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Planet MySql
21  février     13h56
MySQL HeatWave Day in Zurich
Oracle MySQL Group    MySQL Day in Zurich
20  février     14h44
Where can you find MySQL during March - May 2024
Oracle MySQL Group    List of Events Mar May
Exploring the Kubernetes Application Lifecycle With Percona
MySQL Performance Blog    This post was originally published on the Percona Community blog.If you are in the world of application development, you know that every application has a lifecycle. An application lifecycle refers to the stages that our application goes through, from initial planning, building, deployment,...
16  février     15h07
MySQL HeatWave User Camp back in Bangalore
Oracle MySQL Group    MySQL HeatWave User Camp Bangalore
Installing Galera Cluster 4 with MySQL on Ubuntu 22.04
Codership    We have in the past covered Installing Galera Cluster with MySQL on Ubuntu . and also Installing Galera with MySQL on Ubuntu ., and it would seem appropriate to also cover Ubuntu . LTS Jammy Jellyfish . We do have excellent documentation and we also have the ability for you to...
Using the Oracle Cloud TypeScript SDK Part 2 - Managing MySQL HeatWave Instances
Oracle MySQL Group    In this post we will discuss how to use the OCI TypeScript JavaScript SDK to retrieve information about a specific MySQL HeatWave instance and how to start stop that instance programatically.
15  février     17h04
MySQL InnoDB: Primary Key always included in secondary indexes as the right-most columns... or not
Frederic Descamps    Recently during the Swedish MySQL User Group SMUG , I presented a session dedicated to MySQL InnoDB Primary Keys. I forgot to mention a detail that many people are not aware, but Jeremy Cole has pointed out. Primary Key always included in secondary indexes at the right most column When we...
14  février     16h26
MySQL Shorts - Episode #56 Released
Oracle MySQL Group    Episode of MySQL Shorts in now available
Using the Oracle Cloud TypeScript SDK Part 1 - Listing MySQL HeatWave Instances
Oracle MySQL Group    Oracle offers a variety of SKDs for interacting with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources. In this post we discuss how to list the MySQL HeatWave instances for a given compartment.
13  février     21h07
Unveiling the Highlights: A Look Back at MySQL Belgian Days 2024
Oracle MySQL Group    Recap of the MySQL Belgian Days
Three common MySQL database design mistakes
PlanetScale    Learn about a few common mistakes when designing your MySQL database schema.
12  février     14h52
Considering Alternatives for Your MySQL Migration? Why Percona Should Be Your First Choice
MySQL Performance Blog    You know about MySQL; we know about MySQL. After all, it’s been the most popular database system for years now. And now that we have that out of the way, on to the more important stuff Because MySQL is so popular, you might be considering migrating your database to MySQL Community Edition or MySQL...
09  février     14h07
Can Disk Space Be Saved in MySQL by Adding a Primary Key?
MySQL Performance Blog    Historically, MySQL does not require explicit primary key defined on tables, and it’s like that by default till this day MySQL version . . . Such a requirement is imposed through two replication methods, though: Group Replication and Percona XtraDB Cluster PXC , where using tables without a...
07  février     20h19
Introducing Bring Your Own Certificate (BYOC) in MySQL HeatWave Service
Oracle MySQL Group    By default, all MySQL connections are secured through a MHS defined certificate. BYOC extends the service by allowing users to select their own certificates to be used by the MySQL Server. With a few clicks, you can now set up your secured connections for MySQL HeatWave Service. The service...
MySQL HeatWaveJP User Group Meetup on Feb 15
Oracle MySQL Group    HWJP meetup
Newsletter Repost - OpenLampTech issue #116
Joshua Otwell    SheetDB API for Google Sheets SQL execution order WordPress ACF big update Do you need foreign keys WordPress plugin git repo set up. Code, content, and community for developers. The LAMP stack and the PHP technologies and frameworks it runs. Be sure you’re...
06  février     18h13
MySQL 8.2.0 Community vs. Enterprise; Is There a Winner?
Marco Tusa    To be honest, the comparison between the two MySQL distributions is not something that excited me a lot. Mainly because from my MySQL memories, I knew that there is not a real difference between the two distributions when talking about the code base.To my knowledge the differences in the enterprise...
Are Your MySQL Users Using password’ or thebossisajerk’ as Passwords?
David Stokes    Are your MySQL users using password’, s cr t’, or thebossisajerk’ as their passwords Easy to guess passwords can be disastrous to the security of your data, but there is a way to exclude inappropriate words or phrases from being used. The first step is to compile a list of words and phrases...
03  février     23h57
Ruby MySQL on Ubuntu
Michael McLaughlin    This post goes through installing and configuring Ruby and Ruby on Rails for MySQL. The first step requires updating the Ubuntu OS: sudo apt get update Interestingly, I found that the man db service had inadvertently stopped. It raised the following error: E: dpkg was interrupted, you must...
01  février     17h26
Introducing TLS in MySQL NDB Cluster
Oracle MySQL Group    In MySQL . , TLS can be used to secure the network protocols used inside MySQL NDB Cluster
In Search of Transparency at FOSDEM
MySQL Performance Blog    FOSDEM is for sure one of the most respected free and open source software focused conferences in Europe, which is loved by many, myself included. It is from the point of love I am raising concerns about transparency, which seems to be lacking in regard to some processes at FOSDEM.For many years,...
MySQL User Group Meetup in Prague
Oracle MySQL Group    As a new Oracle employee working in the External Standards and Community Engagement group in the Czech Republic, I was happy to attend the first MySQL User Group meeting happening for after some time of inactivity in Prague. While I am not working directly on the MySQL team, I was interested to...
31  janvier     17h49
Deploying a Percona XtraDB Cluster (PXC) with Galera Manager automatically on Amazon Web Services
Codership    Galera Manager supports three modes for supporting your Percona XtraDB Clusters: deploying to either Amazon Web Services, deploying to your own on premises hosts, and also just monitoring your clusters. In this blog post, we will go thru houw you should deploying a node Percona XtraDB Cluster via...
MySQL Table Size Is Way Bigger After Adding a Simple Index; Why?
MySQL Performance Blog    It is a known good practice to keep only necessary indexes to reduce the write performance and disk space overhead. This simple rule is mentioned briefly in the official MySQL Documentation:https: doc refman . en optimization indexes.htmlHowever, in some cases, the overhead from...
Newsletter Repost - OpenLampTech issue #115
Joshua Otwell    Building robust LAMP stack apps WooCommerce database optimization PHP method chaining CakePHP templating wp mail is not broken. Code, content, and community for developers. The LAMP stack and the PHP technologies and frameworks it runs. Be sure you are...
29  janvier     19h32
MySQL Shorts - Episode #55 Released
Oracle MySQL Group    MySQL Shorts Episode , discussing restoring a MySQL HeatWave backup, is now available.
25  janvier     09h00
Working with geospatial features in MySQL
PlanetScale    In this blog post, we explore how complex data and geographic features can be represented in MySQL.
24  janvier     19h40
Using MySQL HeatWave with OpenVPN Access Server
Oracle MySQL Group    This blog demonstrates how to setup OpenVPN Access Server for access to MySQL HeatWave.
Galera Cluster for Debian 12 bookworm is now available
Codership    A little over a week ago, we released Galera Cluster for MySQL . . . Today, we have also made available binaries for Debian bookworm . As always we have binary installation documentation available, and if you are just after a quick install, the following is what is in your etc apt sources...
Newsletter Repost - OpenLampTech issue #114
Joshua Otwell    MySQL secure file priv WooCommerce checkout Hear About Us NativePHP Drupal Commerce Core WooCommerce shop data insights curated resource. Code, content, and community for developers. The LAMP stack and the PHP technologies and frameworks it runs. Be sure you...
23  janvier     15h04
SMUG MySQL Meetup on February 8th - Registration is open
Oracle MySQL Group    SMUG Meetup
22  janvier     19h32
MySQL Shorts - Episode #54 Released
Oracle MySQL Group    Episode of MySQL Shorts is now available