28  novembre     00h00
Magnus Effect Propels This Flettner Rotor Boat
Lewin Day    The Magnus effect is a interesting and useful phenomena. [James Whomsley] from [Project Air] decided to put it to work on a small radio-controlled boat, successfully harnessing the effect. (Video, &read more
27  novembre     21h00
Want Octoprint But Lack a Raspberry Pi? Use an Old Android Phone
Donald Papp    3D printers and Octoprint have a long history together, and pre-built images for the Raspberry Pi make getting up and running pretty easy. But there’s also another easy way to &read more
Ham Radio Gets Brain Transplant
Al Williams    Old radios didn’t have much in the way of smarts. But as digital synthesis became more common, radios often had as much digital electronics in them as RF circuits. The &read more
Perovskites Understood
Al Williams    The usual solar cell is made of silicon. The better cells use the crystalline form of the element, but there are other methods to obtain electric energy from the sun &read more
Indoor Blimp Sails Through The Air Using Ultrasonic Transducers
Dave Rowntree    Quadcopter type drones can be flown indoors, but unless you have a lot of space, it usually just ends in a crash. The prospect of being hit in the face &read more
PiGlass v2 Embraces the New Raspberry Pi Zero 2
Tom Nardi    Well, that certainly didn’t take long. It’s been just about a month since the Raspberry Pi Zero 2 hit the market, and we’re already seeing folks revisit old projects to &read more
Spiral Music Visualization
Mike Szczys    Displaying notes live as they are being played can be a really powerful learning tool, but it’s usually used to learn how to play a specific instrument. This take on &read more