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02  avril     06h10
Can you solve it? Pawn pandemonium
Alex Bellos    Smart thinking across the boardToday s puzzles are about pawns on a chessboard but they require no expertise at chess All you need to know is that the queen can move in any direction for any number of squares The first puzzle was devised by Maurice Ashley the US chess grandmaster and taken
31  mars     07h00
Chess: Hikaru Nakamura traps a queen and wins 60,000 in St Louis
Leonard Barden    The five time US champion whose main career is as a streamer with more than a million followers defeated fellow world top player Wesley So in a bruising finalHikaru Nakamura who combines streaming to over a million followers with a comeback to classical chess in his mid s has won the
24  mars     08h00
Chess: Garry Kasparov calls April’s world title match amputated event’
Leonard Barden    Kasparov says the world championship match should include the strongest player on the planet and this match Ian Nepomniachtchi v Ding Liren doesn t Garry Kasparov who held the world title from to and is regarded as Magnus Carlsen s rival as the greatest player of all time said next
17  mars     08h00
Chess: Carlsen set for challenge from US quartet online and over-the-board
Leonard Barden    The world No faces encounters with Caruana So Nakamura and Aronian in the online Champions Tour starting April then over the board at Stavanger in late MayMagnus Carlsen s reign as an abdicated world champion will formally start late next month when a winner is declared in the m game
10  mars     08h00
Chess: Carlsen draws final classical game as world champion against Howell
Leonard Barden    The year old who is abdicating his world crown chose the Norwegian League for his last three classical games and will not play the format again until late MayMagnus Carlsen chose last weekend s Norwegian League in Oslo for his three final classical games as world champion The world No
03  mars     08h00
Chess: Magnus Carlsen stimulus missed as Levon Aronian wins in Düsseldorf
Leonard Barden    The year old seemed to be cruising but took the first prize only after winning tiebreaks against Ian Nepomniachtchi and Dommaraju GukeshLast week s WR Masters in Düsseldorf Germany looked on paper an interesting opportunity for potential rivals to Magnus Carlsen to showcase their
24  février     08h00
Chess: Magnus Carlsen makes historic blunder after seven straight victories
Leonard Barden    The world champion is representing Canada Chessbrahs as the chess com professional league is revived after a four year break but his streak will be overshadowed by this week s puzzleMagnus Carlsen is again the centre of attention as the world champion leads the Canada Chessbrahs in the chess com
17  février     14h53
Tell us: have you recently taken up chess?
Guardian community team    We would like to hear from people around the world who have taken up chess in recent monthsThe most popular chess site Chess com reported that its traffic increased by nearly double in January from the beginning of December This spike in interest was even larger than the chess boom
Chess: Britain’s Four Nations league fosters potential grandmaster talents
Leonard Barden    Generation Z young masters are in contention for GM performances this season while the revamped chess com Tour prize fund offers new incentives for the world top Britain s Four Nations Chess League NCL is a team competition but it also plays a key role in providing opportunities for the
10  février     08h00
Chess: Carlsen and Nakamura outwit young guns in offbeat Airthings Masters
Leonard Barden    In the opening event of the online Tour the world champion and the US speed specialist showed their skills while Alireza Firouzja lost five games in a row and the event s format sparked criticismMagnus Carlsen the world champion and Hikaru Nakamura the five time US champion and speed
03  février     08h00
Chess: Anish Giri wins at Wijk aan Zee as Carlsen misses out by just half a point
Leonard Barden    The Netherlands world No got a final round gift while a backbreaker in the penultimate round cost the world champion his chance of forcing a playoffChess tournaments can be decided by the tiniest of margins and that certainly happened in last weekend s final two rounds at Tata Steel Wijk aan
02  février     10h33
Air pollution causes chess players to make more mistakes, study finds
Helena Horton Environment reporter    Co author of paper says results have implications for anyone who has to think hard in polluted areasChess experts make more mistakes when air pollution is high a study has found Experts used computer models to analyse the quality of games played and found that with a modest increase in fine
27  janvier     08h00
Chess: Magnus Carlsen jumps back into contention as final rounds loom at Wijk
Leonard Barden    The world champion has recovered from his two early losses and is one point behind the leader as the chess Wimbledon nears climaxMagnus Carlsen has fought back strongly from his two early losses and the world champion will enter this weekend s final two rounds at Tata Steel Wijk aan Zee only a
25  janvier     05h00
It just didn’t feel right’: top Iran chess player on why she removed headscarf
Ashifa Kassam in Madrid    Sara Khadem talks from Spain after tournament decision some saw as sign of her support for protests back homeThe routine played out each time Iran s Sara Khadem travelled abroad for chess tournaments between contemplating openings and sizing up her opponents the top ranked chess player kept a
20  janvier     08h00
Chess: Carlsen loses two classical games in a row for the first time since 2015
Leonard Barden    Norway s world champion was beaten on Tuesday by Anish Giri of the Netherlands then lost a move queen endgame on Thursday to Uzbekistan s Nodirbek AbdusattorovMagnus Carlsen suffered a rare double defeat in classical chess this week at Wijk aan Zee the chess Wimbledon On Tuesday the year
13  janvier     16h54
Sports quiz of the week: winners and losers, lovers and leavers
Paul Campbell    Who screamed Who was scared Who saw red Continue reading
Chess: Carlsen takes on young guns at Wijk as world champion eyes record
Leonard Barden    A ninth success at the chess Wimbledon could kickstart a new attempt by the No to reach a landmark rating Magnus Carlsen versus the young guns at Wijk starts on Saturday when the opening round of of the chess Wimbledon at Tata Steel Wijk aan Zee gets under way at the windswept
11  janvier     16h21
Niemann accuses Carlsen of paying fellow chess player 300 to shout abuse
Sean Ingle    Niemann claims grandmaster was paid to shout Cheater Hans Allegations contained in latest legal submission from NiemannChess s cheating scandal took another bizarre twist on Wednesday after the US teenager Hans Niemann accused world champion Magnus Carlsen of paying a fellow grandmaster to
06  janvier     08h00
Chess: Hastings tradition inspires home contingent at oldest annual tournament
Leonard Barden    The event has been staged since the s and the iteration ended with England s Mark Hebden tied in second after missing a win against Lithuania s Sarunas Sulskis who finished firstHastings is the grandpa of international chess tournaments first staged in and annually since with
30  décembre     14h04
Chess: Magnus Carlsen captures double world crown in Rapid and Blitz
Leonard Barden    The world No led all the way in the minute Rapid scoring with some classic wins but the incident packed Blitz where he totalled was much closerMagnus Carlsen scored another triumph this week when the year old No won the World Rapid and World Blitz titles ahead of more than