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Rediscover the ’80s : computer games
03  mai     14h31
PC Games From the 1980s That Were Way Ahead of Their Time
   Video games have come a long way since their early days and it s fascinating to look back at the titles that paved the way for the ones we enjoy today These classic games have had a lasting impact on the industry and continue to captivate players even today Though the impact of early video games
18  avril     13h10
Why Do 8-Bit Games Still Appeal To So Many Players?
   Were you aware that the history of bit games can be traced all of the way back to with the release of the Famicom system This was the very same video game platform that would soon be re branded as the Nintendo Operating System NES Of course things began to pick up pace from here It did
10  avril     17h09
6 Amazing Retro Games That Can Still Bring You a Great Deal Of Joy
   Amazing Retro Games That Can Still Bring You a Great Deal Of Joy Who said that retro games are just a thing of the past With modern technology gamers of all ages and experience levels can enjoy classic games Whether you re a seasoned veteran or new to gaming there s something from the past
03  mars     14h27
Play These Top Retro Games on your Android Phone
   Image via Twitter SomeGadgetGuyThe retro genre covers a range of different categories from movies and music to fashion and home design In the gaming world retro games are making a comeback in these modern times also with today s smartphones being able to house a selection of gaming classics
02  mars     18h09
Activision Video Game Patches I Wished I Had Earned on Atari 2600
   When I think back to the days of playing Atari I immediately think about Activision One of the early developers for console games Activision was actually founded by former Atari employees From Activision produced nearly games specifically for the Atari most of which are
19  décembre     16h31
10 Ways That 1980s Culture Has Shaped the Modern Gaming World
   The s marked a period of great change in the gaming industry Although the gaming industry had already been established since the s the s saw a surge in the popularity of video games with arcade games and home consoles becoming widely available Through this period of growth and
13  décembre     16h11
The Most Popular Game Developers of the 1980s and Their Best Creations
   The Best Online Game Makers of the sA complete lull characterizes this era in many of the world s key countries Such huge states as the USSR and the United States in the s focused on domestic politics and tried to create a favorable microclimate for their citizens This also affected the
09  décembre     22h29
Which Retro Video Games Can Be Considered The Rarest In The World?
   When a game is good nowadays it s readily available and the supply is unlimited especially considering how digital downloads work However this hasn t always been the case and it certainly doesn t apply to retro games which appear to be all the rage again You could go as far as describing
22  novembre     19h02
The History and Evolution of Arcade Games
   If you were born after you may not ever have been to a video arcade with the mere fact that they re not really around as much as they used to be Though this will not come as a shock to those of us who are older and grew up with arcades in every town the technology of the world has made them
02  novembre     13h15
How the Birth of Video Game Developers in the 1980s Changed the Industry
   The development of technology means that the different ways we can entertain ourselves in modern society are vast We have access to streaming platforms unlimited hours of music and of course games That being said it was hardly a smooth road getting to this point For us to have access to all
28  octobre     13h50
How 1980s Video Games Influenced the Current Industry
   When something is considered popular culture or pop it becomes dominant and the general public takes it as the norm The mass media drives this acceptance by appealing to everyone It is similar to when a celebrity endorses something or indulges in a particular game this leads to people
25  octobre     14h38
10 Best Video Games in the ’80s
   The s were the video game industry s golden age for many people worldwide Video games experienced an uphill battle in the s The first year of the decade saw a video game crash with sales reaching a peak of about billion in and then falling to about million by The
18  octobre     22h05
Amazing ZX Spectrum Programs from the 1980s That Are All But Forgotten
   For most of us the Speccy was little more than a home console Of course some of us did learn the BASICs sic of programming on it but most of us only used it for playing video games Considering its capabilities today s cheapest feature phones have more processing power than the ZX Spectrum
What Games Could You Play on a Commodore 64?
   Just like guessing random s songs not everyone remembers the Commodore computer But if we did a little refresh on your memory you might start thinking about all of the amazing games you used to play on it In this article we ll bring you a blast from the past with a list of Commodore
17  octobre     17h18
The Development of Video Games Since the ’80s: The Dawn of Interactive Entertainment
   A New Reality of Video GamesVideo game development is a painstaking task for a team requiring programming skills and creative ideas Since the advent of Tetris and Pac Man virtual entertainment has evolved into profound works of art Some use complex characters and a dramatic story while others
26  septembre     14h40
5 Influential 1980s Films That Have Impacted The Video Gaming Industry
   The s was a time of great innovation and technological advancement This period saw the rise of personal computers video games and the birth of the internet The video gaming industry was just starting to grow and many games released were inspired by popular s movies Some were better than
30  août     15h09
A Culture of Nostalgia: Why Remakes of ’80s Films and Video Games are So Popular
   The entertainment industry seems to be in an era of deep nostalgia Almost every new movie release is either a remake a reboot or a revival and if you re eager to know what s the difference between these three words here are simple definitions that can help you wrap your head around it A remake
29  août     20h15
A Closer Look at TMNT: The Cowabunga Collection
   Whoa cowabunga dudes Did the new release make a whole load of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans as happy as Michaelangelo when he gets his hands on a slice of pizza Though we re not going to talk about TMNT Shredder s Revenge which was released on both PC and consoles last June
The Timeless Influence Of Video Game Design From The 1980s
   When it comes to technological developments things really started to get going during the s This was when Nintendo Sega and their competitors started to take over the market The whole world fell in love with video games their flashy graphics and intriguing characters The element of
05  juillet     12h41
Top 3 Video Games That Defined the 1980s
   A common myth in the gaming community is that the s were the golden age of video gaming but most avid gamers know that this came in the s The s was when the Nintendo Entertainment System and Nintendo Gamy Boy were released to the market This decade also featured some of the best arcade
30  mai     22h30
A Short History Of the MMORPG Video Game Genre: From Mud To Wow
   The history of computer games began a long time ago some of you probably have not even heard that there were once projects on magnetic tape cassettes Yes there were such times but progress doesn t stand still It gave us the world wide web or simply the Internet which had to be somehow used
28  avril     13h32
Iconic ’80s Video Games You Have to Play at Least Once
   The s were the golden age of gaming and every true gaming fan should go back in time and play some of the classics from the era Looking at older games will give you so much more appreciation for current ones It s also nice to know how some of the world s most renowned gaming franchises started
07  mars     14h30
4 Things You Didn’t Know About Street Fighter
   The late s saw the release of one of the most influential computer games the world has ever seen The software developer Capcom created Street Fighter as an arcade title in The basic gameplay was one player would control Ryu and a second player could take up the battle as his enemy Ken
02  mars     14h05
Do You Remember Pac-Man?
   Do You Remember Pac Man Pac Man was first released in Japan on May then released in the United States by October of the same year An icon of the s Pac Man a yellow pie shaped character who eats dots and avoids ghosts as he travels through a maze was quickly popularized in the
11  février     14h45
Top Games From the ’80s That Are Still Popular Today
   The s was one of the coolest decades around and continues to have a huge influence on culture From the way s fashion trends in are set to be huge to how music and films still take their cue from the decade it is clear how influential this period was Of course the s was also