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Reuters : science
01  juillet     00h46
U.S. approves SpaceX’s Starlink internet for use with ships, boats, planes
   WASHINGTON Reuters The U S Federal Communications Commission on Thursday authorized Elon Musk s SpaceX to use its Starlink satellite internet network with moving vehicles green lighting the company s plan to expand broadband offerings to commercial airlines shipping vessels and trucks
For pandas, it’s been two ’thumbs’ up for millions of years
   WASHINGTON Reuters Fossils unearthed in China are helping scientists get a better grasp on one of the marvels of evolution the giant panda s false thumb which helps this veggie loving bear munch the bamboo that makes up most of its diet Researchers said on Thursday they discovered near the
02  juillet     10h46
Astronaut study reveals effects of space travel on human bones
   WASHINGTON Reuters A study of bone loss in astronauts who flew aboard the International Space Station is providing a fuller understanding of the effects of space travel on the human body and steps that can mitigate it crucial knowledge ahead of potential ambitious future missions The
29  juin     12h11
Chinese spacecraft acquires images of entire planet of Mars
   BEIJING Reuters An uncrewed Chinese spacecraft has acquired imagery data covering all of Mars including visuals of its south pole after circling the planet more than times since early last year state media reported on Wednesday China s Tianwen successfully reached the Red Planet in
28  juin     19h50
Meet the ’zombie star’ that survived a supernova blast
   WASHINGTON Reuters Astronomers have observed in a relatively nearby galaxy a star that not only survived what ordinarily should have been certain death a stellar explosion called a supernova but emerged from it brighter than before the blast Meet the zombie star The star at issue
29  juin     14h31
Climate tech firm to launch scaled-up plant sucking CO2 from air
   BRUSSELS Reuters Construction is due to begin on Wednesday on what could become the world s biggest plant to capture carbon dioxide from the air and deposit it underground the company behind the nascent green technology said Swiss start up Climeworks AG said its second large scale direct air
Chinese commercial rocket company reaches new heights with latest funding round
   BEIJING Reuters Chinese commercial rocket launch company ExPace has raised billion yuan million the largest funding round for such a company in recent years Wuhan based ExPace a subsidiary of state owned spacecraft and missile manufacturer China Aerospace Science and Industry Corp
26  juin     07h13
NASA to launch first rocket from a commercial spaceport in Australia on Sunday
   SYDNEY Reuters NASA will launch a rocket from the remote wilderness of northern Australia on Sunday evening the first commercial space launch in Australia and the agency s first from a commercial spaceport The suborbital rocket will be briefly visible seconds after the launch scheduled for
23  juin     18h13
The ’Mount Everest’ of bacteria discovered in Caribbean swamps
   WASHINGTON Reuters The largest known bacterium a vermicelli shaped organism that was discovered in shallow mangrove swamps in the Caribbean and is big enough to be seen with the naked eye is redefining what is possible for bacteria Earth s most ancient life form Scientists said on Thursday
22  juin     16h55
European Space Agency expects NASA backing for suspended Mars mission
   BERLIN Reuters The European Space Agency expects strong support from its U S counterpart NASA after the agency s plans to cooperate with Russia on a Mars research mission were suspended due to the Ukraine war ESA said in March it was suspending cooperation with Russia s Roscosmos space agency
28  juin     07h22
Magnificent ancient mosaic found near Tel Aviv returns home
   LOD Israel Reuters An exceptionally well preserved Roman floor mosaic showing a rich variety of fish animals birds and ships has returned to the site where it was first found in a Tel Aviv suburb after a decade long tour of some of the world s top museums The year old mosaic from
27  juin     19h23
Epstein-Barr may play a role in some long COVID; coronavirus can impair blood sugar processing by organs
   Reuters The following is a summary of some recent studies on COVID They include research that warrants further study to corroborate the findings and that has yet to be certified by peer review Epstein Barr virus may play role in some long COVID casesCOVID may reactivate a common virus
24  juin     11h08
Tortoise and its egg found in latest Pompeii discovery
   ROME Reuters The remains of a tortoise and its egg have been unearthed by archaeologists in Pompeii the Roman city buried in a volcanic eruption in AD The animal was found hidden under the clay floor of a storehouse and probably died before Vesuvius erupted It had dug itself a burrow where
23  juin     08h56
Ancient Inca tomb discovered under home in Peru capital
   LIMA Reuters Scientists have unearthed an Inca era tomb in the heart of Peru s capital Lima archaeologists said on Wednesday a burial dug up under a working class home and believed to hold noble remains wrapped in cloth alongside ceramics and fine ornaments Lead archeologist Julio Abanto told
22  juin     17h04
Scientists probe link between ’snow blood’ and climate change
   CHAMONIX France Reuters Standing on a snowy mountainside about metres above sea level Eric Marechal holds up a crimson test tube Inside is an algae sample known as snow blood a phenomenon that accelerates Alpine thaw and that scientists worry is spreading These algae are green
ESA expects strong NASA support after Mars mission suspended due to Ukraine war
   BERLIN Reuters The European Space Agency ESA said on Wednesday that it expects strong support from its U S counterpart NASA after the European agency s plans to cooperate with Russia on a Mars research mission were suspended due to the Ukraine war ESA said in March that it was suspending
21  juin     20h30
Burning space rocket debris lights up Iberian skies
   MADRID Reuters Remnants of a Chinese space rocket reentering the atmosphere left long shiny trails in the night sky over Spain after midnight on Tuesday leaving many onlookers amazed and puzzled I think it was the most spectacular thing I ve ever seen in the sky said Miguel J Cruz who
Biden nominates Arati Prabhakar as his top science adviser
   WASHINGTON Reuters U S President Joe Biden on Tuesday nominated Arati Prabhakar as the new White House science adviser who would be the first woman of color and first immigrant to hold such a role if confirmed by the Senate Prabhakar would head The Office of Science and Technology Policy at
Swimming-Trans athlete Ivy slams FINA policy as ’unscientific’
   BENGALURU Reuters Transgender cyclist Veronica Ivy questioned the move by swimming s governing body FINA to restrict the participation of trans athletes in elite women s competitions telling Reuters that there had not been enough research to guide such decisions Ivy also criticised FINA s
Chilean beachgoers become guardians of Elasmosaurus fossils
   SANTIAGO Reuters While strolling along Los Tubos beach on the central Chilean coast a group of neighbors found strange remains which turned out to be fossils of an ancient marine reptile that lived in the surrounding sea millions of years ago Several fossils belonging to the long necked sea
S.Korea’s second space rocket launch successfully puts satellites in orbit
   SEOUL Reuters South Korea s second test launch of its domestically produced Nuri rocket successfully placed several satellites in orbit on Tuesday officials said taking a major step in efforts to jumpstart its space programme after a first test failed last year The rocket lifted off from Naro
17  juin     19h39
South Korea’s Innospace to launch rocket from Brazil in December -official
   BRASILIA Reuters South Korean aerospace and defense company Innospace will be the first private business to send up a rocket from the Alcantara launch center in northern Brazil in December Brazilian Space Agency President Carlos Moura told Reuters on Friday Innospace which plans to make low
China finds signs of water in moon’s ’Ocean of Storms’
   BEIJING Reuters Chinese scientists have found signs of water in samples retrieved by China from a lava plain on the moon bringing them closer to understanding its origin there a crucial question for future lunar exploration In a paper published in Nature Communications this week the
Isolated Greenland polar bear population adapts to climate change
   WASHINGTON Reuters An isolated population of polar bears in Greenland has made a clever adaptation to the decline in the sea ice they depend upon as a platform for hunting seals offering a ray of hope for this species in at least some locales in the warming Arctic This population of several
16  juin     19h11
Prior infection plus 3 vaccine doses proves best vs Omicron; neurological COVID symptoms can last months
   Reuters The following is a summary of some recent studies on COVID They include research that warrants further study to corroborate the findings and that has yet to be certified by peer review Vaccination plus prior COVID best protects against OmicronPeople who were infected with an earlier
U.S. issues new warnings on ’forever chemicals’ in drinking water
   WASHINGTON Reuters The U S Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday released new warnings for synthetic pollutants in drinking water known as forever chemicals saying the toxins can still be harmful even at levels so low they are not detectable The family of toxic chemicals known as per
15  juin     19h09
In Tarantula Nebula, a stunning view of stars being born
   WASHINGTON Reuters Astronomers have peered into a teeming stellar nursery in the Tarantula Nebula a colossal cloud of gas and dust next door to our galaxy gaining new understanding of the dynamics of star formation while obtaining a dazzling image of the cosmos Researchers on Wednesday said
Ancient DNA solves mystery over origin of medieval Black Death
   Reuters Ancient DNA from bubonic plague victims buried in cemeteries on the old Silk Road trade route in Central Asia has helped solve an enduring mystery pinpointing an area in northern Kyrgyzstan as the launching point for the Black Death that killed tens of millions of people in the mid th
13  juin     22h01
European Space Agency, Russia’s Roscosmos hold talks on Mars mission
   Reuters The European Space Agency ESA said on Monday it has held talks with Russia s Roscosmos space agency over the ExoMars rover mission to search for signs of life on the surface of Mars The ESA s press office confirmed the talks in an emailed statement but gave no indication of the
SpaceX protests Viasat-Inmarsat merger plans to U.S. FCC
   WASHINGTON Reuters SpaceX s satellite unit on Monday protested Viasat s proposed acquisition of Inmarsat to the U S Federal Communications Commission FCC alleging the rival satellite operator had violated commission rules and should not be granted approval to control another company s