MySQL IOPS for Reads and Surprsies
Daniel Nichter    When you think about IOPS you probably think about writes because MySQL write I O has a long tradition of optimization benchmarking new algorithms new storage engines and so forth There s no shortage of material on MySQL write I O just two examples from Percona are Scaling IO Bound Workloads
18  novembre     14h32
Making Your MySQL Backup Process up to 17X Faster - Introducing Percona XtraBackup Smart Memory Estimation
Marcelo Altmann    Taking a MySQL backup using Percona XtraBackup PXB consists of basically two steps take the backup and prepare the backup Briefly speaking taking a backup means that PXB will copy all of the files from your instance and transfer them to another location While it does the copy it spawns
17  novembre     16h26
MySQL Dual password how to manage them programmatically
Marco Tusa    What is dual password in MYSQL and how it works was already covered by my colleague Brian Sumpter here https www percona com blog using mysql dual passwords However let me do a brief recap here about it Dual password is the MySQL mechanism that allows you to keep two passwords active at
How To Get Your Backup to Half of Its Size - Introducing ZSTD Support in Percona XtraBackup
Marcelo Altmann    Having a backup of your database is like insurance you have to pay a monthly price to ensure you have a service available when you need to When talking about backups the storage required to keep your backups is what comes into factor when talking about price the bigger your backup or the
AlmaLinux MySQL Perl
Michael McLaughlin    A quick primer on Perl programs connecting to the MySQL database It s another set of coding examples for the AlmaLinux instance that I m building for students This one demonstrates basic Perl programs connecting to MySQL returning data sets by reference and position dynamic queries and input
16  novembre     12h00
The OpenLampTech Developer Newsletter is One Year Old
Joshua Otwell    The OpenLampTech developer newsletter is one year old I honestly don t know where the past year went Obviously I had my nose buried in some fantastic content since OpenLampTech publishes mostly curated newsletters I tell you though don t think it isn t a challenge adding your own thoughts
Secured MySQL InnoDB Cluster with Certificate creation using OpenSSL
Ivan Ma    This is a demo tutorial to show how we can create InnoDB Cluster with newly installed Certificate and having X certificate verification via MySQL Router connection Recorded VideoThe full process is recorded on Youtube showing creating InnoDB Cluster with newly installed CA Server
15  novembre     06h00
Bad Optimizer Plan on Queries Combining WHERE, ORDER BY and LIMIT
Jean-François Gagné    Sometimes the MySQL Optimizer chooses a wrong plan and a query that should execute in less than second ends up running for minutes This is not a new problem bugs about this can be traced back to and a blog post on the subject dates of But even if this is old news because
14  novembre     18h30
10 Useful mysqladmin Commands for Database Administration
RoseHosting    In this blog post we will show you ten useful mysqladmin commands for database administration Mysqladmin is a client for Read more The post Useful mysqladmin Commands for Database Administration appeared first on RoseHosting
Enable innodb print all deadlocks Parameter To Get All Deadlock Information in mysqld Error Log
MySQL Performance Blog    At Percona Managed Services sometimes clients applications face deadlock situations and need all historic deadlock information for application tuning We could get the LATEST DETECTED DEADLOCK from SHOW ENGINE INNODB STATUS G LATEST DETECTED DEADLOCK
OpenLampTech issue #52 - Substack Repost
Joshua Otwell    Unbelievably the OpenLampTech developer newsletter is one year old Thank you so much for reading and making it possible I appreciate each and every one of you The Newsletter for PHP and MySQL Developers Receive a copy of my ebook MySQL Tips For Everyone absolutely free when
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pre-FOSDEM MySQL Days 2023
Oracle MySQL Group    pre FOSDEM MySQL Days are back for a th edition
Intersect and Except in MySQL 8.0
Oracle MySQL Group    With the latest MySQL release MySQL adds support for the SQL standard INTERSECT and EXCEPT table operators
pre-FOSDEM MySQL Days 2023
Frederic Descamps    Hello dear MySQL Community As you may already know FOSDEM is again going to be held in person FOSDEM will take place February th and th We have also decided to put our pre FOSDEM MySQL Day on track for a fifth edition As for the last edition the event will be spread over
Upgrading your Galera Cluster from MySQL 5.7 to MySQL 8.0
Codership    Recently we had a question on getting your Galera Cluster upgraded from MySQL to MySQL While we have plenty of extensive documentation on Upgrading Galera Cluster this blog covers the Linux example for a rolling major upgrade the procedure is documented but this is more extensive So
10  novembre     13h06
ProxySQL Support for MySQL caching sha2 password
Marco Tusa    Every day we use dozens if not hundreds of applications connecting to some kind of data repository This simple step is normally executed over the network and given so it is subject to possible sniffing with all the possible related consequences Given that it is normally better to protect your
Journée MySQL Innovation et Cloud
Frederic Descamps    Next week November th I will participate to the MySQL Innovation and Cloud Virtual Day in French My colleagues will present what s new in MySQL and also summarize all the big news that was announced at Oracle Cloud World in Las Vegas Attendees will learn about the MySQL HeatWave
09  novembre     12h51
David Stokes    MySQL added INTERSECT and EXCEPT to augment the long lived UNION operator That is the good news The bad news is that you have to be careful using the EXCEPT operator as there is a trick Let s start with some simple tables and load some simple data SQL gt create table a id int nbr int
08  novembre     15h58
ODA : Do You Know The MOVE Table In MySQL DB Repository
dbi services    During a consulting on a customer we faced the following issue when trying to delete a dbhome Message DCS Internal error encountered PRGO Working copy OraDB home is involved in an incomplete move or upgrade operation The result of the job is shown below
Large File Import from Oracle Cloud Object Storage into MySQL Database Service(MDS) using Data Integration Service - Part 2
Chandan Kumar    Large File Import from Oracle Cloud ObjectStorage into MySQL Database Service MDS using Data Integration Service Part In this tutorial I will walk through about Importing CSV file from Oracle Cloud Object Storage into MDS using OCI DI Service Oracle Data Integration
07  novembre     16h46
Generating Slow Query Log with MySQL Shell
Frederic Descamps    Recently I wrote three articles on how to analyze queries and generate a slow query log for MySQL Database Service on OCI https lefred be content analyzing queries in mysql database service https lefred be content analyzing queries in mysql database service slow query log part
OpenLampTech issue #51 - Substack Repost
Joshua Otwell    This week s OpenLampTech newsletter has a great mix of round up posts for you across the PHP and MySQL backend web space In just more week we are year old How nuts is that Enjoy this week s publication and share with others The Newsletter for PHP and MySQL Developers Receive a
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Seamless failover with Galera Load Balancer
Codership    Continuing on from Setting up Galera Load Balancer GLB wouldn t it be nice to ensure that Galera Load Balancer GLB handles failover seamlessly Router Address weight usage map conns
03  novembre     13h47
ProxySQL support for MySQL caching sha2 password
Marco Tusa    In our time every day we use dozens if not hundreds of applications connecting to some kind of data repository This simple step is normally executed over the network and given so it is subject to possible sniffing with all the possible related consequences Given that it is normally better to
Raspberry on the Rocks: Build Percona Server for MySQL With MyRocks on Your Raspberry Pi
MySQL Performance Blog    Raspberry PI is a small single board computer SBCs developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation in association with Broadcom This tiny computer is extremely popular and widely used in many areas Thanks to its size low cost and low energy requirements it can be used to collect data in remote
Best MySQL GUI Clients for Linux in 2022
Alena Subotina    Linux has a reputation as an operating system for programmers So if you are a software developer who designs MySQL based solutions chances are high that you will do it on Linux Thus it would be great to have a MySQL IDE for Linux to simplify the work But the question arises is there an