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Magic the Gathering Adventures
14  janvier     01h36
Strixhaven Mystical Archives are a home run
   nbsp Yeah I loooove these cards I am having a lot of fun collecting them Including one in every pack of Strixhaven is a stroke of genius the design is just perfect and the cards are iconic and playable What more can we ask I have these and most of the others Out of as of now I am only
12  mai     09h42
The Tiered Model is Thriving
   nbsp I applaud Wizards for getting players to be in tiers like they do in sports cards More power to them The fetchlands have been used to create an artificial environment in which the entry to Modern is through to packs depending on which set I am going back all the way to the original
09  mai     15h57
Late March, 2021
   nbsp Umm that seems like a random date range It isn t This is the date range some people found out that the Onslaught fetch lands were going to be in Modern Horizons and this is the date range when all those people went on a buying spree for the Onslaught versions of the cards
Show me the fetches
   nbsp In response to someone predicting the fetches would tank in value in the near future It will be great if your predictions prove correct but you have several major unkowns and any or all can make prices stay the same even go higher We don t really know when people will be back at percent
28  avril     13h07
Jund Arena deck
   nbsp This deck got me all the way to Mythic during March I am not planning to update it for Strixhaven because I took red out of it and switched in blue nbsp
Blue Deck Wins Arena deck
   nbsp We are used to the acronym RDW for Red Deck Wins a very fast deck that beats face hard and wins quickly but here is a twist Blue Deck Wins If I get enough unsummon effects going against any creature heavy deck I can win fairly consistently It s one heck of a troll deck
25  avril     20h41
I will get with the program: set boosters
   nbsp I have been negative about set boosters because I am used to draft boosters but I have come to the realization that I don t mind if Wizards has weaseled a way to increase the price of boosters by percent I don t consider myself an entitled player and it s OK for Wizards to make a little
What will be the impact of Flesh and Blood on Magic?
   nbsp We are on the eve of Monarch coming out in Flesh and Blood FaB FaB has already gone into full speculative bubble mode for some of the more collectable cards with a handful of cards valued in the thousands of dollars The game seems to be well managed and is currently in the middle of
07  février     22h23
I am glad I cracked all those pre-pandemic packs
   Even though this blog is dedicated to Magic I write here about my Yugioh collection I came the conclusion back in or so that Yugioh was ten years behind in collecting when compared to Magic that the same price increases would happen in Yugioh but delayed roughly by a decade BUT the two
10  janvier     14h54
The Fundamental Failure of the Variants in One Set Blocks and no Core Set era
   nbsp I can imagine being present at the meetings where the one set block was sold and bought by the people at Wizards with the power to implement this significant mistake The logic is simple as it often is for great successes and great failures our players love many types of sets and many
10  octobre     13h36
Jace, the Mind Sculptor as a Yugioh card
   nbsp Having played a lot with JTMS in Legacy on MTGO this card is missing a lot of how the card would translate into Yugioh https gatherer wizards com Pages Card Details aspx printed true amp multiverseid IMHO Jace is not a beat stick planeswalker instead good at controlling the game
26  septembre     14h42
Fetchland Reprints Program (FRP) might as well be money printing.
   nbsp Wizards has done such a great job milking the fetchlands First some background The best dual lands in Magic come in untapped and have basic land types For example Tropical Island is both a Forest and an Island and it enters untapped The next best dual lands in Magic are the fetchlands
31  août     20h54
Trostani 8-set Standard
   This deck has some fun interactions Constellation triggers tokens from casting enchantments Beast Whisperer draws me cards every time I cast a creature Arboreal Grazer is great to drop two lands early game and also to trigger Beast Whisperer middle to late game What s better than Beast Whisperer
22  août     10h32
Inflating the Magic Bubble
   nbsp I have been watching the Magic bubble inflate for a while I have also seen many call the impending burst of the bubble and it has not happened I believe that none of us know when the bubble will burst First I would like to go through the logic of why we are in a bubble A bubble in any
20  août     16h10
Five Color Gates Standard Deck Part 2
   nbsp I made a few changes by adding some flyers Here is another early Gate Colossus Here is a pair of Gate Colussus early game Guild Summit must be a playset in this deck It s a great card draw engine almost every turn after it drops And especially when a second one drops mid to late game and you
Five Color Gates Standard Deck Part 1
   nbsp This deck is a lot of fun I will describe it in two posts one before high end flyers are added and one after All screenshots are MTGO solitaire Here is the deck We will need at least one Arboreal Grazer in our opening hand District Guide will help us get the colors we need but we have to
16  août     20h29
I love Ikoria
   nbsp I love Ikoria and I think long term the set opened up new design space for Magic that is wide open for exploration The first time is always hard because there is no precedent I am betting that Return to Ikoria is already on the schedule And if it isn t that s a major mistake Wizards
10  août     10h32
Monoblue Ominous Seas in Standard (MTG Arena)
   nbsp Here are links to two matchups I played against and then seven iterations of my monoblue version of an Ominous Seas deck The decklist Encountered I played against Azorius Manabase Izzet Manabase My Deck Version vs Green Stompy Version vs Yorion Dimir Version
09  août     16h27
2019-2020 8-set Standard MTG Arena Match-ups
   nbsp In this post I plan to annotate the match ups I have been uploading to my YouTube channel as I work my way through a cube I am building for the very first set Standard with all large sets in Magic s now long and beautiful history There are multiple posts given that for some decks I have
11  juin     08h52
The best is yet to come for Magic
   Every now and then someone will post on reddit worrying about the eventual demise of this great game This is what I reply There are things Wizards does that annoy me I don t care for any pack that costs more than period and I think sometimes that Wizards would be better off by itself but
04  juin     16h13
Deckbuilding with Companions
   This is an aggregated post for builds with the ten companions from Ikoria The builds can be constructed Standard constructed Modern and also Commander Commander Builds Eutropia with Keruga Companion Casual Commander Buildhttp mtgadventures blogspot com eutropia with keruga companion
Lazav Mastermind with Gyruda Companion Casual Commander Build
   This build is somewhat more restrictive because the commander has to have an even casting cost This is not a good deck to model on MTGO because I can t tell which one of the creatures Gyruda sends to the graveyard is associated with each Lazav trigger As with other ETB s you want to be able to
Eutropia with Keruga Companion Casual Commander Build
   The fix has been applied to MTGO for nerfing Companions As usual game screenshots are from solitaire games and the card pool is Standard only Minus the Enter the battlefield bonus Keruga is an otherwise unremarkable drop The key to this deck is dropping Keruga when you have lots of
Brokkos Commander Casual Build
   I worked on this deck a while back It s a graveyard centric deck Because it is in Blue and Green it s perfect for Proliferate Anything with Mutate is best with tokens and Amass is a great token strategy As always these are solitaire screenshots I also let some Devotion in as a secondary
01  juin     16h21
Collectable Rares of Ravnica I
   I am planning to collect some of these There are the ones I currently have in MTGO