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31  mars     09h53
Seaside Special review - a heartfelt time capsule of Brexit-divided Britain
Peter Bradshaw    Jens Meurer s film beautifully shot in the summer of in Cromer on the Norfolk coast is refreshingly free of cynicismGerman filmmaker Jens Meurer has had a huge success in his native land with this vivid and richly affectionate anglophile documentary I think I can see why and it could even
Murder Mystery 2 review - Netflix sequel needs more murder and mystery
Benjamin Lee    Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston lift a lazy follow up to their action heavy Netflix comedy with genuine movie star charmThe curious wrestle between pratfalls and pathos that s made Adam Sandler s career so increasingly fascinating has erred toward a win for the latter with age The aggressive
Lewis Capaldi: How I’m Feeling Now review - self-aware star struggling with weight of expectation
Ben Beaumont-Thomas    While some of this documentary following the making of the Scottish songwriter s second album falls into cliched soul baring territory Capaldi s wit and talent shine through A global pandemic is only in the top three weird things that have happened to me in the last three years Lewis Capaldi
In business: how brands like Nike, BlackBerry and Pop-Tarts became film’s hottest stars
Danny Leigh    A slew of new movies celebrate the boardroom mavericks of the s and s as well as the products they flogged What s behind this corporate nostalgia Steam trains tuberculosis sexual repression the shadow of a coming war and Colin Firth the stuff of a period piece was once unchanging But
Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life at 40: timeless sketch comedy brilliance
Scott Tobias    The troupe s last feature as a six person act is a smart and still relevant collection of satire and silliness Morning Morning Continue reading
30  mars     14h00
Alison Steadman: We filmed the sex scene in the New Forest, so it was quite prickly’
As told to Rich Pelley    The actor on working with Dennis Potter channelling real life in Abigail s Party and a groundbreaking lesbian snogYou and Myra Frances shared UK TV s first lesbian kiss in a BBC drama Girl What are your memories of this taboo breaking event VerulamiumParkRangerWell I remember being very
29  mars     12h40
The Night of the 12th review - gripping true-crime drama breaks with convention
Peter Bradshaw    A young woman is murdered in this unnerving fictionalised version of a real case that haunts the police officers unable to solve itFrench film maker Dominik Moll has given us a gripping true crime procedural a desolate study of the ubiquity of evil and misogynist violence and the abyss of
30  mars     08h00
Julia Scotti: Funny That Way review - transgender comedian is cracking company
Leaf Arbuthnot    Uplifting documentary allows its funny flawed and likable subject to tell the poignant story of how she came to realise who she wasIn the comedian Julia Scotti auditioned for America s Got Talent and brought the house down Once the applause had died away the judges asked Scotti then
Three Colours: Blue review - Binoche as charismatic as ever in KieÅ lowski masterwork
Peter Bradshaw    Krzysztof Kie lowski s meditation on love and fate is the first in the trilogy to be rereleased years onKrzysztof Kie lowski s vast meditation on love fate and the unheard harmonies of the universe begins its th anniversary rerelease tomorrow This is the first in his film trilogy with its
Kill Boksoon review - intense Korean assassin thriller with satisfying complexity
Leslie Felperin    This fast moving yarn about a woman balancing contract killing with raising a teenage daughter has flair and depth to spareLike a lot of topline Korean films this prestige action thriller is a little too long at minutes but it s consistently entertaining throughout and quite well suited
29  mars     10h00
The Thief Collector review - the ordinary married couple behind a massive art heist
Cath Clarke    This entertaining documentary looks at how teachers Rita and Jerry Alter walked into a museum and left with a rolled up Willem de Kooning now worth mIt was a brazen case of daylight robbery In a couple walked into an art gallery on the campus of the University of Arizona and left
Mummies review - nonsense kiddie-flick should be avoided like a plague of locusts
Leslie Felperin    Unpleasant to look at with a chatbot level script and phoned in voiceovers film makers can t get away with shovelling out this kind of thingYou may find yourself as Talking Heads might have said watching this animated feature about dead yet ambulatory mummified ancient Egyptians capering about
Riotsville, USA review - disquieting study of police tactics to deal with social unrest
Peter Bradshaw    Echoing the work of Adam Curtis film maker Sierra Pettengill curates archive footage from riot torn s America to create an unsettling picture of the authorities responseAs if in a seance or hypnotic trance Sierra Pettengill conjures the ambient voices of the riot torn United States in the
Law of Tehran review - ferocious Michael Mann-style thriller of the Iranian underworld
Peter Bradshaw    A barnstorming and ultimately gruesome opening sequence sets the grisly action packed tone as a morally ambiguous cop takes on a powerful drug lordIf Michael Mann made a movie in Iran it might look like this a ferocious drama thriller in which a haunted morally ambiguous cop faces off with a
28  mars     16h08
Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves review - passable, playful adventure
Benjamin Lee    There s just about enough goofy charm if not enough humour in this serviceable attempt to create a new big screen franchise from the fantasy gameEven with a surprise resurgence in the popularity of the immersive exhausting role playing fantasy game Dungeons amp Dragons saw more players
Ip Man: The Awakening review - martial-arts action offers quickstep fight rhythms
Phil Hoad    The British are the baddies in a clunky origin story that can t land a blow on Donnie Yen s original seriesA mainland Chinese attempt to cash in on Donnie Yen s superior Hong Kong series about Bruce Lee s eponymous sifu this film s quickstep fighting rhythms are bogged down by a laughable lack of
In the Middle review - referees in grassroots English football take centre stage
Cath Clarke    Despite tales of harrassment by players and spectators this documentary is a feelgood look at being part of a community getting stuck in and picking up dog pooYou really don t have to give two hoots about football to get a kick out of this documentary about grassroots referees It s an
Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman review - Murakami’s surreal tales around a Tokyo earthquake
Peter Bradshaw    The seductively quirky sad serious tone of the author is evident as a constellation of characters try and save the city including a lost cat and a giant talkative frogJapanese novelist Haruki Murakami has inspired some prestigious movies most recently Ryûsuke Hamaguchi s Drive My Car Regardless
31  mars     00h12
Jury finds Gwyneth Paltrow not at fault in ski-and-run’ trial - as it happened
Gabrielle Canon (now) and Maya Yang (earlier)    Terry Sanderson sued actor for in damages for accident while Paltrow is countersuing for a symbolic and feesIt s been a wild ride over this eight day trial that finally came to a dramatic conclusion this afternoon Here s where we will leave off tonight The jury sided with actress
30  mars     20h30
Gwyneth Paltrow trial: jury begins deliberations after closing arguments
Maya Yang and agencies    Terry Sanderson experienced sudden and precipitous change following ski collision in Utah resort of Park City lawyers sayThe eight member jury in the Utah ski crash trial involving the actor and wellness entrepreneur Gwyneth Paltrow and the retired optometrist Terry Sanderson has gone into
Jennifer Aniston: A whole generation of kids’ finds Friends offensive
Gloria Oladipo in New York    Actor tells Variety that working in comedy has grown increasingly difficult as comedians now not allowed to make fun of life A whole generation of kids now finds Friends offensive said Jennifer Aniston the actor who made her name in the smash hit s sitcom Speaking to Variety Aniston
Gwyneth Paltrow trial: plaintiff’s loss of joy claim at odds with his travel pictures
Edward Helmore and agencies    Sanderson shown photos of himself on vacation after ski collision and doctor suggested any concussion suffered was very mild Gwyneth Paltrow s attorneys called ski crash accuser Terry Sanderson back to the stand late on Wednesday in a final effort to eviscerate claims that he suffered an
24  mars     08h00
Don’t look down: 100 years of Harold Lloyd’s Safety Last
Pamela Hutchinson    Harold Lloyd s stunts in Safety Last make it one of the most heart in mouth films of all time On its th birthday his granddaughter remembers his mastery inspiration and the real life love at the film s heartIt is one of the most famous images in film history a bespectacled man dangles
23  mars     12h00
Michael Haneke films - ranked
Peter Bradshaw    The Austrian auteur has made his name with disturbing and superb studies of the violence and repression of bourgeois life As he turns we rate his finest filmsAn early and relatively minor Haneke showing fragments or glimpses of apparently unrelated scenes and people set in present
09  mars     12h00
Andrea Riseborough’s 10 best performances - ranked
Peter Bradshaw    The British actor is up for best actress at the Oscars this Sunday for her role in To Leslie But how does that compare with her other key turns There s a fascination in seeing an actor of Andrea Riseborough s class cast as the straight woman in a wacky comedy but she deadpans it out with style
23  février     12h00
The 20 best time-travel movies - ranked
Stuart Heritage    As Adam Driver accidentally winds up m years ago facing not just dinosaurs but an asteroid we count down the best films about going backwards or forwards through the agesRegardless of what anyone says I believe in my heart that Timecop was greenlit because someone showed a studio executive a
18  février     06h26
The King of Comedy at 40: Martin Scorsese’s painful ode to the wannabe
Scott Tobias    In the dark dry comedy Robert De Niro plays a scheming comedian whose mediocrity doesn t dampen his ambitionThere s a sequence in Martin Scorsese s The King of Comedy where Jerry Langford the host of a popular late night talk show slips out of his New York office and goes for a walk down the
09  février     13h00
Channing Tatum’s 10 best performances - ranked
Graeme Virtue    Impressive dancer authentic redneck and sensitive confidant as the threequel Magic Mike s Last Dance is released this week we strip down Tatum s back catalogueIn Channing Tatum broke out as a body popping bad boy in the street dance movie Step Up an ideal showcase for the limber skills
08  février     17h01
From Out of Sight to Magic Mike: our writers pick their favourite Soderbergh films
Scott Tobias, Radheyan Simonpillai, Veronica Esposito, Andrew Pulver, Jesse Hassenger, Adrian Horton, Benjamin Lee, Lisa Wong Macabasco and Lauren Mechling    With the release of Magic Mike s Last Dance Guardian writers argue why their Steven Soderbergh pick is better than the restAt the age of Soderbergh conquered Sundance won the Palme D Or at Cannes and changed the indie film business forever not bad for a first try Having a killer title like
16  mars     15h50
Today’s films’ are nothing of the sort - so stop calling them that John Boorman
John Boorman    Steven Spielberg s The Fabelmans was the only best picture nominee this year shot on celluloid It s time to stop misnaming moviesFor more than years films have been made of film Now instead of a magazine being loaded on to the camera a card is inserted that electronically records whatever
Quentin Tarantino’s next film is about a film critic: should I be scared? Peter Bradshaw
Peter Bradshaw    The director s last film is rumoured to centre on the life of New Yorker film writer Pauline Kael if true her s face off with Warren Beatty would make a thrilling plot lineHow intriguing to hear that Quentin Tarantino s new film is going to be about a film critic the news has sent all of
13  mars     06h51
Everything Everywhere All at Once owes its smashing Oscars victory to its amazing resonance Peter Bradshaw
Peter Bradshaw    The Daniels alt reality adventure achieved its amazing success because it questions how life could be different for any one of usOscars Everything Everywhere All at Once triumphs with major sweepThe full list of winners Cocaine Bear leave Malala alone the best quotes of the
10  mars     14h21
Michael Caine might not like it, but Zulu shows cinema’s power to rewrite history Peter Bradshaw
Peter Bradshaw    By turning an armed invasion into a plucky underdog story the classic war movie propagated a very dubious British mythologyThere s an urban myth about a scene in Zulu in which a British officer in a red tunic is gruesomely struck in his throat by three successive spears after a stunned silence in
Chaim Topol: the Fiddler on the Roof star showed Jews their origin story
Siam Goorwich    The actor who played Tevye in the film brought the struggles of a generation to life and helped the children of Jewish immigrants understand their heritageEvery now and then a celebrity passes away and it feels like a death in the family For me and many other Jews the passing of Chaim Topol
The Whale is not a masterpiece - it’s a joyless, harmful fantasy of fat squalor
Lindy West    The Oscar nomination for The Whale must mean it s great right Wrong It is a shallow and stigmatising reflection of thin people s assumptions about fat bodiesI hadn t planned on engaging with The Whale In fact one of my fat friends and I joked extensively about how much we were not under any
Woody Harrelson’s new film means well - but disabled people are more than mascots Cathy Reay
Cathy Reay    Feelgood comedy Champions wins points for casting learning disabled actors but Hollywood should be aiming higher than the way it treats their characters I wanna say the right thing but if I can t call them the r word what can I call them Marcus played by Woody Harrelson is a basketball
09  mars     12h04
Sorry, Seth Rogen: good film reviews wouldn’t mean much if bad ones weren’t allowed
Peter Bradshaw    The actor has been complaining about the hurt that critics can deliver But someone has to call out stinkers as you would think he d agreeSeth Rogen negative film reviews are devastating We ve now had expressions of protest from both the violent and non violent wings of the anti bad review
08  mars     13h17
Scientists have named a new range of antimicrobials after Keanu Reeves. Here’s why that’s a mistake
Stuart Heritage    Chemical compounds called Keanumycins kill a necrotrophic fungus that is thought to cause up to bn of food crop losses annually But isn t this overlooking Reeves real range At this stage Keanu Reeves is incredibly well versed at saving the world In his time Reeves has managed to save
04  mars     05h50
Tom Sizemore: the tough guy who held his own opposite Hollywood’s biggest names
Peter Bradshaw    In a career which often saw him play characters with a streak of ruthlessness it was as a soldier with a heart of gold in Saving Private Ryan that he truly excelledTom Sizemore dies aged after brain aneurysmPerfect casting is something that happens rarely in the career of any actor starring
19  février     22h24
All Quiet deserves its Baftas triumph - and not just for its horrible topicality
Peter Bradshaw    The German anti war film is a superb reminder uniquely among this year s contenders of awful events taking place in UkraineAll Quiet on the Western Front sweeps Baftas as Banshees also gets an Oscar boostBaftas the winners and ceremony as it happenedThe complete list of winnersIf awards
15  février     21h44
Raquel Welch: a strong and powerful personality with a rarely-tapped gift for comedy
Peter Bradshaw    Welch was a colossal celebrity in the s whose combination of physical strength and drollery made her a force to be reckoned with A life in picturesThe term sex symbol reeks of a bygone age of smirking sexism and very often female stars landed with this tag would be given some exotic
28  mars     14h32
A portrait of defeat’: inside a revealing film about Pope Francis
Radheyan Simonpillai    Gianfranco Rosi s intimate new documentary In Viaggio The Travels of Pope Francis follows the pontiff as he confronts contentious issues around the worldA lot is said during the quiet moments in Gianfranco Rosi s In Viaggio The Travels of Pope Francis when the holy figure takes a pause from
What’s wrong between men and women’: the thriller igniting debate about femicide
Phil Hoad    Cold case drama The Night of the th has just swept the board at the French Oscars and has the nation talking about misogyny and murder We talk to its director Dominik Moll about how it made him question his own place in the patriarchyAt am on a Tuesday in May the half charred petrol
27  mars     05h00
A tough time - but so exciting’: cult film-maker Vivienne Dick on post-punk New York
Sean O’Hagan    She fled rural Ireland and hit the Big Apple just in time to capture Lydia Lunch James Chance and the post punk scene take off Now back in her home country she relives those turbulent yearsIn the Irish Times ran a profile of the film maker Vivienne Dick with the headline Stifled in
People think I’m an aristocrat’: Charles Dance on class, Game of Thrones - and avoiding James Bond
Zoe Williams    He often plays the quintessential British hero but the actor also makes a fine villain He discusses his father s death his big break and leaving his stammer behindI meet Charles Dance in a cute French bistro on Islington Green north London He is and has one of those faces that holds its
20  mars     16h41
The biggest shock was not having a uterus’ - the film about intersex beauty queen Sharon-Rose Khumalo
Cath Clarke    She found fame as a Miss South Africa finalist then hit the headlines again after revealing her genetic condition We meet the star of an extraordinary documentary about life outside male female categoriesIt takes mere seconds to warm to Sharon Rose Khumalo The former beauty queen waves away my
There was cruelty and unpleasantness’: Emily Watson on school, stardom and sex scenes in her 50s
Ann Lee    The actor grew up in an alleged cult and was expelled after her explicit role in Breaking the Waves She discusses method acting the MeToo movement and mixing work and familyEmily Watson had big plans to turn up for our interview looking immaculately made up but then family members started
17  mars     18h00
Sam Neill on his new memoir and living with blood cancer: I’m not afraid to die, but it would annoy me’
Lucy Clark    The New Zealand actor s new memoir reveals that he has been crook with blood cancer and will need chemo for the rest of his life But relaxing on his farm he is philosophical Dying I couldn t care less he saysIf you came to Sam Neill s memoir without knowing the first thing about it
26  mars     07h00
Infinity Pool review - Mia Goth electrifies in a nightmarish thriller
Mark Kermode, Observer film critic    The actor s live wire performance in Brandon Cronenberg s outlandish satire about super rich tourists being cloned on a holiday from hell is worth the admission price aloneEarlier this month saw the UK release of Pearl a prequel to Ti West s retro horror X starring and co written by the
25  mars     08h00
Streaming: the best farming films
Guy Lodge    Award winning Catalan peach farm drama Alcarrà s joins an impressive crop of movies about living off the land from Minari and The Grapes of Wrath to BabeWe re officially into spring now a time when even lifelong city dwellers like me start entertaining bucolic thoughts Pleasing as it is to