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The Guardian : video game
15  mai     14h00
Pushing Buttons: Big studios are making big cuts - but indie gems like Animal Well are still out there
Keza MacDonald    A wave of innovative indie games bring a sense of optimism to an industry in urgent need of a confidence boost Don’t get Pushing Buttons delivered to your inbox Sign up hereIt’s a deeply unhappy time for game developers, as anyone paying attention to the games industry this year will know....
16  mai     08h30
Lorelei and the Laser Eyes review - eerie visuals and a thrilling story
Keith Stuart    Annapurna Interactive; PC, SwitchThis compulsive atavistic mystery is told through bewildering yet tantalising non linear narrative strands that the player must tease apartIt is both a pleasure and a relief to discover that while the titans of the mainstream games industry are tearing themselves...
14  mai     11h45
I don’t see the point of me without the politics’: video game writer Meghna Jayanth on the benefits of staying indie
Duncan Fyfe    After a less happy time attached to triple A games, Jayanth has settled on smaller, freer developers and is using that freedom to speak up for causes bigger companies would rather ignoreCan a video game writer do her best work at the industry’s biggest scale Well: Meghna Jayanth is fine where...
13  mai     12h45
Hades II’s audacious, invigorating spin on Greek myth makes it worth playing right now
Patricia Hernandez    Developer Supergiant Games has released its hotly anticipated sequel to ’s Hades in an early access, unfinished state but its powers are already godlikeTime comes for us all, and in Hades II, even the gods are not spared its wrath. This epic Greek mythology themed action game is the first...
09  mai     13h11
Five of the best books about video games
Keith Stuart    Generations have now grown up with games, but they have long been linked to science fiction and are now the subject of histories, too. Here are five of the bestThere is a lingering misconception about video games that they exist entirely in their own sealed subculture, utterly untranslatable to...
10  mai     09h00
The 15 (ish) greatest UK video game magazines of all time
Keith Stuart    Part newspapers, part fanzines, these titles were a lifeline to information starved gamers and generated a sense of community to rival any YouTube streamerIn the st century, video game news is available in endless streams, hours a day. But if you grew up in the s and s, you went to...