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30  novembre     07h00
Hidden Letters review - Chinese art of secret writing as refuge of female solidarity
Phil Hoad    Keep saying it Casablanca Photograph Alamy
29  novembre     15h20
Fifteen years of total insanity’: how Robert Downey Jr made peace with his maverick father
Andrew Pulver    Keep saying it Casablanca Photograph Alamy
Everything Everywhere All at Once triumphs at Gotham awards
Catherine Shoard   
India Sweets and Spices review - likable Indian American family comedy
Cath Clarke   
Out of This World review - art and misogyny collide in murderous obsession
Leslie Felperin   
Will Smith speaks to Trevor Noah about bottled rage’ behind Oscars slap
Catherine Shoard   
The Alleys review - gritty and watchable Jordanian drama of criss-crossing lives
Leslie Felperin   
31  août     17h00
White Noise review - Don DeLillo adaptation is a blackly comic blast
Peter Bradshaw   
24  mai     16h58
Tori and Lokita review - clarity of purpose in the Dardennes’ parable of the dispossessed
Peter Bradshaw   
29  novembre     15h45
The Muppet Christmas Carol review - Michael Caine shows spirit in magical extravaganza
Peter Bradshaw   
14  février     21h30
That Kind of Summer review - affecting story of sex workers in therapy
Peter Bradshaw   
09  février     22h30
Casablanca review - tough and gripping and filled with great lines
Peter Bradshaw   
28  novembre     13h00
Dawn Breaks Behind the Eyes review - cult status beckons for Euro horror homage
Phuong Le   
Goodbye, Don Glees review - stunningly animated film is affecting YA adventure
Cath Clarke   
Ximei review - inspiring Ai Weiwei-produced portrait of Chinese Aids activist
Phuong Le   
Scrooge: A Christmas Carol review - Netflix’s junky musical is a lump of coal
Lauren Mechling   
Smyrna review - raw, shocking violence in epic take on Greek-Turkish conflict
Phil Hoad   
24  novembre     13h00
She Said review - breaking the male silence around Harvey Weinstein
Peter Bradshaw   
29  novembre     00h05
Will Smith completely understands’ if audiences avoid his films post Oscars slap
Sian Cain   
28  novembre     21h00
There is a lot to do’: Bob Iger outlines vision for Disney as he returns as CEO
Edward Helmore   
It’s horrendous’: Helena Bonham Carter defends JK Rowling and Johnny Depp
Catherine Shoard   
Prepare for Bambi on rabies ’ Beloved fawn to become killer in new horror
Catherine Shoard   
27  novembre     09h00
Monsters of doc: Mark Kermode’s top 20 music documentaries
Mark Kermode, Observer film critic   
24  novembre     12h22
Daniel Craig’s 20 best film performances - ranked
Andrew Pulver   
10  novembre     13h13
Demi Moore’s 20 best films - ranked
Ryan Gilbey   
31  octobre     09h05
I squeamishly refuse to rewatch’: Guardian writers on their scariest movie endings
Jesse Hassenger, Andrew Lawrence, Charles Bramesco, Benjamin Lee, Lauren Mechling, Lisa Wong Macabasco, Guy Lodge, Veronica Esposito, Adrian Horton, Andrew Pulver, Luke Buckmaster and Radheyan Simonpillai   
Nosferatu at 100: a silent horror masterwork that continues to chill
Jesse Hassenger   
27  octobre     11h00
Jennifer Lawrence’s best performances - ranked
Peter Bradshaw   
13  octobre     13h20
All Steven Spielberg’s films - ranked
Ryan Gilbey   
25  novembre     06h00
Cinema has failed Arab women and refugees. It’s time things changed
Sally El Hosaini   
08  novembre     13h00
Leslie Phillips: master of raffish comedy and immortal catchphrases
Peter Bradshaw   
20  octobre     05h00
Even Harry Styles’ presence can’t make My Policeman’s discussion of queerness interesting
Guy Lodge   
07  octobre     15h33
Edinburgh’s film festival changed culture. Its closure is a serious loss to cinema Mark Cousins
Mark Cousins   
15  septembre     11h24
We are all losers in the woke v racist’ Little Mermaid culture war
Stuart Heritage   
13  septembre     08h22
Jean-Luc Godard: a genius who tore up rule book without troubling to read it Peter Bradshaw
Peter Bradshaw   
25  juillet     14h14
David Warner: a fiercely charismatic actor who raised the IQ of his movies
Peter Bradshaw   
Bob Rafelson: subtle and complex director was presiding genius of the Hollywood new wave
Peter Bradshaw   
15  juillet     13h24
Turning Persuasion into Jane Austen’s Fleabag was a truly terrible idea
Stuart Heritage   
05  juillet     10h52
The teens disrupting Minions screenings might actually be the saviours of cinema Stuart Heritage
Stuart Heritage   
17  juin     15h56
Jean-Louis Trintignant: an actor of charisma, depth and dark emotions Peter Bradshaw
Peter Bradshaw   
03  juin     06h11
No, Top Gun: Maverick’s success isn’t down to being pro-America and anti-woke Jesse Hassenger
Jesse Hassenger   
29  novembre     07h06
Robert Townsend on making biting satire Hollywood Shuffle: It was hard back then to make a movie’
Andrew Lawrence   
23  novembre     16h41
Like a cinema virgin: how Madonna went stratospheric making Desperately Seeking Susan
Hadley Freeman   
21  novembre     14h00
Dolly Parton loved it’: Gracie Otto on her film Seriously Red and the success of Heartbreak High
Claire White   
20  novembre     10h00
Zoe Kazan and Carey Mulligan on She Said: We wanted to honour the bravery of #MeToo survivors’
Claire Armitstead   
19  novembre     07h00
Black Panther star Letitia Wright: Since Chad died I’m so afraid to lose people’
Simon Hattenstone   
18  novembre     06h00
Anthony Hopkins on film stardom at 84: He said, Oh my God. You’re really strange ’
Ryan Gilbey   
17  novembre     16h00
You feel your Blackness is the bad thing’: the director whose nanny horror won Sundance
Cath Clarke   
27  novembre     08h00
Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio review - a superbly strange stop-motion animation
Mark Kermode, Observer film critic   
19  novembre     08h00
Streaming: the best love triangle films
Guy Lodge