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Reddit : Atari 2600
12  juin     12h04
Join the Retro Gaming Network Discord Server and talk about Atari 2600
   ; submitted by ; u ZadocPaet link ; comments
07  novembre     15h30] Knowledgeable about the Atari 2600? Consider contributing to the community console modding, repair, and restoration wiki
   ; submitted by ; u Derf Jagged link ; comments
02  mars     19h31
Picked These Up For 40 At The Local Thrift Shop
   ; submitted by ; u xxDankerstein link ; comments
03  mars     03h46
Cool piece Works and in box ï
   ; submitted by ; u Rearrangioing link ; comments
What Games Do You Want Ported To Android
   ; submitted by ; u TatorInfinityyy link ; comments
02  mars     18h43
Is this amount of noise normal for a 2600 (Jr)? In PAL land btw, this is the best I could fine tune my tv to.
   ; submitted by ; u bromomento link ; comments
01  mars     16h31
Found these games in grandmothers attic.
   Found these today. Im not a gamer. I have not a clue what these are worth. Anyone help me out ; submitted by ; u Old Pineapple link ; comments
02  mars     10h45
Grainy image on the Vader model on CRT, is this normal?
   ; submitted by ; u berodem link ; comments
01  mars     23h28
Our top 10 games
   Lets share our top favorite games. Mine are Rabbit Transit Space Invaders Ms. Pacman Berzerk Enduro Video Chess H.e.r.o Phoenix River Raid Bowling ; submitted by ; u Ironsworn Ever link ; comments
02  mars     05h11
Any usb c mods out there?
   ; submitted by ; u Ravecrocker link ; comments
01  mars     03h05
trickshot 2 29 24
   ; submitted by ; u helraizr link ; comments
29  février     17h13
This is absolutely insane
   ; submitted by ; u zombiegold link ; comments
Today I play with moles.)))
   x B; https: w lj plsilc .jpg width amp;format pjpg amp;auto webp amp;s b a c a bc a bef f ae ; submitted by ; u engineering journal link ; comments
27  février     20h19
I’m 19 I should be into girls or underage drinking or something
   ; submitted by ; u TheSwoodening link ; comments
28  février     21h25
Hooking up my Atari 2600 to a modern TV
   I have an Atari with about games that I just got. However, I have no old TV to try this out. I have the RF to Coax adapter, but I do not have a way to hook up the Coax to anything I own. Is there a Coax to HDMI adapter I can use ; submitted by ; u BeMetalo link ; ...
Atari Gamestation Pro
   Has anyone purchased the Atari Gamestation Pro If you have, I would appreciate your thoughts, either positive or negative ; submitted by ; u NYY TM link ; comments
Atari 2600 Secam Ref 2 (Tec documents)
   Hello, I search Tecnical documentations and scematics for the Atari Secam Ref . Maybe someone can help me with that ; submitted by ; u PapayaAlternative link ; comments
27  février     22h51
Original Atari 2600 or Plus?
   So, my first console was the . Back in the early mid s. Didn ;t get an NES until ish despite my pleading . I played that thing religiously for years. Zaxxon, Winter Games, Mountain King, Donkey Kong and Millipede were my go to games. And I still have a special spot in my heart for...
TIL there was an Adventure II (2007) on Atari 5200 [separate from Adventure 2 (2005) on the Atari Flashback 2]
   ; submitted by ; u dystopika link ; comments
Today I Play This...
   x B; https: fv ba cg lc .jpg width amp;format pjpg amp;auto webp amp;s b c d c e b a b afd ; submitted by ; u engineering journal link ; comments
artillery duel2 27 24
   ; submitted by ; u helraizr link ; comments
26  février     20h16
as discussed, Adventure 2 on the Atari 2600
   ; submitted by ; u DowntheRabbitHole link ; comments
motocross 2 25 24
   ; submitted by ; u helraizr link ; comments
25  février     16h33
I picked this up recently and I’m just curious about it’s rareity. Any help is appreciated
   ; submitted by ; u Rachel on the ranch link ; comments
River Raid
   x B; https: mt v hqfwqkc .jpg width amp;format pjpg amp;auto webp amp;s ff a fd d c b d fe d deb fb ; submitted by ; u engineering journal link ; comments
24  février     23h19
A few classics that were given to me.
   ; submitted by ; u over sight link ; comments
25  février     04h40
How do you play 2600 today?
   I use a UAV modded and play on my k TV through a RetroTink. With my flash cart I’m all set. If I had lots of physical carts I would get the . View Poll ; submitted by ; u the light of dawn link ; comments