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18  octobre     13h27
PS5 Just Snapped A 33 Month Nintendo Switch NPD Sales Streak
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor    After 33 straight months of being the best-selling video game console by unit in US NPD numbers, the Nintendo Switch has had its streak snapped by what else?
Destiny 2’s Lost Calendar Says It Might Be Time To Take Two Months Off
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor    As we approach Destiny 2 reset tomorrow, we have already gotten the answer to a number of questions we’ve had in the past about when certain events would be coming in Season of the Lost.
You’ Season 3’s Ending Killed The Wrong Person
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor    You season 3 had a lot of murdering, but the final death of the season was the wrong choice to make.
Now You Can Be Zendaya And Timothée Chalamet In Fortnite’ With New Dune’ Skins
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor    Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet will be immortalized in Fortnite with these new Dune skins.
17  octobre     23h00
Fear The Walking Dead’ Season 7, Episode 1 Review: Here We Go Again
Erik Kain, Senior Contributor    Fear The Walking Dead gets off to a wobbly start in its Season 7 premiere, but at least Strand is up to no good.
Leaked Elden Ring’ Gameplay Footage Shows What An Open-World Dark Souls’ Game Looks Like
Erik Kain, Senior Contributor    Elden Ring gameplay footage leaks online, revealing a stunning glimpse at the game’s desolate open world.
Epic Open To Blockchain Games After Steam Ban, But No Fortnite’ NFTs
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor    Epic seems to be courting a specific niche market in the wake of Steam banning blockchain games that allow the exchange of cryptocurrency from the platform.
A Long List Of What’s Allegedly Being Added To Cyberpunk 2077’
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor    Here’s what datamining, industry sources and a bit of guessing says is coming to Cyberpunk 2077.
Keep An Eye On My Name,’ Netflix’s Next Potential Korean Megahit Post- Squid Game’
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor    One of the most common questions in the streaming world right now is what should you watch after Squid Game, as that was many people’s first introduction to Korean television. Now, Netflix is looking to provide an easy answer with My Name, a new Korean drama that is already starting to tick up
Five Things Destiny 2’ Should Change For Festival Of The Lost Next Time
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor    Destiny 2 has given Festival of the Lost a bit of a refresh this year, mostly because they had to.
16  octobre     14h06
CDPR Is Hiring 60 Positions For Future Cyberpunk 2077’ Content
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor    If you want further evidence that CDPR is very, very far away from ceasing work on Cyberpunk 2077, look no further than their career page, where they are currently hiring over 60 different roles tagged as being for Cyberpunk 2077.
A New World’ Update On When Server Transfer Is Finally Coming
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor    Since New World launched a few weeks ago, Amazon said that it’s top priority was going to be rolling out a server transfer feature that would allow players to hop into other worlds rather than being locked into the first one they chose.
Squid Game’ Dethroned In Netflix’s Top 10 List By A New Show
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor    Here’s what new show has knocked Squid Game off the #1 spot in Netflix’s top 10 list.
Nintendo Switch Online’s Expansion Pack Price And Bundling Is Absurd
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor    Nintendo has created some of the best video games in the history of the medium and remains a colossal industry force to this day. They also seem allergic to making good decisions when it comes to anything having to do with that mysterious new technology, the internet.
Destiny 2’ Disables Telesto For Perhaps The Best Reason Yet
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor    Another week, another problem caused by Telesto, the Destiny 2 fusion rifle that quite literally shoots bugs and glitches.
15  octobre     17h41
Why Squid Game’s VIPs Are So Terrible: A Rebuttal
Erik Kain, Senior Contributor    The VIPs dragged down an otherwise brilliant show not because they showed how vile the rich could be, but because of bad acting and writing.
Roblox’ Makes A Metaverse Move Fortnite’ Should Worry About
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor    Though the two aren’t direct rivals in the traditional sense, Fortnite is heavily focused on its Epic-crafted battle royale mode while Roblox is more of a massively diverse collection of fan-made games, they are competitors in the Metaverse. And that’s why a recent move by Roblox is so interesting.
Pac-Man: Birth Of An Icon’: Inside 2021’s Best Gaming Book
Matt Gardner, Senior Contributor    Pac-Man may be the best-known video game of all time, but a new book gives an unprecedented insight into its history.
Marvel’s Avengers’ Doubles Down With More Paid Power Boosts, Total Silence
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor    Last week, the Marvel’s Avengers community erupted with anger that Crystal Dynamics is now selling boosts to XP and materials outright in the microtransaction store, breaking their word that previously said the store woul...
You Probably Forgot That Cyberpunk 2077’ Is Getting A Netflix Series
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor    With all the drama that has unfolded regarding the release of Cyberpunk 2077 in the last year, you may have forgotten, which I totally did, that there is still going to be a Netflix series based on the show that is supposed to ...
Sakura Wars’ Is Coming To Super Robot Wars 30’ And A Demo Is Now Available
Ollie Barder, Contributor    With ’Super Robot Wars 30’ released at the end of this month, we now have more information about the first DLC pack and the fact it will include mecha from the ’Sakura Wars’ games.
Genshin Impact’ Update 2.3 Leaks: Itto Details And Banner, Albedo Event And Free Sword
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor    Now that we have gotten past...whatever Genshin Impact was doing with its incredibly bizarre Elon Musk community challenge, we can refocus on what’s coming to the actual game.
Destiny 2’ Is Nerfing Vex Mythoclast And Festival Farming
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor    It wouldn’t be a season of Destiny 2 without at least a few controversial nerfs, and the ones discussed yesterday are pretty opposite from one another, but both bound to be controversial.
Goodbye Console Wars? Dual PlayStation And Xbox Ownership Is Booming
Matt Gardner, Senior Contributor    In a trend that will turn the stomachs of console extremists, more people now own both a PlayStation and Xbox.
Not Everyone That Worked On Metroid Dread’ Was Credited, But This Is Sadly An Industry-Wide Problem
Ollie Barder, Contributor    Now with ’Metroid Dread’ finally released, and being entirely great, it seems that some people who worked on the game weren’t properly credited.