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02  juin     09h00
Future shockers: 10 great games about rogue AIs
Keza MacDonald and Keith Stuart    Right now artificial intelligence is too busy painting and giving factually spurious answers to basic questions to pose much of a threat to humanity but in video games AIs have gone furtherGLaDOS is surely video games most recognisable megalomaniacal AI the creatively sadistic robot with a
01  juin     16h22
Sonic the Hedgehog co-creator may face jail over alleged insider trading
Oliver Holmes    Prosecutors are reportedly seeking a prison term and a near m fine for ex Sega developer Yuji Naka One of Sonic the Hedgehog s creators is facing possible jail time and a fine of close to m for his alleged part in an insider trading scheme according to a court report by Japanese media Yuji
Diablo 4 review - a hell of a good time?
Nic Reuben    PlayStation Xbox PC Blizzard Entertainment Behind the screams and stunningly costumed demons this is escapist junk food for gamers which may be exactly what you re afterDiablo wants you to know that it s very serious indeed From its gripping introduction evoking Blizzard s Warcraft
I’m terrified’: Nightdive Studios boss on remaking System Shock
Rick Lane    CEO Stephen Kick tells the eight year story of his firm s ambitious reboot of a lost sci fi horror gaming classic Anxious Excited Terrified That s how Stephen Kick chief executive of Nightdive Studios was feeling when I spoke to him last week before the launch of System Shock A remake of
31  mai     10h45
Pushing Buttons: Why I don’t worry about completing’ games
Keith Stuart    In this week s newsletter Exploring maps and finishing side quests isn t wasting time it s making memoriesDon t get Pushing Buttons delivered to your inbox Sign up hereWhen the reviews for Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom went online earlier this month I started to panic Almost every
30  mai     14h00
System Shock review - you versus a murderous AI in revived sci-fi horror classic
Rick Lane    PC Prime Matter Nightdive StudiosLovingly remade this game is no longer the trailblazer it once was but there is an enduring majesty to the design of its space station settingOriginally released in System Shock is best known through the games it inspired Its blend of first person shooting