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31  mars     11h51
Donald Trump indictment: former US president becomes first to face criminal charges - latest updates
Martin Belam    Ex president expected to face arraignment on Tuesday New York police warned they may face unusual disorder Full story Donald Trump indicted over hush money paymentThe indictment of Donald Trump has profound implications for the Republican race for the nomination for next year s presidential
After indictment, Trump will play the victim - and the tactic will work for many Republicans
David Smith in Washington    Trump has followed a pattern since the bigger the alleged crime the louder he airs grievances and claims he s being persecutedComedian Chris Rock gazed out at the audience at an awards ceremony in Washington earlier this month Are you guys really going to arrest Trump he asked bluntly
Now we know: in Trump’s fantasy comeback, he’ll be wearing handcuffs Marina Hyde
Marina Hyde    In the topsy turvy world he has created criminal charges against the former president may be just the boost he needs I actually don t even know why I did it porn star Stormy Daniels once reflected of the textbook generic sex she claimed to have had with Donald Trump after some cursed
30  mars     22h28
Why did a grand jury vote to indict Trump and what does it mean for him?
Victoria Bekiempis    Indictment relates to a hush money payment made on ex president s behalf to the adult film star Stormy DanielsDonald Trump will be the first former US president to face criminal charges after a grand jury in New York has voted to indict him on charges related to hush money payments to an adult film
31  mars     09h54
Sunak took 500,000 worth of private jet trips in less than a fortnight
Peter Walker Political correspondent    Lib Dems criticise shocking waste of taxpayers money as Cabinet Office document reveals PM s flight costsPolitics live latest updatesRishi Sunak took private jet trips costing almost in just over a week last year government data has shown prompting opposition claims that he is out
Wimbledon allows Russian and Belarusian players back into tournament
Tumaini Carayol    All England Club and the LTA reverse decision on bansPlayers will be required to sign neutrality agreementsRussian and Belarusian players will be allowed to compete at Wimbledon and the British grass court tournaments this year after the All England Club AELTC and the LTA jointly opted to reverse
UK house price correction has some way to go’ after March falls; eurozone inflation drops to 6.9% - business live
Graeme Wearden    Average UK house prices fell in year to March Nationwide reports while energy costs are now falling in the eurozoneUK house prices fall at fastest annual rate since The UK housing market may remain weak in the coming months Nationwide s chief economist Robert Gardner says It will be
Badenoch tells media to not keep talking’ about Brexit amid complaints Asia-Pacific deal won’t compensate for EU trade loss - live
Andrew Sparrow    Business and trade secretary says claims deal will deliver limited economic boost are based on old dataThe UK government has announced a m funding package to support Northern Ireland charities and community organisations facing a financial crisis due to a loss of European money PA Media reports
Raw sewage spilled into English rivers 824 times a day last year
Helena Horton    Figure comes despite barely any rainfall during year and prompts call for environment secretary to resignRaw sewage was spilled into English rivers times a day last year despite the fact there was barely any rainfall and most of the country was in drought Thérèse Coffey the environment
Michael Vaughan cleared of using racist language at Yorkshire, CDC hearing finds
Simon Burnton    Cricket Discipline Commission has published its findingsCase against former England captain Vaughan not provenThe former England captain Michael Vaughan has been cleared of using racist and or discriminatory language and bringing the game into disrepute by the ECB s Cricket Discipline Commission
Liverpool Eurovision venue crowd congestion unacceptable’, report says
Kevin Rawlinson    ACC Liverpool admits long queues at M amp S Bank Arena led to problems for people coming to Jamie Webster gigCrowd congestion at the Liverpool venue due to host the Eurovision song contest later this year was not acceptable its operator has reportedly admitted ACC Liverpool which runs the M amp S
Recycling rubble can help rebuild Syria faster, scientists show
Damian Carrington Environment editor    Tests show recycled concrete could safely be used in new buildings in war and quake stricken countryConcrete rubble from destroyed buildings in Syria can be safely recycled into new concrete scientists have shown which will make the rebuilding of the war hit country faster cheaper and greener
Russia-Ukraine war live: Turkey approves Finland Nato bid; Ukraine marks Bucha massacre anniversary
Tobi Thomas (now); Kevin Rawlinson, Martin Belam and Helen Sullivan (earlier)    Turkey clears way for Helsinki to join alliance Zelenskiy says past year has been most horrific in their entire lives for residents of Kyiv regionRussia Ukraine war at a glanceVolodymyr Zelenskiy has marked the anniversary of the liberation of Bucha with a message on his official Telegram
Failed IT systems at Capita fuel fears of cyber-attack on crucial NHS provider
Rob Davies and Anna Isaac    Staff at outsourcing firm resort to radios pen and paper as they are unable to access computers and emailComputer systems have abruptly stopped working at the outsourcing group Capita triggering fears that the company that runs crucial operations for the NHS and the military could be under cyber
Manchester’s 1-a-night tax on tourists comes into force
Nazia Parveen    First city in the UK to impose such a charge hopes to raise m a year to develop its visitor experienceFrom tomorrow April tourists will have to pay a tax to stay in Manchester the first city in the UK to impose a tourist tax on visitors Overnight guests in city centre hotels or holiday
A tale of two cities: the struggle for a Black history of Manchester Lanre Bakare
Lanre Bakare    The city s image of protest and rebellion obscures its links to slavery But there is a push to acknowledge the Black radicalism in its pastOn a sunny June evening last year members of the Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society filed slowly into the Friends Meeting House just off St Peter
King Charles needn’t sell off the crown jewels in atonement for slavery - but Britain must waive Jamaica’s debt Barbara Blake-Hannah
Barbara Blake-Hannah    The empire was built with the labour of my enslaved ancestors Money can only ever begin to make amends for thatIn countries touched by European colonialism the subjects of enslavement and reparations suddenly seem to be on the agenda This week the Guardian stepped forward to publish its
The radicals
Lanre Bakare    A series of eight new portraits by leading Black artists building a pantheon of radical figures who resisted transatlantic slavery and its legacies from African American abolitionists to Mancunian activists Continue reading
30  mars     11h00
White gold from Black hands: the Gullah Geechee fight for a legacy after slavery DeNeen L Brown
DeNeen L Brown    Descendants of the west Africans who picked the cotton that made Manchester rich are struggling to keep their distinct culture aliveDorcas who was and picked Sea Island cotton sold for Cassander a year old prime woman who also picked cotton but was prone to fits sold for
31  mars     04h00
Absurdity to a new level’ as Russia takes charge of UN security council
Julian Borger in New York    Monthly rotation of presidency of member council has been unaffected by Ukraine warIn Ukraine Moscow is pursuing an unprovoked war of aggression In The Hague Vladimir Putin is facing an arrest warrant for war crimes But at the UN Russia is about to take charge of a powerful international
Russia seeking weapons from North Korea to bolster Ukraine war, says US
Associated Press    US security spokesman says new evidence suggests Moscow offering food to rogue nation in return for dozens of kinds of weapons and munitionsSee all our Ukraine coverageThe White House says it has new evidence that Russia is looking again to North Korea for weapons and munitions to fuel the war
The war in Ukraine reminds us what the EU is for. But even bigger challenges lie ahead Timothy Garton Ash
Timothy Garton Ash    Support for the European Union is strong even in post Brexit Britain Can it come through its external battles too It s springtime in Brussels and the European Union has a spring in its step Its leaders and institutions have been galvanised by the war in Ukraine The war has reminded us what
30  mars     16h50
US condemns arrest of WSJ journalist as Russia accused of hostage taking’
Shaun Walker    US secretary of state Antony Blinken issues strongly worded statement after arrest of Evan GershkovichAntony Blinken the US secretary of state has condemned Russia s arrest of the Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich as Moscow was accused of engaging in hostage taking by arresting a
31  mars     10h00
Buy. Return. Repeat ... What really happens when we send back unwanted clothes?
Amelia Tait    The rise and rise of online fashion stores and their generous returns policies has created a new industry dedicated to dealing with our unwanted clothes But what damage is being done to our planet and to retailers by our boomerang shopping habits In the past the post office has been an
Experience: I have the biggest mouth in the world
Samantha Ramsdell    If you re wondering whether I can fit a whole apple in my mouth yes I canAs a little girl I used to pore over the Guinness Book of Records every Christmas My family and I would spend Christmas Day looking at all the brilliant people who were using their unusual quirks and talents for good
Children can make a difference’: Devon boy ends three-year charity camp out
Steven Morris    Max Woosey is looking forward to being known as more than the boy in the tent after raising huge sum for local hospiceWhen he began his camping adventure Max Woosey imagined he would spend a few weeks sleeping in his new tent and raise a few hundred pounds for a good cause Three years on
You be the judge: should my partner stop vaping all the time?
Interviews by Georgina Lawton    Barry will vape anywhere until he s told not to Carol finds this irritating Have your say and help them clear the airFind out how to get a disagreement settled or become a You be the judge jurorBarry vapes anywhere and everywhere It s rude embarrassing and makes me cough Continue reading
Oldham Coliseum brings down curtain for final time with star-studded show
Josh Halliday North of England correspondent    Venue that helped launch careers of many actors forced to close after losing m Arts Council England grantOne of Britain s oldest theatres the Oldham Coliseum will close on its own terms on Friday night its artistic director has said with a star studded final show The year old venue
Toba, SW1: The bliss is in the devilishly good detail’ - restaurant review
Grace Dent    Toba was so slick and distinctly fancy I feared the food would be an afterthought I was wrongSt James s Market where Toba has set up shop is absolutely nobody s favourite place to dine out despite millions being spent on this freshly burrowed concrete and steel crevice just off Regent Street in
The chateau is screensaver material’: readers’ favourite long weekend trips
Guardian readers    Great art walks history and cycles feature on these short trips that take in atmospheric places as diverse as Lincoln and LausanneDinant is defined by cliffs hills and the mighty Meuse River You could take a lazy funicular trip to the fortress gawp at the stunning citadel or check out the
Seaside Special review - a heartfelt time capsule of Brexit-divided Britain
Peter Bradshaw    Jens Meurer s film beautifully shot in the summer of in Cromer on the Norfolk coast is refreshingly free of cynicismGerman filmmaker Jens Meurer has had a huge success in his native land with this vivid and richly affectionate anglophile documentary I think I can see why and it could even
Take back control’? With this Pacific trade deal, Brexit Britain has just signed it away Nick Dearden
Nick Dearden    Goodbye food standards Hello corporate lobbyists Why are we doing this for no real economic benefit Last night the government announced that Britain has joined a trade deal so contentious that it united Donald Trump Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in opposition to US membership While
Hush money to a porn star: of course this was how Trump was indicted Moira Donegan
Moira Donegan    This isn t the Trump indictment we wanted but it might be the one we deserveStormy Daniels didn t seem to know what she had In when The Apprentice was still getting decent ratings and Trump had drawn attention to himself for racist claims about the birthplace of Barack Obama Daniels also
The arrest of an American journalist in Russia is awful. For me, it’s also painfully personal Margaret Sullivan
Margaret Sullivan    Evan I said out loud in my hotel room In that moment this news story moved out of the realm of professional dismay and into the intensely personalHis face stared out from news stories on Thursday morning accompanied by headlines like this one in the Guardian Russia arrests reporter and
I stopped trying to be a woman - and I felt resurrected, fully myself for the first time Jackson King
Jackson King    My decision to come out as a trans man was lifechanging What s so scary about the possibility of choice when it comes to gender I ve quit jobs relationships and even some religious beliefs but by far the most important thing I ever quit was trying to be a woman Four years ago I came out as a
It’s tempting for Starmer to fall back on the Blair playbook - what are the risks? Andy Beckett
Andy Beckett    The former Labour leader s appeal was his personality but with the country on the rocks voters may overlook Starmer s lack of charismaTony Blair s triumphant time as opposition leader was more than years and several political eras ago But it still casts a huge shadow over our politics Tories
This gung-ho government says we have nothing to fear from AI. Are you scared yet? Gaby Hinsliff
Gaby Hinsliff    A new white paper emphasises innovation over regulation Unlike ChatGPT we have learned nothing from our mistakesIt s almost years now since a socially awkward young computer science student set up a website for rating hot women Facemash as Mark Zuckerberg called his creation was shut down
One and done’ parents are some of the most thoughtful and compassionate I have met Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett
Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett    It s time to retire the offensive outdated idea that having only one child is somehow selfish or unfair Aren t you worried they ll be lonely This is the question that the parents of only children are probably asked the most and the one that is mentioned again and again when I asked for one
A dictatorship has been built in Tunisia, the birthplace of the Arab spring Sihem Bensedrine
Sihem Bensedrine    President Kais Saied s tirade against sub Saharan African migrants is just his latest assault on democracy I was relieved when Hervé a young man from Ivory Coast who occasionally helps me around the house finally called It had been four agonising days of radio silence Since his landlady had
30  mars     17h25
The Guardian view on Northern Ireland: violence in a political vacuum Editorial
Editorial    This week s heightened threat level is umbilically connected to the continued absence of democratic governmentA year ago in March the terror threat level in Northern Ireland was lowered for the first time in more than a decade This week however that window of hope was slammed shut once
The Guardian view on Rishi Sunak’s energy plan: playing with fire Editorial
Editorial    The government has chosen oil and gas over renewables increasing the climate threatTo say that Rishi Sunak s government has chosen the path of climate vandalism as Labour s Ed Miliband did this week is no exaggeration The policies contained in the energy plan announced on Thursday are
The Auriol Grey case exposes Britain’s obsession with prison Letters
Guardian Staff    Readers respond to Simon Jenkins article on a justice system stuck in the dark agesSimon Jenkins points out the inappropriateness of the custodial sentence handed down to Auriol Grey A tragic accident should not have landed Auriol Grey in prison The UK justice system is stuck in the dark ages
Your starter for 10: is University Challenge biased towards Oxbridge? Letters
Tony Paley (now) and Luke McLaughlin (earlier)    Frank Coffield argues that the BBC quiz show is rigged in favour of the two top universities Plus letters from Joshua Loo and Elizabeth SwinbankRe your report BBC accused of hiding Oxbridge bias on University Challenge in deepening elitism row March my charge against the BBC can be
31  mars     11h51
Yorkshire racism allegations: Vaughan cleared, three charges against Hoggard considered proven - live
John Brewin    Vaughan cleared of using racist language CDC hearing findsCricket Scotland chairman resigns in wake of racism scandalYou can email Tony with your thoughtsNothing yet on the news section of Yorkshire s website A lot of people myself included are refreshing the ECB site to see official
Premier League team news and Manchester City v Liverpool buildup: football countdown - live
Simon Goodley    Manchester City to take on Liverpool Arsenal to face LeedsPremier League things to look out for this weekendGet in touch with Luke via email or on TwitterA three month delay to the overall project would mean the new ground would not be ready for the start of the season an ambition
New Everton stadium months behind schedule, Guardian analysis suggests
PA Media    Construction experts believe project at least three months lateEverton insist seat stadium remains on schedule The construction of Everton s new seat stadium is running months behind schedule a Guardian analysis suggests Documents filed by Everton as part of the stadium s public
Women’s Tour impossible to deliver’ as organisers admit defeat over 2023 event
Guardian sport    Loss of five day race a further blow for British cyclingFunding gap of proves insurmountableThe Women s Tour will not take place this summer after the organising company admitted defeat in its attempts to find the funding required to stage the five day Women s WorldTour race in June Last
30  mars     23h01
Premier League: 10 things to look out for this weekend
Louise Taylor    Liverpool need to close gap on former title rivals Jesus key for Arsenal and Hodgson returns for relegation six pointerOver four seasons there was a total of one Premier League point between them This season there are points between Manchester City and Liverpool City still don t have things
31  mars     10h34
Aston Villa’s Lucy Staniforth: I’d be lying if I said I’m not thinking about the World Cup’
Suzanne Wrack at Stamford Bridge    Rejuvenated midfielder on the pain of leaving Manchester United and her dream to make Newcastle a successful WSL clubAs Lucy Staniforth left Manchester United s training ground for the final time a nagging voice inside her head suggested she might be about to step off the edge of the world Fast
30  mars     22h25
Chelsea into WCL semi-finals after dramatic shootout win against Lyon
Jamie Jackson    Battling bruised and almost beaten The goalkeeper Ann Katrin Berger was the hero seven months after announcing the return of her thyroid cancer and ongoing treatment making two saves in the penalty shootout as Chelsea booked a place in the Champions League semi finals at the expense of the