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18  octobre     20h44
Review Roundup For NHL 22
   NHL 22, the ice hockey league simulation, released on October 15. Though GameSpot didn’t do a review of our own for NHL 22, we’ve rounded up other critics’ reviews below. You can check them out to see if NHL 22 is worth your time and money.NHL 22 is the first in the series to run on EA’s Frostbite-...
Halloween-Themed Nightmare Update Coming To Call Of Duty Mobile
   Season 9 of Call of Duty Mobile gears up for Halloween with the upcoming Nightmare event, which arrives on October 21 at 5 PM PT 8 PM ET. Activision has released the holiday event details in a new blog that showcases a new weapon, spooky modes, a new battle pass, and more.Trick-or-Treat...
Minecraft’s Upcoming Allay Mob Will Help You Collect Items Following Fan Vote
   Minecraft fans voted, and the results are in--the Allay will be heading to Minecraft in a future update.The vote came as part of Minecraft Live 2021, an annual celebration and livestream where developer Mojang typically reveals details about future updates coming to the game. For the last several...
Apex Legends Season 11 Start Date, Time, And What To Expect
   Respawn Entertainment has revealed Apex Legends Season 11 is titled Escape, as well as the identity of the next legend coming to the game. The latest Stories from the Outlands video reveals that Ash, a simulacrum pilot first seen in Titanfall 2, will be the new legend. Simulacrums are robots with...
Steam Deck Verification Program Lets You Know How Games Will Run On Steam Deck
   Valve released a Steam Deck Verification Program that will help players know if a game runs seamlessly on the company’s bite-sized handheld PC or not. There are four categories of ratings in the verification program: Verified, Playable, Unsupported, and Unknown.Verified means you can immediately...
Apple Announced New Macbook Pros With Much Faster M1 Chips
   When Apple announced its first in-house M1 chips for its MacBook Air and Macbook 13-inch, it was clear that the company still had some work to do replacing Intel for its more power-hungry users. It took some time, but today Apple revealed not one, but two new versions of the M1 chip alongside two...
Steam Deck Introducing Deck Verified
   Introducing Deck Verified: See at a glance how your Steam games run on Deck. Steam Deck is a full-featured gaming PC designed by Valve that lets you bring the games you love wherever you go.
Mel Gibson To Star In John Wick TV Series The Continental
   Oscar-winner Mel Gibson will star in the John Wick prequel TV series The Continental. Deadline reports that Gibson, a controversial person in Hollywood, will play a character named Cormac. Gibson, who won two Academy Awards for Braveheart, has made racist and anti-Semitic comments in the past,...
Ubisoft May Have Leaked Rainbow Six Extraction’s New Release Date
   Ubisoft’s PvE-focused Rainbow Six Siege spin-off, Rainbow Six Extraction, looks to be releasing on January 20, 2022, if an official blog post that briefly revealed the new date before being updated is to be believed.Via Video Games Chronicle, a Ubisoft blog post originally posted in June 2021 about...
Gotham Knights: Everything We Know So Far
   Gotham Knights will let you play as Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, and Red Hood and is set in the wake of Batman’s death. The Bat-family faces its biggest challenge yet, as they face off against the Court of Owls. Here are all the details about WB Montreal’s upcoming open-world action title.
PS5 Screenshots Now Shareable In PlayStation App For Select Regions
   Sony is rolling out a limited-release PS5 beta feature where players can share in-game screenshots and video clips through the PlayStation app. It is currently limited to Canada and Japan only, so if you’re a US player reading this, you can’t access the feature (yet).How it works: After enabling...
The Haunting Event Will Go Live Tomorrow For CoD: Black Ops Cold War And Warzone
   Call of Duty Season 6 is ready to get spooky with the Haunting event for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone on Tuesday, October 19 at 10 AM PT 1 PM ET. Activision has released an event trailer that shows a look at Warzone’s Verdansk map in a limited-time night mode, as well as horror-themed operator...
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War & Warzone The Haunting Trailer
   In Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War & Warzone Play’s The Haunting Event complete limited-ptime event challenges and modes to unlock event exclusive rewards, a new weapon, and more than your fair share of scares. The Haunting arrives tomorrow.
Sony Threatens Legal Action Against Custom PS5 Plate Company That Asked For It
   After baiting Sony to sue, Dbrand has found out what happens when you play chicken with one of the world’s largest tech giants. The company, which started selling black PS5 side plates earlier this year, has removed the product from its store following threats of legal action from the multimedia...
Xbox Website Gets A 360-Era Makeover For 20th Anniversary Celebrations
   As part of Microsoft’s 20th anniversary Xbox celebrations, the company updated the Xbox website with an Xbox 360-era makeover. That’s right--blades are back.The front page on now shows ads for games like Back 4 Blood, Far Cry 6, and Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl made to look as if they were...