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16  juin     17h31
From Club Penguin to Roblox, LGBTQ youth have always flocked to gaming websites
Tricia Crimmins    In I walked out into the middle of the town square and shouted I M BISEXUAL There I stood in front of the nightclub the coffee shop and the gift shop telling a bunch of people that I wasn t straight for the first time In reality I was years old in my friend s basement and
How a Sims 2 fan forum became an unwitting safe space for queer creatives
V.S. Wells    I realized I was bisexual when I was years old I was on Boolprop FightTheAddiction False a fan forum for The Sims where I had lied about my age in order to sign up It was an off topic post in the real life subforum where another user had asked for advice on coming out to their parents as
17  mai     12h39
Halo’ fans are mad because the TV show made Master Chief have sex
Gavia Baker-Whitelaw    Following a long tradition of poorly received video game adaptations Paramount s Halo TV series is pretty unpopular among fans of the game While the show earned middling to positive mainstream reviews a vocal contingent of Halo fans have been complaining about canonical inconsistencies since the
09  mai     22h44
Kyle Rittenhouse inspires politician who wants to repatriate immigrants to make video game about night the Midwestern teen killed 2 people
Claire Goforth    In the videogame embodiment of things no one asked for a company with ties to far right extremism has launched a game that lets you play the role of Kyle Rittenhouse shooting your way through hordes of zombies The game is an obvious attempt to own the libs by making light of Rittenhouse killing
06  mai     15h17
Don’t add random people on Xbox’: Man says he was fired after his boss secretly friended him
Kathleen Wong    A man claims he was fired from his job after he accepted a random friend request that turned out to be his boss Brandon placementco posted the TikTok on April In the clip he says Yeah so I got fired from my job today Don t add random people on Xbox because apparently bosses do that
05  mai     19h28
What’s your gamer tag?’: TikToker documents the kinds of customers she interacts with at GameStop
Michelle Jaworski    The day to day of a retail job results in all kinds of customer interactions to the forefront but in one viral TikTok it s the assumptions that people make when they see a female GameStop employee In a video posted on Wednesday TikToker ikissedsafiree documented the different types of
28  avril     20h06
Can’t believe that men talk like this’: Corinna Kopf’s co-host forgets to mute his mic while making thirsty comment about her
Grace Stanley    Twitch streamer Greekgodx is facing criticism on TikTok after a viral clip circulated of him making sexual comments toward influencer Corinna Kopf after saying he forgot to mute his microphone The viral clip which has over million views and was re posted by a Corinna Kopf fan account
28  mars     17h55
RIP your mentions’: Will Smith, who is verified on Twitter, is getting a lot of misdirected criticism
Grace Stanley    Actor Will Smith set the internet into a frenzy last night after slapping comedian Chris Rock at the Oscars The slap was in response to a G I Jane joke Rock made about Smith s wife Jada s shaved head which is due to hair loss from the autoimmune disorder alopecia As the world reacted to
24  mars     16h05
Fitness out of game is performance in it’: How SypherPK’s health journey has impacted his gaming career
Grace Stanley    This article contains descriptions of weight loss and eating disorders Despite traditional stereotypes of gamers as lazy loners lurking in the dark behind computer screens day and night the fitness industry has made its stake in the gaming community New exercise oriented video games
21  mars     19h59
Hogwarts Legacy accused of using an antisemitic trope with goblin plot
Michelle Jaworski    Last week Warner Bros Games and Avalanche Software unveiled the gameplay trailer for Hogwarts Legacy the new Wizarding World open world role playing game that allows players to go to Hogwarts in the late th century and stop mounting threats in and out of Hogwarts But as details start to