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Planet Lisp
27  septembre     16h31
Joe Marshall
   Greenspun’s tenth rule of programming states Any sufficiently complicated C or Fortran program contains an ad hoc, informally specified, bug ridden, slow implementation of half of Common Lisp. Observe that the Python interpreter is written in C. In fact, most popular computer languages...
15  septembre     15h07
vindarel: I published 17 videos about Common Lisp macros - learn Lisp with a code-first tutorial
   For those who don’t know and who didn’t see the banner :D I am creating a Common Lisp course on the Udemy platform with complementary videos on Youtube . I wanted to do something different and complementary than writing on the Cookbook. I worked on new videos this summer and I just finished...
25  août     12h45
Nicolas Hafner: I’ve opened up a Patreon - Confession 93
   I’ve been debating opening up a Patreon for many years and I’ve always been hesitant about accepting donations from people, but I think it’s finally time to change my mind on that Why make a Patreon now I’ve been working full time on Kandria and associated projects since , and continue to do so...
17  août     00h00
Gábor Melis: On Multifaceted Development and the Role of Documentation
   Catchy title, innit I came up with it while trying to name the development style PAX enables. I wanted something vaguely self explanatory in a straight out of a marketing department kind of way, with tendrils right into your unconscious. Documentation driven development sounded just the thing, but...
16  août     12h36
Marco Antoniotti: Documenting debugging HEΛP
   Hellojust a quick summer update about some documentation cleanup and some checks on debugging nbsp;HE Lambda;P.Have a look at the small changes and keep sending feedback.Cheers
14  août     00h00
Gábor Melis: Try in Emacs
   Try, my test anti framework, has just got light Emacs integration. Consider the following test: deftest test foo is equal xxx is equal with failure expected t is same set p ’ ’ The test can be run from Lisp with test foo interactive debugging or try...
05  août     18h46
Joe Marshall: Off-sides Penalty
   Many years ago I was under the delusion that if Lisp were more normal looking it would be adopted more readily. I thought that maybe inferring the block structure from the indentation the off sides rule would make Lisp easier to read. It does, sort of. It seems to make smaller ...
26  juillet     18h13
Joe Marshall: The Garden Path
   Follow me along this garden path based on true events . We have a nifty program and we want it to be flexible, so it has a config file. We make up some sort of syntax that indicates key value pairs. Maybe we’re hipsters and use YAML. Life is good. But we find that we to configure...
Gábor Melis: DRef and PAX v0.3
   DEFSECTION needs to refer to definitions that do not create a first class object e.g. stuff like DOCUMENT LINK TO HYPERSPEC VARIABLE, and since its original release in , a substantial part of PAX dealt with locatives and references, which reify definitions. This release finally factors...
08  juillet     17h21
Joe Marshall: Playing with AI
   Write a polemic about how omitting conditional expressions from a language is lazy and stupid. Conditional expressions are a fundamental feature of any programming language that claims to be expressive, concise and elegant. They allow programmers to write complex logic in a single line,...