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29  septembre     12h15
Using MySQL Offline Mode To Disconnect All Client Connections
MySQL Performance Blog    As a DBA, one of the very frequent tasks is to stop start MySQL service for batching or some other activities. Before stopping MySQL, we may need to check if there are any active connections; if there are, we may need to kill all those. Generally, we use pt kill to kill the application connections...
How to Upload MySQL Backup Files to FTP or Free File Hosting Services
Alena Subotina    Discover the best practices for creating secure MySQL backups and uploading them to FTP or popular free file hosting services like,, MEGA, Google Drive, and Protect your data with our comprehensive guide. The post How to Upload MySQL Backup Files to FTP or Free...
MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse on AWS
Oracle MySQL Group    MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse is now available on AWS, enabling AWS customers to run transaction processing, real time analytics across data warehouses and data lakes, and machine learning in one cloud database service. They can replace five AWS services with one, reducing complexity and obtaining the...
28  septembre     21h05
How to copy a MySQL instance ?
Oracle MySQL Group    Learn how to copy a MySQL instance to another server or to the cloud.
How to copy a MySQL instance ?
Frederic Descamps    To copy a MySQL server to another server or to the cloud, there are several ways. We can distinguish between two different types of copy: physical copy logical copy The physical copy is often the fastest. However, it requires some tools to ensure that you have a consistent online backup....
Don’t Start Using Your MySQL Server Until You’ve Configured Your OS
MySQL Performance Blog    Whenever you install your favorite MySQL server on a freshly created Ubuntu instance, you start by updating the configuration for MySQL, such as configuring buffer pool, changing the default datadir director, and disabling one of the most outstanding features query cache. It’s a nice thing to do,...
How to scale your database and when to shard MySQL
PlanetScale    Not sure when to shard your MySQL database This article covers when you should consider horizontal sharding as a scaling strategy in MySQL and some other scaling options before then.
27  septembre     11h00
Developer Interview with Wendell Adriel - OpenLampTech Repost
Joshua Otwell    OpenLampTech continues to publish great content for the PHP, MySQL, LAMP stack, and open source communities. This week, I am resharing have another awesome text based developer interview for you with Wendell Adriel. Thanks for reading The Newsletter for PHP and MySQL Developers Receive...
MySQL 8.0 INSTANT ADD and DROP Column(s) - 2
Oracle MySQL Group    This is the second blog in the series where I talk about INSTANT ADD DROP columns feature introduced in MySQL . . After the introductory Blog, this blog aims to provide more design details.
26  septembre     14h03
The MySQL Clone Plugin Is Not Your Backup
Sveta Smirnova    This blog post discusses the limitations of the MySQL Clone plugin.The MySQL clone plugin significantly simplifies the process of replica provisioning. All you need to do is:Ensure that the source server has binary logs enabled Grant appropriate permissions Execute the CLONE INSTANCE command...
Explore the New Feature of MySQL To Restrict Users From Creating a Table Without a Primary Key
MySQL Performance Blog    As MySQL database administrators, we are well aware of the significance of implementing a primary key within a table. Throughout our careers, most of us have encountered situations where the absence of a primary key has led to operational challenges. Primary keys play an indispensable role in sound...
25  septembre     14h05
Restrict MySQL Connections to Broken Replica in ProxySQL
MySQL Performance Blog    ProxySQL is a high performance SQL proxy, which runs as a daemon watched by a monitoring process. The process monitors the daemon and restarts it in case of a crash to minimize downtime.The daemon accepts incoming traffic from MySQL clients and forwards it to backend MySQL servers.The proxy is...
Quick Look - MySQL Data Directory Files
Kedar Vaijanapurkar    Do you know what lies inside your MySQL Data Directory This article is a quick guide about the files stored inside MySQL data directory. Data managed by the MySQL server... The post Quick Look MySQL Data Directory Files first appeared on Change Is Inevitable.
Cut & Paste a User Creation Statement with MySQL 8 to MySQL HeatWave
Oracle MySQL Group    During a migration to MySQL HeatWave, it could be interesting to cut amp; paste user creation statements. In this blog you learn how to achieve this.
OpenLampTech issue #97 - Newsletter Repost
Joshua Otwell    Another packed full newsletter coming your way this week in OpenLampTech. So much goodness in this one. Take your time reading, enjoy, and share. Thank you. Custom WooCommerce and Shopify SolutionsDiscover useful WooCommerce and Shopify custom solutions for your online store today at...
Cut & Paste a User Creation Statement with MySQL 8
Frederic Descamps    Sometimes it’s convenient to retrieve the user creation statement and to copy it to another server. However, with the new authentication method used as default since MySQL . , caching sha password, this can become a nightmare as the output is binary and some bytes can be hidden or decoded...
22  septembre     06h14
Case Study: How the Engineers of SMD Found a Way to Process Millions of Database Records Faster With dbForge Studio for MySQL
Alena Subotina    Here comes the success story of Specialized Media Dashboard, a project that comprises an open source media monitoring system. The specialized media in question encompasses the spheres of journalism, law enforcement, and climate change. The post Case Study: How the Engineers of SMD Found a Way to...
21  septembre     08h46
Where to find official MySQL container images ?
Oracle MySQL Group    Find the official MySQL container image in the Oracle Container Registry
Where to find official MySQL container images ?
Frederic Descamps    If you are deploying MySQL on containers, one of the first tasks is to find the right image. There’s a certain amount of confusion, especially when we’re trying to help someone who’s having problems with their deployment. For example, when people say I’m using the official docker image......
Integrating DB Migrations Into Your MySQL Tests
Oracle MySQL Group    By integrating MySQL database migrations into your testing process, you can not only ensure your testing database is up to date with the most recent changes, but you can also test that the migrations themselves are performing as expected. In this post we will walk you though how to incorporate...
20  septembre     19h17
Automated Workload-Aware Data Loading and Unloading for MySQL HeatWave
Oracle MySQL Group    We now added a new automated capability AutoLoad to MySQL Autopilot Auto Load amp; Auto Unload which continuously monitors workload run in MySQL and use machine learning model to predict the queries that can offload to HeatWave for query acceleration. Based on the list of queries, the new...
Accelerating JSON Query Processing using MySQL HeatWave
Oracle MySQL Group    We are excited to introduce the JSON support in HeatWave which offers significant performance improvement with no change in applications, or no indexes needed for accelerating JSON processing. This provides significant enhancement for applications that heavily rely on JSON data structures, as query...
How to Read Simplified SHOW REPLICA STATUS Output
Kedar Vaijanapurkar    As a MySQL database administrator, you’re likely familiar with the SHOW REPLICA STATUS command. It is an important command for monitoring the replication status on your MySQL replicas. However, its output can be overwhelming for beginners, especially regarding the binary log coordinates. I have...
Industry Analyst views on MySQL HeatWave’s Vector Store, Generative AI innovations
Oracle MySQL Group    To mark the rd day of Oracle CloudWorld , Oracle announced significant enhancements to MySQL HeatWave. Hear what leading Industry Analysts have to say about the latest Vector store and generative AI innovations.
Avoid Surprises When Restarting MySQL Ensure Dynamic Changes Won’t Be Lost
MySQL Performance Blog    If you’re a DBA, one of your easiest tasks is to stop start MySQL during a maintenance window, but even that could lead to unwanted scenarios if you modify some dynamic parameters at some point in your instance.Here’s a brief story of how this could happen, to make it clearer:You’re a DBA...
19  septembre     21h40
Introducing Vector Store and Generative AI in MySQL HeatWave
Oracle MySQL Group    MySQL HeatWave announced new and enhanced capabilities during Oracle CloudWorld , including support for vector store, generative AI, new in database machine learning features, MySQL Autopilot enhancements, new HeatWave Lakehouse capabilities, support for JavaScript, acceleration of JSON queries...
Use Physical Backups With MySQL InnoDB Redo Log Archiving
MySQL Performance Blog    In the world of data backup and security, physical backups play an extremely important role. Physical backup methods are faster than logical because they involve only file copying without conversion. This type of backup is suitable for large, important databases that need to be recovered quickly...
18  septembre     11h00
OpenLampTech issue #96 - Newsletter Repost
Joshua Otwell    Thank you for being here and reading the blog and the OpenLampTech newsletter. Issue has some great content this week like always. Enjoy Custom WooCommerce and Shopify SolutionsDiscover useful WooCommerce and Shopify custom solutions for your online store today at affordable prices...
14  septembre     18h47
SQL Table Creation: The Missing Manual
Meenakshi Agarwal    SQL table creation is the process of creating a new table in a SQL database. A table is a collection of data organized into rows and columns. Each row represents a single record, and each column represents a single attribute of that record. SQL Table Creation To create an SQL table, you use the...
Complete Walkthrough: MySQL to ClickHouse Replication Using MaterializedMySQL Engine
MySQL Performance Blog    MySQL is an outstanding open source transactional database used by most web based applications and is very good at handling OLTP workloads. However, modern business is very much dependent on analytical data. ClickHouse is a columnar database that handles analytical workloads quickly. I recommend...
Using MySQL Enterprise Monitor to monitor MySQL Heatwave Service
Chandan Kumar    This tutorials walk through the process to monitor the MySQL Heatwave Service using MySQL Enterprise Monitor MEM, Below are steps you needed to follow. Prerequisite: . Installed MySQL Enterprise Monitor MEM . . Putty https: . Up amp; Running MySQL Heatwave Service on...
13  septembre     11h00
Developer Interview with Joel Clermont - OpenLampTech Repost
Joshua Otwell    OpenLampTech has published another fantastic developer interview in the publication. Find out more below and thanks for reading. The Newsletter for PHP and MySQL Developers Receive a copy of my ebook, MySQL Tips For Everyone, absolutely free when you subscribe to the OpenLampTech...
12  septembre     14h06
How To Make Schema Changes and Not Die Trying
MySQL Performance Blog    Schema changes are required to add new features or to fix bugs in an application. However, there is no standard procedure to make the changes in a quick and safe manner. If the changes are not made considering the necessary precautions, you may face unwanted outages on the database that can cause...
Auto-Increment Counter Persistence in MySQL 8: Comparing the Evolution From MySQL 5.7
MySQL Performance Blog    The auto increment feature, which generates unique values for primary key columns, is an integral part of the database’s design. With the release of MySQL, a notable enhancement was introduced to the auto increment counter. Compared to MySQL . , this enhancement ensures that the maximum auto...
Where can you find MySQL team in September 2023
Oracle MySQL Group    Where can you find MySQL team in September
11  septembre     11h00
OpenLampTech issue #95 - Newsletter Repost
Joshua Otwell    With the short work week due to the US Labor Day holiday on last Monday, I barely got this week’s OpenLampTech newsletter out. But, here it is in all its glory. Thanks for reading. Custom WooCommerce and Shopify SolutionsDiscover useful WooCommerce and Shopify custom solutions for your...
How to Run dbForge Studio for MySQL on Ubuntu With Wine
Alena Subotina    In recent years, Linux has witnessed an impressive increase in popularity as a robust and reliable operating system that caters to a diverse range of users, from casual enthusiasts to seasoned software developers. As Linux continues to gain ground across various industries, there’s a growing need...
10  septembre     04h31
Export MySQL to Excel with PHP and PhpSpreadsheet
parvez alam    in this article, You’ll learn How to export data from MySQL to Excel using PHP and phpspreadsheet, I have already shared the article without any third party libs Exporting Data from MySQL to Excel using PHP. PhpSpreadsheet is a powerful open source PHP library that allows developers to work with...
08  septembre     23h35
MySQL High Availability and Disaster Recovery [LRN2386] at CloudWorld 2023
Oracle MySQL Group    MySQL High Availability and Disaster Recovery LRN at CloudWorld
MySQL 5.7 End of Life Options - Free Course at Percona University Online
MySQL Performance Blog    Percona University Online has released a new free course, MySQL . End of Life Options Free Course at Percona University Online, by Dave Stokes, Technical Evangelist at Percona. Dave is the author of MySQL amp; JSON A Practical Programming Guide. He started to work with MySQL from the . ...
07  septembre     15h56
Building High-Performance MySQL Apps on OCI at Oracle Cloud World
Oracle MySQL Group    At Oracle Cloud World , we’ll cover the architecture of the fully managed Oracle MySQL HeatWave database service and the most important features for transactional applications.
Performance demos at Oracle CloudWorld: MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse vs. Snowflake, Redshift, BigQuery, and Databricks
Oracle MySQL Group    How about seeing live how the performance of MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse compares to Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, and Databricks Don’t miss the demos at the AMD booth at Oracle CloudWorld Tuesday, Sept , and Wednesday, Sept . Plus, you can win a great prize
06  septembre     11h00
Developer Interview with Will Earp - Substack Repost
Joshua Otwell    In the recent past, I shared in a Reddit post that I was searching for developers who were interested in participating in a text based interview for the OpenLampTech publication. I am super excited that Will Earp agreed to participate in this developer interview for the OpenLampTech readers. ...
05  septembre     16h15
Focus on Machine Learning with MySQL HeatWave at Oracle CloudWorld
Oracle MySQL Group    Interested in machine learning Check out those MySQL HeatWave sessions at Oracle CloudWorld to learn how you can benefit from and make the most of in database ML. They include talks featuring customers such as NVIDIA, hands on labs, demos, and more.
Building Secure MySQL Applications at Oracle Cloud World
Oracle MySQL Group    Are you looking to build secure applications and secure your data with MySQL Enterprise Edition EE If so, you’re in luck According to the Online Trust Alliance, of security breaches are preventable I hope that alone will movitate many to come attend my talk. Please come and check out...
How to fix Percona XtraDB Cluster 8.0 Upgrade issues
Kedar Vaijanapurkar    Are you planning an upgrade for your Percona XtraDB Cluster PXC Upgrading to PXC . can be a smooth process, but sometimes challenges arise that require careful troubleshooting. In this... The post How to fix Percona XtraDB Cluster . Upgrade issues first appeared on Change Is Inevitable.
04  septembre     11h00
OpenLampTech issue #94 - Substack Repost
Joshua Otwell    The content keeps dropping and I keep publishing OpenLampTech each and every week. We are nearing the issue milestone. Thanks to you, the OpenLampTech publication is already a success. Continue reading gt; gt; gt;: OpenLampTech issue Substack Repost Custom WooCommerce and Shopify...