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22  mai     22h03
The Real Goal With The Metaverse? Increase Your Screen Time
John Brandon, Contributor    The social media platform has been rupturing lately mostly due to a policy change at Apple where iPhone users can opt out of tracking which has absolutely destroyed Facebook advertising revenue
Alex Jones’ Unfounded Claims That Monkeypox Outbreak Due To Covid-19 Vaccines
Bruce Y. Lee, Senior Contributor    Here are the issues with what Jones and some others have been claiming about the AstraZeneca and Johnson Johnson Covid vaccines
Fear The Walking Dead’ Season 7, Episode 14 Review: King Wes The Wicked Ruled His World
Erik Kain, Senior Contributor    Wes goes full evil in the latest ridiculous episode of Fear The Walking Dead
Muscle Car Giveaway Tweet Deleted By U.S. Road Safety Charity
Carlton Reid, Senior Contributor    Following an uproar on social media Mothers Against Drunk Driving has deleted a tweet promoting a dream giveaway of muscle cars
Engineers Are Unsung Heroes Of Global Health
Madhukar Pai, Contributor    Engineers add tremendous value in all areas of global health and medical care They are unsung heroes of global health
Scientists Racing Against Time To Document Colombian Fern Species
Andrew Wight, Contributor    Colombian Botanist Alejandra Vasco is realizing a long held dream to document the vast diversity of ferns in her home country racing against time to find new species threatened by climate change and other human activities
U.S Military Plane Lands With 39 Tons Of Baby Formula Amid National Shortage
Zachary Snowdon Smith, Forbes Staff    A plane arrived in Indianapolis Sunday carrying enough baby formula to ease the national shortage by about Biden Administration officials said
Monkeypox Outbreak Triggers New Conspiracy Theories About Bill Gates As #BillGatesBioTerrorist Trends
Bruce Y. Lee, Senior Contributor    Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene R Georgia pushed some of these conspiracy theories about Gates on Thursday s edition of her Facebook Live show MTG Live
Is Apple About To Debut Its AR Headset? Everything We Know So Far
David Phelan, Senior Contributor    It looks like the much rumored Augmented Reality headset is suddenly getting very close
WhatsApp To Stop Working On Selected iPhones When iOS Support Ends
David Phelan, Senior Contributor    From October WhatsApp is going to stop supporting a couple of versions of iOS Thankfully most phones will be fine
AI Ethics Unnervingly Asking Whether AI Biases Are Insidiously Hiding Societal Power Dynamics, Including For AI Self-Driving Cars
Lance Eliot, Contributor    A bubbling up theory is that AI biases are reflections of hidden societal power dynamics which has vital impacts for AI and AI Ethics including the use case of self driving cars
Are We Seeing The Death Of Metacritic’s Iron Grip On Gaming?
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor    This idea is a far cry from an industry that has and perhaps still does at some studios tie performance bonuses to Metacritic score averages with the assumption that a better game means better sales
Compiling All The Bungie Hype For Destiny 2’s Secret Season 17
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor    Compiling All The Bungie Hype For Destiny s Secret Season We are in deeply unusual territory with Destiny s season launch out this coming Tuesday
The Quixotic Quest For A Small Android Phone Will Fail
Ewan Spence, Senior Contributor    Do you want a small yet premium smartphone that offers all the benefits of the current crop of larger screened devices in a much smaller footprint
Players Have A Conspiracy Theory About Wonderlands’ Bad DLCs
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor    Wonderlands DLC has created a bit of an odd situation among fans where the base game is being celebrated but the DLC which are essentially just Chaos Chamber variants that can be experienced in ten minutes or so is a far cry from the usual quality of Borderlands DLC
The Macross Frontier’ Movies Will Finally Get A U.S. Theatrical Release This June
Ollie Barder, Contributor    Following the legal resolution back in April last year we now have some more Macross movies coming out in theaters this June
Squid Game’ Creator Making A Satire About The Success Of Squid Game’
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor    Squid Game creator Hwang Dong hyuk speaking to Deadline has confirmed that he is making a new comedy called The Best Show on the Planet
Apple Watch Series 8: Surprising Design Revelation In New Leak
David Phelan, Senior Contributor    Just how many new Apple Watch models will there be and what will they look like
Google Half-Fixes Broken Google Photos Feature For Millions Of Android Users
Paul Monckton, Senior Contributor    Google is fixing a long standing problem with its Google Photos Android app
AnkerWork’s New PowerConf C200 Budget 2K Webcam Is A Great Performer
Mark Sparrow, Senior Contributor    If you re looking for an affordable webcam to update an older laptop or desktop for Zoom and Team use the AnkerWork PowerConf C model is hard to beat
Firefox Browser Hacked In 8 Seconds Using 2 Critical Security Flaws
Davey Winder, Senior Contributor    Mozilla Firefox browser has been hacked in just eight seconds
New Asmodee Game Studio Launches Cognitively Accessible Versions Of Its Classic Games
Andy Robertson, Contributor    New Asmodee board game studio announces cognitively accessible versions of classic Spot It Cortex and Timeline games
Today’s Wordle’ Word Of The Day #337 Answer And Hint: Sunday, May 22nd
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor    Here s today s Wordle answer plus a helpful hint for Sunday May nd
Today’s Heardle’ Answer And Clues For Sunday, May 22
Kris Holt, Contributor    Here s today s Heardle answer along with some hints
Would You Drink Old Moon Water? Future Astronauts May Sup From Ancient Lunar Volcanoes Say Scientists
Jamie Carter, Senior Contributor    Clouds of water vapor spewed from volcanoes on the Moon may have created frost and ice on the lunar surface that s still there today according to new research