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30  novembre     00h50
Drug slows cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s patients, study reveals
Ian Sample Science editor    Antibody therapy lecanemab removes clumps of protein called beta amyloid that builds up in brainResearchers have hailed the dawn of a new era of Alzheimer s therapies after a clinical trial confirmed that a drug slows cognitive decline in patients with early stages of the disease The result comes
Census says 39% of Muslims live in most deprived areas of England and Wales
Aamna Mohdin Community affairs correspondent    Campaigners urge policymakers to act on cycle of poverty entrapping generations of British muslimsCampaigners have urged policymakers to act on the cycle of poverty entrapping generations of British Muslims as the latest census shows that of Muslims are now living in the most deprived
29  novembre     23h09
Marcus Rashford revitalised to offer England hope of another World Cup run
Sean Ingle at Ahmad bin Ali Stadium    Rashford s two goals give England win over WalesSouthgate s side now face Senegal in last on SundayMoments after England eased into the last of this World Cup with a painlessly efficient victory against Wales Marcus Rashford jogged over to supporters and began to frenetically pump
30  novembre     07h16
Russia-Ukraine war live: fresh missile strikes on Zaporizhzhia region; Zelenskiy says Russians planning something in the south’
Helen Sullivan    Strikes damaged gas distribution point says Zaporizhzhia official Ukrainian president says we are holding out and do not allow the enemy to fulfil their intentions Russia Ukraine war at a glanceThe UK s Ministry of Defence has highlighted Russia s new foreign agents act in its daily update
Giving up on 1.5C climate target would be gift to carbon boosters, says IEA head
Fiona Harvey Environment editor    Exclusive Fatih Birol says claims that limit is dead are factually incorrect and politically very wrong The world can still limit global heating to C and to claim that the target is now out of reach is to play into the hands of fossil fuel proponents the world s leading energy economist has
Parents refuse use of vaccinated blood in life-saving surgery on baby
Eva Corlett in Wellington    New Zealand s health services go to court over guardianship of four month old boy whose parents have not let heart operation go aheadNew Zealand s health service has made a court application over the guardianship of a four month old baby whose parents are refusing to allow his life saving heart
US and Canada urge China not to harm zero-Covid protesters amid new clashes with police
Guardian staff and agencies    Police in the southern megacity of Guangzhou have faced off against protesters as the authorities struggle to contain widespread discontentThe US and Canada have urged China not to harm or intimidate protesters opposing Covid lockdowns as police clashed with demonstrators and the country s top
Jailed Belarus opposition figure Maria Kolesnikova in intensive care’
Guardian staff and agencies    Our dear Masha we all hope that you will be alright said Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya leader of trio of women who led protestsThe jailed Belarusian opposition leader Maria Kolesnikova has been admitted to intensive care and undergone surgery her allies have said Maria is in the emergency
UK faces bleak winter’ as food prices soar; China’s slowdown deepens - business live
Graeme Wearden    Rolling coverage of the latest economic and financial news as UK fresh food prices climb at record paceUK food price inflation hits new high of UK households face a bleak winter as prices in the shops continue to accelerate driven by food Food inflation has surged to a new record with
Indonesia puts 100-island archipelago up for auction, sparking environmental concerns
Lorcan Lovett    Uninhabited Widi Reserve is in a marine protected zone and being promoted as one of the most intact coral atoll ecosystems left on Earth The development rights to an entire Indonesian archipelago with more than tropical islands is set to be auctioned next week sparking concerns for the
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West reach divorce settlement
Associated Press    Rap mogul will pay ex wife a month in child support and both will share custody of childrenKim Kardashian and Kanye West have reached a settlement in their divorce averting a trial that had been set for next month court documents filed on Tuesday showed The former couple and their
Russia-Ukraine war at a glance: what we know on day 280 of the invasion
Guardian staff and agencies    Nato doubles down on promise to one day include Ukraine in alliance supplies to restore Ukraine s battered electricity grid running low See all our Ukraine war coverage Continue reading
29  novembre     17h10
Ukraine pleads for help to fix energy grid hit by Russian bomb raids
Dan Sabbagh in London and Philip Oltermann in Berlin    European firms urged to donate spare parts after sustained Russian strikes on power plants and substationsRussia Ukraine war latest news updatesUkraine s supplies of spare parts for its battered electricity grid are running out amid sustained Russian bombing and European companies are being
Ukrainian refugees and hosts petition UK government for housing support
Geneva Abdul    More than people sign petition asking for help for those struggling to find independent accommodationRussia Ukraine war latest news updatesUkrainian refugees and their hosts have delivered a petition to Downing Street signed by more than people calling on the government to provide
Onset of winter in Ukraine - a photo essay
Lorenzo Tondo and Julian Borger. Photographs by Alessio Mamo    After Russian attacks on energy infrastructure this is expected to be the hardest winter in Ukraine since the second world warThe defining image of the current state of the war in Ukraine and at the same time a metaphor for the entire country is the snow covered rubble of a residential
30  novembre     06h00
What happened to the cockney riviera? The botched regeneration of brutalist utopia Thamesmead
Oliver Wainwright    The waterside new town on the outskirts of London was marvelled at in the s and used as the setting for A Clockwork Orange But as decades passed it fell into neglect and now the developers are moving inA helicopter swoops over a sun kissed marina where young couples stroll along a waterfront
A form of self-destruction’: Japan weighs up plan to expand nuclear power
Justin McCurry in Onagawa    Japan s prime minister is pushing for as many as nuclear reactors to be switched back on more than a decade on from the meltdown at FukushimaLook carefully through the trees and it is just possible to catch sight of Onagawa nuclear power plant from its visitors centre perched on a hill
29  novembre     19h55
Diversity is a beautiful thing’: the view from Leicester and Birmingham
Robyn Vinter North of England correspondent    Minority ethnic people make up and of respective populations in UK s first super diverse citiesLeicester and Birmingham have become the first super diverse cities in the UK where most people are from black Asian or minority ethnic BAME backgrounds according to the census A
30  novembre     07h00
A moment that changed me: born and raised in Kenya, I yearned for Croydon
Eric Otieno Sumba    I grew up surrounded by souvenirs of my family s time in southern England Years later I finally visited that fabled landIn most of the children s books I browsed through as a last born child there was an address in southern England handwritten in the inside cover I vaguely knew my parents and
It started with a toilet’: the hikers’ hut cleaning up Georgia’s Mount Kazbek
Mike Eckel    The AltiHut began as a way of solving the problems caused by too many human visitors and evolved into the country s first mountain hostelDawn comes at a little past am when the early September sun pokes its head over the ridges east of the northern Georgian town of Stepantsminda and paints the
29  novembre     19h03
Try being trustworthy Martin Lewis’s advice to MPs seeking to restore trust in politics
John Crace    The money saving expert and most trusted man in Britain has hard and obvious lessons for culture select committeeHere s a thought One that should keep some MPs awake at night Are politicians intrinsically untrustworthy Are only people who are predisposed to being economical with the truth
30  novembre     07h00
I ended up facing court after my car’s licence plates were stolen
Anna Tims    The thieves used them on a vehicle to fill up with fuel and then I was sent demands for paymentIn June my car number plates were stolen I reported it to the police who confirmed they had been used on a vehicle that filled up with fuel at two garages then had been driven off without payment
A bit horrifying’: the Melbourne cockatoo dropping pot plants from four storeys up
Natasha May    Footage of the barrage has been watched m times with one expert saying the bird might have been simply being playfulFollow our Australia news live blog for the latest updatesGet our morning and afternoon news emails free app or daily news podcast Here comes another one A passerby on
From the Amazon to Australia, why is your money funding Earth’s destruction? George Monbiot
George Monbiot    Fossil fuels fisheries and farming the world s most destructive industries are protected and subsidised by governmentsIn every conflict over the living world something is being protected And most of the time it s the wrong thing The world s most destructive industries are fiercely
No, it’s not too early for a Christmas tree. Mine has been up for ages Arwa Mahdawi
Arwa Mahdawi    When the world is going to hell you reach for the familiar and the comforting Even if it leaves you covered in needlesWhat is the optimal date to buy a Christmas tree The Arwa Mahdawi approved answer is November which is when I bought mine There was a time when I would have been aghast at
No mother should have to choose between her baby starving or being infected with HIV Olena Stryzhak
Olena Stryzhak    In Ukraine many mothers lack the formula milk and drugs needed to prevent mother to child transmission We must not allow this war to undo decades of progressFor centuries breastfeeding has been seen as important to a baby s development But what if you re faced with needing to breastfeed your
Science is making it possible to hear’ nature. It does more talking than we knew Karen Bakker
Karen Bakker    With digital bioacoustics scientists can eavesdrop on the natural world and they re learning some astonishing thingsScientists have recently made some remarkable discoveries about non human sounds With the aid of digital bioacoustics tiny portable digital recorders similar to those found in
29  novembre     19h30
Martin Rowson on Rishi Sunak’s dilemma over onshore windfarms - cartoon
Martin Rowson    Continue reading
Ukraine needs tanks, and the west should supply them. They could finish off Putin and Russia Frank Ledwidge
Frank Ledwidge    In Churchill said to the US give us the tools and we will finish the job Zelenskiy is saying the same to us and we should listenIn a speech on a Royal Navy ship Winston Churchill directed his final comments to the US Give us the tools and we will finish the job After a
Tampax, stick to making tampons - and stop being creepy Arwa Mahdawi
Arwa Mahdawi    Why do big brands think they have to be edgy And yes I am also talking about you BalenciagaYou know what I would like a major manufacturer of tampons to do Make tampons You know what I wouldn t like them to do Make creepy sex jokes on Twitter This is a not so subtle reference to Tampax which
At 35, I found out I had gout. Imagine having to give up everything you like to eat and drink Daniel Lavelle
Daniel Lavelle    Overnight a golf ball sized lump appeared on my toe and all sorts of delicious things had to disappear from my dietI wake to searing pain in my right foot the worst pain I ve ever felt Worse than the time I broke my back after plummeting ft from a cricket practice net worse than when a
The Guardian view on the latest census: mapping an ever more diverse country Editorial
Editorial    The public have accepted that Britain is not just populated by white people and have stopped imagining that it could ever be otherwiseIn the Conservative MP Enoch Powell delivered probably the most inflammatory address ever given by a senior British politician As I look ahead I am filled
The Guardian view on Biden’s Buy America’ strategy: a wake-up call for Europe Editorial
Editorial    Huge subsidies for US based low carbon manufacturers are posing big problems for EU leadersIn a slick General Motors advert aired during last year s Super Bowl the actor and comedian Will Ferrell took patriotic umbrage at Norway s ability to sell more electric vehicles per capita than the US
Only planning reform can fix Britain’s housing crisis Letters
Guardian Staff    Readers on how years of poor Tory leadership mean there is no end in sight to the chronic shortage of homesJohn Harris dissects key aspects of the housing crisis in a typically thoughtful and powerful way The Tories are tearing themselves apart over housing but this is another crisis of their
ADHD in adults is too often undiagnosed and misunderstood Letter
Guardian Staff    Linda Saltwell of ADHD Aware says many people realise they need a referral only when they trip over information themselvesIt was very moving to see the relief of Nadia Sawalha as she described being finally diagnosed with ADHD Nadia Sawalha reveals she has been diagnosed with ADHD in late s
30  novembre     00h01
Gareth Southgate flips switch at right time to show his worth for England Barney Ronay
Barney Ronay at Ahmad bin Ali Stadium    A tactical tweak against Wales turned England into fun entertainers and for that Southgate deserves huge creditIn praise of Gareth Can we take a moment to do this now Can we just suck that sweetness down Because this was a very good game for England and their manager a manager who has for all
29  novembre     23h26
Is now the time for Gareth to Bale out? Wales legend is running on empty Ben Fisher
Ben Fisher at Ahmad bin Ali Stadium    Forward was reduced to a pawn on a chessboard of kings and queens as his side crashed out of World Cup after England loss You re going home in the morning came the chorus from the England supporters after Marcus Rashford fired in an early second half free kick and again a little bit louder
Christian Pulisic taken to hospital after scoring USA winner against Iran
Nick Ames at Al Thumama Stadium    USMNT star sustained pelvic contusion during winning goalAmericans now face Netherlands for place in quarter finalChristian Pulisic was taken to hospital with a pelvic injury sustained while scoring the winner in USA s tense victory over Iran raising concerns about his availability for
30  novembre     04h00
World Cup 2022 briefing: the joy of Mbappé and Argentina’s escape plan
Rob Smyth, Martin Belam, Gregg Bakowski , Luke McLaughlin and Will Magee    The France forward has lit up this World Cup can clubmate Lionel Messi join him in the knockout stage Yes yes and you really need to check out a promising band called the Arctic Monkeys as well It s a statement of the offensively obvious that you should watch Kylian Mbappé play football But
29  novembre     23h47
Wales wave goodbye as England wrap up first place in Group B - Football Daily
Presented by Max Rushden with Barry Glendenning, Troy Townsend, Elis James, Barney Ronay and Nick Ames. Produced by Joel Grove and our executive producer is Christian Bennett.    Max Rushden is joined by Barry Glendenning Troy Townsend Elis James Barney Ronay and Nick Ames as England seal their neighbours fateRate review share on Apple Podcasts Soundcloud Audioboom Mixcloud Acast and Stitcher and join the conversation on Facebook Twitter and email Today England
Koulibaly earns emotional victory as Senegal advance at Ecuador’s expense
Andy Hunter at the Khalifa International Stadium    The importance of the occasion was not lost on Kalidou Koulibaly and neither was the poignancy Two years to the day since Papa Bouba Diop died aged his successors in the Senegal shirt honoured the midfielder s memory in the finest way possible advancing into the last and a probable date
Netherlands breeze into last 16 but Van Gaal bristles at boring’ label
Jamie Jackson at Al Bayt Stadium    After the Netherlands coasted into the last as Group A winners Louis van Gaal was in classic defiant form going toe to toe with those claiming that watching his team is akin to grinding teeth The victory featured a Cody Gakpo strike which made him the tournament s joint top goalscorer with
Stéphanie Frappart to become first female referee at men’s World Cup game
Reuters    Frappart leads all female team for Costa Rica v GermanyNeuza Back and Karen Dà az Medina will be her assistantsThe French referee Stéphanie Frappart will lead the first all female officiating team for a men s World Cup match when she takes charge of Costa Rica v Germany Frappart who will be the
US to spend 250m on cleanup at California’s toxic Salton Sea
Maanvi Singh and agencies    Move could help restore drying lake a former resort destination that has deteriorated into an environmental crisis amid droughtThe US government said on Monday it will spend up to m over four years to help mitigate an environmental health disaster that has been brewing in California s Salton
Big polluters given almost 100bn in free carbon permits by EU
Damian Carrington Environment editor    Free allowances in direct contradiction with the polluter pays principle WWF report saysBig polluting industries have been given almost bn bn in free carbon permits by the EU in the last nine years according to an analysis by the WWF The free allowances are in direct contradiction
Air pollution linked to almost a million stillbirths a year
Damian Carrington Environment editor    First global analysis follows discovery of toxic pollution particles in lungs and brains of foetusesAlmost a million stillbirths a year can be attributed to air pollution according to the first global study The research estimated that almost half of stillbirths could be linked to exposure to
Great Barrier Reef flagged as in danger’ world heritage site. What does this mean?
Graham Readfearn    Scientists have delivered clear advice for the reef So what did their report say how might the government respond and what happens next Follow our Australia news live blog for the latest updatesGet our morning and afternoon news emails free app or daily news podcastThe status of the Great
Ambulance workers across England to strike before Christmas
Nadeem Badshah    Thousands of staff including call handlers and paramedics to take strike action over pay and staffing levelsAmbulance workers across England intend to strike before Christmas after voting in favour of industrial action over pay and staffing levels Unison the UK s biggest trade union
UK faces big, big shortages’ of free-range Christmas poultry
Joanna Partridge    Half of free range turkeys and geese grown for festive period have died or been culled due to bird flu MPs toldHalf of the free range poultry grown for Christmas in the UK have died or been culled because of the bird flu epidemic an industry leader has told MPs The British Poultry Council chief
Exposed to horrendous things’: young people in UK speak out against evangelical church
Maeve McClenaghan    Ex followers of Universal Church of the Kingdom of God say they felt pressure to give money and were told demons caused mental health issuesRachael Reign remembers feeling nervous the first time she hit record on Instagram Live She was about to start speaking publicly about a group that she