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WKF - World Kickboxing Federation
17  septembre     04h00
WKF European Championships 2023 in Italy
head office    WKF EUROPE confirm: European Championships . . October Welcome to Trieste in Italy Benvenuti a Trieste FULL INVITATION HERE WKF World referee seminar request now for USERNAME and PASSWORD for your team registration for any further request send just a MAIL
10  septembre     04h00
Election of the board of the WKF EUROPA continental federation
head office    At the upcoming European Championships in Trieste, Italy, October th to th, the WKF European Congress will take place again in October. Agenda on request In accordance with the statutes and rules of procedure of WKF EUROPA, the board is re elected every years. President Cesar Moreira,...
06  septembre     04h00
Great news from the Czech Republic
head office    . noc sl vy . z à v Korneuburgu poblà Và dnÄ Boj o titul mistrynÄ svÄ ta en Schv leno nejvÄ t à svÄ tovou asociacà WKF Vstupenky jsou k dispozici zde nebo v tÄ locviÄ nÄ Gibu X Gym v BrnÄ Informace a boj karta www.knock Co promoter Raddy DIVIS and Gibu X Gym, Brno ...
05  septembre     04h00
Noticias de América Latina News from WKF LATIN AMERICA
head office    K World title fight in the ladies heavyweight is confirmed. World No. Alexandra GODZILLA PETRE is coming to Buenos Aires Nuestro director de la WKF para América Latina, el Sr. Carlos SUAREZ anuncia el pr ximo gran evento internacional del al de noviembre en Buenos Aires.
01  septembre     08h31
Noticias de América Latina News from WKF LATIN AMERICA
head office    CUBA Iniciamos el trabajo con muchos objetivos por delante Por Carlos Suarez La doctora Nubia Bregado Gutiérrez presidenta de ACAM Asociaci n Cubana de Artes Marciales ser la promotora Oficial de la Federaci n Mundial de Kickboxing en Cuba sum ndose al trabajo en lo inmediato con vistas a los...
Next TOP event sanctioned by WKF AFRICA
head office    Our WKF CAMEROON president Mr. MICHEL DUPLAISIR SIDZOU SAMUEL announce our next great event in Yaounde, Cameroon. African continental open Championships FULL INVITATION HERE with new full election of all WKF African board of directors LATEST NEWS: Kickboxing African Championship scheduled...
27  août     08h59
Noticias de América Latina News from WKF LATIN AMERICA
head office    competidores en el CAMPEONATO NACIONAL DE ARGENTINA Por Carlos SUAREZ El Sr. Carlos SUAREZ abre el gran evento El cono sur sigue creciendo y el Campeonato Nacional de WKF fue SUPREMO . Con una organizaci n impecable en sectores de competencia se realizaron casi combates en dà a con un...
21  août     04h00
WKF PRO-AM division our elite amateur division
head office    From the beginning in WKF we split very clearly amateur and pro business, in ring sport as well as in PPF and MMA. Our newest division is our SANDA WUSHU division. Successfully managed by Sifu YAN Dinan from Chengdu in China This is to follow many requests and wishes of our clients , managers and...
18  août     08h58
News from our WKF USA head office
head office    On Saturday August , in the city of Miami, Florida. The first event promoted by the World Kickboxing Federation USA was held. Said event was promoted and directed by the Sports Director of WKF USA Agustin ANDIARENA And his sanctioning team Gabriel Kurunga, Emiliano Arrieta, Andrew Zeballos,...
17  août     04h00
Poziv za sve Hrvate WKF CROATIA invite &
head office    in cooperation with the WKF CROATIA we give the following request from Zagreb from our President Mr. Danijel PERIC to all Croatian sports friends WKF HRVATSKA was also very successful last year at the European Championships in Wels with TOP referee. All Croatian men and women who would like...