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27  novembre     21h22
Hawkeye’ Episode 1 Review: A Fun Start To Marvel’s Christmas Special On Disney Plus
Erik Kain, Senior Contributor    I think it’s safe to say that, as both a critic and a fan, I experienced a little burn-out on the MCU this year.
PS Plus Free Games For December Leaked Online
Erik Kain, Senior Contributor    December’s free PlayStation Plus titles have leaked online. Here’s what to expect on PS4 and PS5 next month.
Here’s The First Info About Hellbound’ Season 2 On Netflix
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor    Hellbound season 2 is coming, and the director is talking about plans for the second season on Netflix for the first time.
Hawkeye’ Begged Marvel To Be Able To Use Yelena Belova In The Show
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor    Ever since Black Widow hit screens, Marvel fans have been waiting for a promised crossover, the idea that Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova would be showing up in Hawkeye, as teased by an end credits sequence with Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Contessa Valentina.
All Destiny 2’ DLC Is On Sale For Crazy Cheap, What Should You Buy?
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor    Across Xbox, PlayStation and Steam, Destiny 2 has marked down its DLC to very, very low prices across the board.
No One Year Anniversary Cyberpunk 2077’ Update, Skipping Straight To Patch 1.5
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor    We are just over a week away from the one year anniversary launch of Cyberpunk 2077, and in case you were wondering if CDPR might do something to mark the occasion within the game itself, don’t hold out any hope for t...
How Long Does It Actually Take To Finish Halo Infinite’s Battle Pass?
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor    There’s been a lot of debate about Halo Infinite’s battle pass since the game released multiplayer early, and one hot topic is whether or not progression is too slow. This is linked to the challenge-only XP system, which most people find intolerable.
26  novembre     16h42
Battlefield 2042’ Update #2 Patch Notes: Bug Fixes, Nerfs, Bullet Spread And More
Erik Kain, Senior Contributor    Battlefield 2042’s second update fixes some, but far from all, of the game’s many problems.
Fortnite’ Begins Teasing A New Chapter 3 Map
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor    At this point it’s explicitly confirmed that the end of Fortnite Chapter 2, season 8, is also the end of the entirety of Chapter 2, and Chapter 3 is on the way.
All The Netflix Daredevil Is Back In The MCU’ Rumors And Leaks At This Point
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor    We are back in active MCU territory with the arrival of Hawkeye on Disney Plus, and the soon-to-return Spider-Man (Spider-Men?) in No Way Home. And there is a mounting pile of rumors that Disney is going to listen to fans, and bring back one of its lost sheep in the form of Netflix’s Daredevil.
Save Destiny 2’ Weapons With These Five Perks Ahead Of The December Patch
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor    Here are the five perks I would save most rolls with going forward in Destiny 2, until we can sort out just how valuable they will be. But they seem potentially great.
Cyberpunk 2077’ Is Getting Review Bombed Again, But Positively
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor    Cyberpunk 2077 is having a tiny bit of a moment right now.
How To Easily Complete A Third Of Halo Infinite’s Challenges Every Week
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor    There’s a way to breeze through a lot of Halo Infinite challenges every week.
25  novembre     14h27
Destiny 2’s Post-Thanksgiving Season Of The Lost Roadmap
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor    Here’s what’s going on in Destiny 2 when you get back from Thanksgiving break.
Black Friday Sale Cyberpunk 2077’ Is Now Steam’s Top-Selling Game
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor    Cyberpunk 2077 is on sale for half off and as a result, is now the best-selling game on Steam nearly a year after its release.
Halo Infinite’ Is A Very Fun Video Game
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor    Halo Infinite is one of the best shooter debuts in a decade, without question.
Force Your Family To Watch Netflix’s #1 Show This Thanksgiving, Arcane’
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor    As you gather together for Thanksgiving this year, I suppose you can watch football, or you can watch something even better, Netflix’s new smash hit, Arcane.
This Week In XR: Niantic’s 300 Million Raise, NFTs As Tickets, Dent Reality Lands VC Bux
Charlie Fink, Contributor    The big news this week may be Niantic’s tremendous raise and epic 9B valuation, but it is also the week I am finally figuring out NFTs.
24  novembre     15h22
Cyberpunk 2077’ Is Super Cheap For Black Friday, And Worth It
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor    While there are many games on sale for Black Friday, it’s rare to see a game this big on sale for this low of a price this quickly. That would be Cyberpunk 2077, which is on sale in digital storefronts for 25 or so, but if you pick up a box copy? Those are clearing house prices now.
Two More Important Destiny 2’ Ability Changes You Should Know About
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor    Last week, we got an absolutely massive TWAB detailing scores of changes coming to abilities in Destiny 2’s PvP. But wait, there’s more
New D&D Book Shows How To Work Your Way Through Magic School
Rob Wieland, Contributor    Strixhaven: Curriculum of Chaos features the high adventure fans of Dungeons & Dragons expect but also challenges from areas of college life such as jobs and relatonships.
Five Things We Learned From The Hawkeye’ Double-Episode Premiere
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor    This morning, Disney Plus dropped not one, but two episodes of Hawkeye onto us, the first Disney Plus appearance of an OG core Avenger in any series so far, now that Clint Barton is back. Here’s what we learned.
Fortnite’ Season-Ending Chapter 3 Event Date And Time Revealed
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor    Here is when Fortnite chapter 3 begins after a new live event.
Halo Infinite’ Might Be Throwing The Worst Live Event I’ve Ever Seen
Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor    Halo Infinite’s Fracture: Tenrai event might be the worst formatted live event I’ve ever seen in this genre.
The Wheel Of Time’ Vs The Witcher’ Which Fantasy Has The Better Bard?
Erik Kain, Senior Contributor    Which bard is the best bard? And which bard’s ditty is the best ditty? The Witcher’s Jaskier squares off against Thom Merrilin from The Wheel Of Time.