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03  juillet     13h00
Poll: Box Art Brawl: Duel #103 - Assault Suit Leynos Target Earth
   An assault on the senses Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Box Art Brawl In last week s edition we took at look at Resident Evil Gaiden for the Game Boy Colour It was actually a fairly close call too however the majority of you fine folks preferred the simplicity of the EU box
Random: Here’s A Look At Masahiro Sakurai’s Retro Video Game Collection
   That s some neat filing If you re looking for new ways to organise your retro video game collection you might want to read on Masahiro Sakurai the creator of Kirby and director of the Smash Bros series recently shared an image on social media of his impressive library of retro games Read the
Round Up: Spike Chunsoft Reveals More Switch Releases At Anime Expo 2022
   Anonymous Code and more Anime Expo is currently underway and as part of the event Spike Chunsoft has made some Switch related announcements during its panel Read the full article on nintendolife com
Round Up: Aksys Announces Multiple New Switch Games, Arriving In 2023
   Coming in Anime Expo is currently underway this weekend and as part of this Aksys Games has announced several new titles during its own company panel It s also showcasing a number of games at Booth in the Exhibit Hall throughout the weekend Read the full article on nintendolife com
02  juillet     17h00
Feature: 13 Best Seniors In Games
   These oldies are very goodies Think of a game in which you control a character so no Tetris or anything go ahead any game Now chances are whichever game you ve picked its protagonist is either young or at the most middle aged You ve got the likes of Link Mario Samus Cloud Joker
Ubisoft Closing Online Services For Three Wii U Titles This September
   To focus resources on newer and more popular titles The Wii U generation saw Nintendo embrace online gaming more than the previous generations and naturally third party developers at the time took advantage of this new focus Unfortunately these kinds of services have to eventually wind down
Feature: Backlog Club: July - If You Haven’t Played Hollow Knight Yet, Here’s Your Chance
   Sorry to bug you Rule number one of Backlog Club Work through your pile of unplayed video games one at a time and discuss them with other people Rule number two of Backlog Club Don t talk about Backlog Club Just kidding Tell everyone Please Read the full article on nintendolife com
The DioField Chronicle’ Launches In Japan This September, Demo Coming August
   No update on the western release Square Enix s live stream for its upcoming strategy RPG The DeoField Chronicle has just revealed the game will be arriving in Japan on September nd There ll also be a trial version arriving in this region on August th The DioField Chronicle demo will allow
Mini Review: ElecHead - Smart, Surprisingly Deep, And Very Satisfying
   Alone in electric dreams Isolation is a weird thing we re all a little accustomed to it now but having to figure out things on your own can be pretty daunting Elechead revels in isolation it was made by a sole developer NamaTakahashi Developer of s eShop game Battlloon and during the
Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weekend? (July 2nd)
   Take a sip We re over halfway through the year now isn t that a scary thought And our calendars are about to get even busier after that Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase But outside of that mammoth mini rumours of a Metroid Prime remaster are swirling once again Sabotage s Sea of Stars
It’s Official, Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris Is Getting A Switch Port
   Announcement follows a leak earlier this week Update Following on from a leak earlier this week Bandai Namco has now officially confirmed the RPG release Sword Art Online Alicization will be coming to the Nintendo Switch soon This version will include Ancient Apostles free content
Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher Coming To Nintendo Switch In 2022
   Update Western release confirmed Update Following on from the Japanese Nintendo Direct Mini announcement earlier this week Bandai Namco has now confirmed a western release at this year s Anime Expo It will be a Switch eShop digital release here in the west Above is the trailer Original
Free-To-Play Battle Royale My Hero Ultra Rumble Locks In Local Switch Release
   Be the last team standing Earlier this year Bandai Namco announced a new free to play player battle royale based on the My Hero Academia universe would be coming to the Nintendo Switch and multiple other platforms in Japan Now during this weekend s Anime Expo it s been confirmed the game
Bandai Namco Forms New Studio With Pokémon Developer ILCA
   Will deliver high quality content including Ace Combat The Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl developer ILCA is working on the next entry in the long running Ace Combat series and as part of this it s established a new company with Bandai Namco known as Bandai Namco Aces It s
Level-5’s Mech RPG Megaton Musashi Is Going Free-To-Play On Switch This Fall
   But it s still exclusive to Japan Level known for series like Professor Layton Inazuma Eleven and Yo kai Watch has announced its mech RPG game Megaton Musashi will be going free to play in Japan this Fall Megaton Musashi X will include the six major content updates Megaton Musashi received
01  juillet     19h00
Guide: Best James Bond Games On Nintendo Systems
   Nobody does it better With long running rumours of a GoldenEye re release coming soon pah soon my Aston we ve once again been thinking about Rare s seminal N shooter Mention James Bond and games in the same sentence and gamers of a certain age will get a faraway look in their
Learn How To Run Your Own Successful Murder Cult In New ’Cult Of The Lamb’ Trailer
   SHUN the non believers One of the games we re most excited about this summer is Cult of the Lamb a gory cute simulator that s a bit like if Animal Crossing went totally off the rails and was about forest critter Satanists instead of forest critter capitalists Ahead of the game s August th
Guide: Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games And Accessories For July And August 2022
   Xenoblade Live A Live Digimon As we enter the second half of what s already been a very busy year Nintendo s still treating us to some very tempting releases on Switch As always we ve been busy compiling a list of the best Nintendo Switch games and accessories launching soon with highlights
Become The Overlord In KEMCO’s Deckbuilding Roguelite Overrogue, Out Soon
   Roguebuilding Decklike Another roguelite deckbuilder is on the way and this one is being published by KEMCO with old school JRPG style art picture Castlevania meets Final Fantasy meets Slay The Spire It s called Overrogue and it s all about working your way up to the grand title of Overlord
Digimon Survive Trailer Highlights Strategy Combat And Visual Novel Segments
   Who are the champions again After years of delays Digimon Survive is finally out at the end of this month And publisher Bandai Namco has shared a brand new trailer today showing us what to expect from the game Part visual novel part strategy RPG Digimon Survive is all about uncovering mysteries
Developers Don’t Take Kindly To EA’s Single-Player Gag On Twitter
   Joining in on a meme The new meme on the block has been making the rounds on Twitter recently with everyone weighing in and joining in on the tag Born out of a game on Tiktok They re a but is meant to be a lighthearted joke where you bring up one flaw about someone who is otherwise perfect
Nintendo’s Official Infographic Showcases All Games From The Direct Mini
   Gee we sure miss money Nintendo s latest Nintendo Direct might have only focused on third party reveals but it was nevertheless an absolute banger Even though it was stressful as heck trying to compile everything after Nintendo s decision not to stream the showcase we got a peek at some truly
Get Up To 50% Off In The Azure Striker Gunvolt Sale (UK)
   Pre orders also live for Azure Striker Gunvolt Pre orders for the upcoming Azure Striker Gunvolt have gone live on the eShop with the game expected to launch very soon on July th To celebrate publisher Inti Creates is not only offering up a discount on pre orders but has also
Random: Fan Made Resident Evil 4 DEmake Brings Heaps Of Nostalgia
   It s like we re back in all over again Last month the internet was set alight with the news that Capcom s iconic Resident Evil would be receiving the remake treatment after a few leaks mind with the stunning RE Engine That particular game isn t coming to Switch sadly though we ll
Review: Yurukill: The Calumniation Games - A Truly Bizarre Blend That Works Better Than It Should
   Wright em up We didn t quite know what we were getting ourselves into when we agreed to review Yurukill The Calumniation Games On one hand Yurukill fronts as a murder mystery adventure similar to Danganronpa or if you squint hard enough Phoenix Wright On the other Yurukill also throws at