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The Guardian : France
30  mars     15h25
French rightwing politician calls for Angela Davis school to be renamed
Angelique Chrisafis in Paris    Valérie Pécresse claims that the Black US activist s belief that racism is systemic does not apply to FranceA row has erupted in France after a rightwing politician insisted that a high school named after the Black US activist Angela Davis should change its name Valérie Pécresse who ran for
31  mars     13h00
E-scooters: a tale of two cities as London and Paris plot different paths
Gwyn Topham Transport correspondent    London seems to be slowly embracing the rental scooters but in Paris the love affair with trottinettes looks overOn either side of the Channel a love hate relationship between e scooters has run a typically different course The French swiftly embraced them the English belatedly entered a
How raising the retirement age set France on fire - podcast
Presented by Michael Safi with Angelique Chrisafis; produced by Eli Block and Solomon King; executive producer Phil Maynard    An attempt to force through an increase in the state pension age brought thousands of protesters out on to the streets and has left Emmanuel Macron facing his biggest crisis yetWhen Emmanuel Macron was re elected as France s president last year it was with a promise to bring in economic reforms
30  mars     10h00
Three Colours: Blue review - Binoche as charismatic as ever in KieÅ lowski masterwork
Peter Bradshaw    Krzysztof Kie lowski s meditation on love and fate is the first in the trilogy to be rereleased years onKrzysztof Kie lowski s vast meditation on love fate and the unheard harmonies of the universe begins its th anniversary rerelease tomorrow This is the first in his film trilogy with its
29  mars     16h43
Paris breathes easier as refuse workers’ strike called off and rubbish cleared
Kim Willsher in Paris    City is cleaner though not yet entirely clean after three week strike ends but union threatens more actionThe smell of spring is in the air in Paris It makes a change from the stench of overflowing bins that had hung over the French capital for the last three weeks after refuse collectors went
English students spend a fortune to go to university. Shouldn’t that buy them more teaching and less partying? Adrian Chiles
Adrian Chiles    The workload was light enough when I was an undergraduate long before tuition fees Almost years on kids are paying through the nose and for what There s a young woman I know in west London who having bagged excellent A levels chose to study in France While all her friends similarly
Switzerland and France accused of lack of climate action in ECHR hearing
Isabella Kaminski    Group of Swiss women and French ex mayor suing their governments in first such cases heard by rights courtThe governments of Switzerland and France have been accused of breaching the human rights of their citizens by not acting decisively enough on climate change at a landmark legal hearing in
The Night of the 12th review - gripping true-crime drama breaks with convention
Peter Bradshaw    A young woman is murdered in this unnerving fictionalised version of a real case that haunts the police officers unable to solve itFrench film maker Dominik Moll has given us a gripping true crime procedural a desolate study of the ubiquity of evil and misogynist violence and the abyss of
Manga-nifique How France became obsessed with Japanese anime
Phil Hoad    In the s giant robot cartoons sparked a love affair with French fans including Emmanuel Macron now the country is the world s largest manga importer and home to a new Murakami filmYou might say that Vincent van Gogh was one of the first Japanese pop culture otaku geeks in Europe With
28  mars     18h38
Paris police fire teargas at protesters amid pensions unrest - video report
Angelique Chrisafis in Paris    Protesters and police clashed on the edges of street demonstrations in France on Tuesday as hundreds of thousands of people took part in marches against Emmanuel Macron s use of constitutional executive powers to push through an unpopular rise in the pension age to In Paris police fired
French protesters and police clash in marches against pension changes
Philip Oltermann    Police use teargas and water cannon against hooded protesters on the margins in some citiesProtesters and police clashed on the edges of street demonstrations in France on Tuesday as hundreds of thousands of people took part in marches against Emmanuel Macron s use of constitutional executive
Michel Houellebecq sex film to be released despite attempt to stop it
Angelique Chrisafis in Paris    Amsterdam court dismisses French author s complaint against film that shows him having sex with young womenA Dutch art collective can release an experimental erotic film showing the French novelist Michel Houellebecq having sex with young women in spite of the author s attempt to stop its
Protesters set fires on streets of Nantes over French pension changes - video report
Phil Hoad    Clashes erupted between police and protesters in Nantes France as demonstrations continued over Emmanuel Macron s use of constitutional executive powers to push through an unpopular increase in the pension age Protesters erected barricades and set fire to a bank a car and rubbish bins
Hundreds of thousands of people take to French streets amid fears of violence
Alex Hern    Minister says police deployed as Macron vows not to waver on unpopular pensions policy Hundreds of thousands of people have taken part in street protests and strikes across France amid fears of violent clashes with police as demonstrations continue over Emmanuel Macron s use of
What’s wrong between men and women’: the thriller igniting debate about femicide
Angelique Chrisafis in Paris    Cold case drama The Night of the th has just swept the board at the French Oscars and has the nation talking about misogyny and murder We talk to its director Dominik Moll about how it made him question his own place in the patriarchyAt am on a Tuesday in May the half charred petrol
TechScape: How the world is turning against social media
Guardian Staff    France has banned not only TikTok from government phones but Facebook and Twitter too Could this be a tipping point for big tech Plus AI generated pictures of the pope signal a new type of viral imageDon t get TechScape delivered to your inbox Sign up for the full article hereGovernment
Students’ role in French protests shows depth of anger towards Macron
Dalya Alberge    Fury over policing tactics has changed dimension of protests against plan to raise retirement ageThe depth of the domestic crisis facing Emmanuel Macron can be measured by the growing university barricades and packed student assemblies where angry young people have gathered in recent days to
26  mars     17h48
A catch-22 question for river swimmers Brief letters
Observer editorial    Logical black hole King Charles III Urinary tract infections Boris Johnson s parties No exceptionalismIs there some legal or Latin term for the logical black hole whereby the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs can deny a request to clean up the River Deben because not
Eiffel Tower may have inspired Van Gogh’s The Starry Night, says expert
   James Hall believes painting s pyrotechnical music of the stars sky and clouds recalls Paris monument s spectacular openingArt experts have long struggled to explain the inspiration behind Vincent van Gogh s The Starry Night in which towering cypress trees are depicted against a swirling night
The Observer view on the protests in France against Macron’s pension plans Observer editorial
   The anger on the streets sparked by raising the retirement age to is the latest manifestation of dissatisfaction with the presidencyFrance s relationship with monarchy has rarely run smooth The guillotining of Louis XVI and his queen Marie Antoinette in was an early attempt at levelling