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Whatever A Spider Can
25  mars     20h05
Former Sony Pics boss tease the debut of Miles Morales in live-action Spider-Man film
Andre Farquharson    In an interview with a British film mag Empire Spider Man producer Amy Pascal baited the idea of Miles Morales being introduced to live action As per Empire the former co chairperson of the Motion Pictures Group at Sony Studios Sony TV and film producer Amy Pascal gave a new spin no pun
22  février     19h20
Tom Holland’s MCU return revealed (and it’s not Spider-Man 4)
Michael Patterson    Tom Holland s return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is imminent but a new rumor suggests that Spider Man will be back in the MCU before Spider Man It s been over a year since Spider Man No Way Home left the future of Tom Holland s Spidey up in the air The webslinger was a huge part of the
17  février     12h00
Spider-Man was a major influence for Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania
Andre Farquharson    Ant Man and The Wasp Quantumania screenwriter Jeff Loveness has shared how Spider Man was part of the framework of Quantumania helmed by Peyton Redd With the promotion for Ant Man and the Wasp Quantumania at the pinnacle of its marketing campaign reviews for the Marvel Studios film have been up
05  février     12h00
Marvel Comics: 50 best Marvel comic books of the 2000s
Mark Lynch    What are the best must read and most important Marvel Comics of the last twenty three years Find out right here Each genre has its generational classics In music you have Prince s Purple Rain David Bowie s Space Oddity and the Beatles Let It Be In movies there s Coming to America The
06  janvier     14h30
Spider-Man is gone, Peter Palmer is Marvel’s chosen one
Mark Lynch    Spider Man is gone from Marvel Comics Peter Palmer Spiderman is now the chosen one of the Spider Verse One of the premier characters for Marvel Comics has always been Spider Man Since s Amazing Fantasy No Marvel s Wall Crawler has dazzled fans beat down villains and lived by With
13  décembre     16h59
First Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse trailer released
Daniel Klissmman    Miles Morales Shameik Moore Gwen Stacy Hailee Steinfeld and Peter B Parker Jake Johnson are swinging back into theaters with Spider Man Across The Spider Verse a sequel to Spider Man Into the Spider Verse The film s box office return was relatively modest it earned million
16  novembre     15h00
Matching 12 comic book characters with the 12 astrological signs
Mark Lynch    What comic book characters best align with each zodiac sign What are the traits that make each one work You can find out right here Horoscopes and astrological signs have interested people for as long as they ve been around They re looked at as ways to help explain what s within themselves For
31  octobre     13h03
Spider-Man: Caleb McLaughlin stuns as Miles Morales in jaw-dropping
Cody Schultz    Fans are hoping to see Miles Morales debut in the MCU in Spider Man and now we have been given the chance to see Caleb McLaughlin in the role As fans await official confirmation of the fourth Spider Man film from Marvel and Sony rumors continue to run rampant as to which characters might make
02  septembre     11h00
Spider-Man: No Way Home extended cut’s post-credits scene explained
Daniel Klissmman    Note The following article contains spoilers for Spider Man No Way Home s extended edition Spider Man No Way Home The More Fun Stuff Version is finally in theaters An extended version of Spider Man s third solo outing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe the film features minutes of extra
29  août     13h20
Is the Spider-Man: No Way Home extended edition available to stream?
Daniel Klissmman    Spider Man No Way Home is returning to theaters with The More Fun Stuff version Here we let you know how and when you ll be able to watch the film Spider Man No Way Home united three generations of web slingers in Tom Holland Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire for a multiversal battle of epic