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02  décembre     20h39
Evolving Web: Leveraging Composability with Drupal
   In a previous article we shared trends we ve seen in the Acquia ecosystem and how they apply to our projects at Evolving Web One of those trends is the growing importance of composable digital experience central to how Drupal works In this article we will explore how composability which
    07h23 Blog: Top Drupal blog posts from November 2022
01  décembre     15h58
Drupal Association blog: Join us for 10 Days of Drupal 10
   Drupal is almost here and we cannot wait for the community to experience the latest version of Drupal With an expected release date of December we have less than two weeks to go The Drupal Association is hosting Days of Drupal giveaways in celebration of the release From
Five Jars: How to Get the Most Out of Google Analytics 4
   The new property type Google Analytics is about to replace Google Analytics Universal which will expire on the st of July in In the article we will explain what changes to expect and how to set up GA
The Drop Times: Each of Us Deserve Respect, Asserts Nikki Flores
   Monica Flores has been declared the winner of the recently concluded election to the At Large position of the Board of Directors of the Drupal Association DA She talks to the Drop times about her time with Drupal and her story in tech
Envato Tuts : Top 20 Most Usable Content Management Systems
   box sizing border box body margin box sizing border box body margin top px margin right px margin bottom px margin left px There are plenty of options when picking a content management system for a development project Depending on how advanced you need the CMS to be what
Envato Tuts : New Course: Code a Custom Drupal Module
   What You ll Be Creating If you want an easy way to create engaging content driven websites for you and your customers you should give Drupal a try And Drupal modules allow you to take things a step further and create highly customized functionality for your site In our new course Code a
Envato Tuts : New Code eBooks Available for Subscribers
   Do you want to learn more about asynchronous Android programming How about the Ionic framework or JavaScript design patterns Our latest batch of eBooks will teach you all you need to know about these topics and more Our Latest Selection of eBooks This month we ve made eight new eBooks available
Envato Tuts : Drupal 8: Properly Injecting Dependencies Using DI
   As I am sure you know by now dependency injection DI and the Symfony service container are important new development features of Drupal However even though they are starting to be better understood in the Drupal development community there is still some lack of clarity about how exactly to
Envato Tuts : What Is Drupal?
   Drupal is a popular open source content management system written in PHP Having been created in the early s by a Belgian student it now powers some of the most prominent websites on the web WhiteHouse gov Weather com etc It is often regarded as a competitor of CMSs such as WordPress and
Envato Tuts : Using and Extending the Drupal 8 Mail API: Part 2
   In the previous article we looked at how we can send emails programatically in Drupal We also saw how other modules can alter these outgoing mails Today we are going to look at how we can use the Mail API to extend this default behaviour The purpose is to use an external service as a means
Envato Tuts : Using and Extending the Drupal 8 Mail API: Part 1
   In this two part series we are going to explore the Mail API in Drupal In doing so we are going to cover two main aspects how to use it programatically for sending emails and how to extend it for using an external service like Mandrill To demonstrate this in the first part we will create a
Envato Tuts : Create a Facebook Recent Activity Drupal Module
   Enhancing Drupal s built in functionality with new modules is one of the features that attracted a lot of developers to the platform and made it extremely popular This tutorial will demonstrate how to create a Drupal module using techniques recommended by Drupal gurus Before getting our
Envato Tuts : What’s New in Drupal 7
   Drupal is one of the most popular content management systems CMS out there To mark the new year Drupal the next major version of Drupal is being released In this article I ll walk you through some of the most exciting new features New Themes The old themes have been replaced with
Envato Tuts : Intro to Drupal: Build a Simple CMS
   Drupal s popularity has lately been rising It s a great platform for setting up content management systems and community driven sites Here I ll give a general overview of Drupal and build a simple site for a fake client We ll begin with outlining the client s needs installing and configuring a
30  novembre     20h23
ImageX: The Joy of Giving Back to Drupal: Celebrating Contribution
   Drupal boasts a vibrant community of people passionate about making the project thrive in every way As active members of this community we at the ImageX team are excited to give back to Drupal Outside of code contribution ImageX has sponsored numerous DrupalCon events and team members
OpenSense Labs: An overview of Automatic Updates in Drupal 10
   An overview of Automatic Updates in Drupal Maitreayee Bora Wed Between November and October organizations worldwide experienced data breaches source statista And the number is steadily increasing While every business that operates
Morpht: Data migration for the Book module
   A tutorial on how to preserve the hieracrhial structure of book pages during a migration from Drupal to Drupal
The Drop Times: Behind the New Logo for NEDCamp: A Short Conversation with John Picozzi
   TDT asked John Picozzi one of the organizers for NEDCamp about the process and idea behind creating a new logo for the camp Read through to know what we learned from him
29  novembre     14h10 - Thoughts: 5 Top Tips to Securing Your Drupal Website
   Keeping your website secure is vital for every website and business in this blog we cover top tips to keep your Drupal site secure
Salsa Digital Drupal-Related Articles: Melbourne Drupal Meetup December 2022
   It s time for another Meetup This month we return with another hybrid event in person PLUS virtual Same location as last month Inspire Level Stewart St Richmond VIC Drupal celebration This Drupal Meetup is a special one as we officially launch Drupal Present at the Meetup
Specbee: Things you need for a Drupal 8 to Drupal 9 Upgrade - A Checklist
   Things you need for a Drupal to Drupal Upgrade A Checklist Chaitanya R Dessai Nov Subscribe to our Newsletter Now Subscribe
OpenSense Labs: Overview of Drupal & Pattern Lab
   Overview of Drupal Pattern Lab Maitreayee Bora Tue The way companies are developing their products is changing That s because more people are accessing websites in more ways than ever before To create and innovate at a faster pace developers are leveraging
Evolving Web: Maintaining and Growing Your Digital Platform: UX UI Considerations
   Every website has the potential to deliver ever better results The trick Continuous evolution Your digital presence should be a living thing that s always adjusting to stay relevant and valuable I like to think of a website as a houseplant Give it some tender love and care and you ll be
28  novembre     19h00
Talking Drupal: Talking Drupal #375 - Being A Creative Director
   Today we are talking about Being a Creative Director with Randy Oest For show notes visit www talkingDrupal com Topics What is a Creative Director How is being a CD at a technical company different Do Drupal CD s need additional skills Sometimes things get lost in translation between
Salsa Digital Drupal-Related Articles: Juliane Erben and Alex Skrypnyk at DrupalSouth 2022
   Julie and Alex s DrupalSouth presentation was on day of the event They took attendees through the process of building a new high secure platform and website View presentation description on DrupalSouth website
27  novembre     19h13
code: Drupal 9: Extending Drupal Base Classes Without Overriding Constructors
   I have been using the Drupal dependency injection system for a while now even giving talks and writing articles on the subject As the release of Drupal is just around the corner I have been thinking more about how to override dependencies to plugin classes I wanted to share a trick to
The Drop Times: Drupal Community Getting Ready to Celebrate the Arrival of Drupal 10
   Drupal users are celebrating the arrival of Drupal The Celebration is bringing a sense of excitement and optimism to the Drupal Community
25  novembre     12h00
Salsa Digital Drupal-Related Articles: Govind Kumar Malu at DrupalSouth 2022
   Govind s DrupalSouth presentation was on day of the event He took attendees through natural language processing and how it can be used in Drupal View presentation description on DrupalSouth website
The Drop Times: Leaflet 10.0.x Released with Full Support to Drupal 10
   The Leaftlet module x released on November with full support for Drupal and Drupal Leaflet is a popular module in the GeoField ecosystem This new release is considered a much more feature rich stable and documented release than its predecessor